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shane's coach's corner Sep 18, 2023

Today let's talk about perspective. Defined as a "particular attitude toward something," a point of view per say, we all have a perspective on things like exercise or circumstances in our lives. Good or bad, positive or negative, it will be up to us to establish the perspective we have with it.

I often look to work with my personal training clients when there's a need to establish a positive association with working out. This is an often-overlooked aspect with helping someone to develop a new habit. I don't care what the "it" is, if you dread it and only associate this thing with pain, discomfort, and negative feelings, you're not likely to persevere and reap the benefits you could from it.

If the words "working out" to you conjures up visions of puddles of sweat, pain, nausea, and feeling like you're going to collapse, you need a different perspective not to mention probably a different means of fitness training.

Look, exercise and working out shouldn't make you feel like you're...

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Putting Your Emotions to Work with Changing Your Shape

shane's coach's corner Jun 06, 2022

You know a lot of people automatically assume because I'm a fitness trainer that it's easy for me to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise habits.

The reality of it is though, I struggle at times just like everyone else does. There was a particular time I remember several years back now when the stress of trying to run three personal training studios in three different cities started taking a significant toll on my mental, emotional, and physical health.

I was putting in over 60 hours a week running back and forth between Mt. Pleasant, Bluffton and Myrtle Beach on a regular basis. When you're stressed out and not setting priority-based boundaries on your time it's easy to get out of balance...and that's exactly what happened to me!

It was like a domino effect. First, I started losing sleep from the stress which just made me sluggish all day. Next, since I was tired most the time, I didn't have energy to workout. And since I wasn't working out, I was feeling lousy, to put it...

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How To Overcome Self-Sabotage In Your Weight Loss Program

shane's coach's corner Jun 02, 2022

Let me paint you a picture of a scenario I’ve seen countless times over the past twenty years as a personal trainer. A new client comes into the gym ready to take action with losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. They’re highly motivated and eager to start their diet plan and workouts. During the first few weeks the excitement only builds as they begin to feel better and have more energy.

But then out of the blue, completely without any real warning signs, they fall off the wagon and backslide into old habits! If you’ve ever started a diet or workout program and experienced this happening to you, I can assure you that you’re certainly not alone.

Self-sabotage is more common than you may think when going about making significant lifestyle changes. The important thing to understand is that its “change” and change can make people do some funny things. Often times, it’s things they don’t really want to do and don’t...

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The Little Know Affordable Way To Receive Personal Training

shane's coach's corner May 05, 2022

Over the years I’ve had a lot of individuals express to me how they’d really like to have a personal trainer, but believed it was just simply too expensive. Now this is totally understandable seeing how hiring a personal trainer is certainly more of an investment than just joining a gym. However, the notion of personal training having to be expensive isn’t necessarily always true. Especially with the strategy that I’m about to share with you.

Comparing cost between hiring a personal trainer and a gym membership is an apples to oranges comparison anyways as there’s not much similarity between the two other than the individual having the intent to exercise with either option.

It’s no secret that hiring a personal trainer increases commitment with exercise if for no other reason than the financial investment paid up front for it.

Nothing works better to provide accountability like having hard-earned money committed in advance for appointments to meet...

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Discipline Can Help Determine Your Destiny

shane's coach's corner Feb 16, 2022

Are there really any true bona-fide secrets to shedding unwanted body fat, getting fit, and improving your health? There will be those who disagree, but after twenty plus years in the personal fitness training industry, I believe the answer is unequivocally no. Now this isn’t to say that we don’t uncover and learn new things on an on-going basis with exercise and nutrition science, but I will go out on a limb and say that you shouldn’t expect a pill anytime soon that will get you in exceptional shape or health without any effort.

Still, it seems that it’s part of human nature to desire the shortcut, the quick and easy way, the path less demanding. The first step towards success is recognizing that pull and not trying to deny it. You see it’s not like you’re going discover one day that you find if more pleasurable wearing yourself out with a workout than putting your feet up and taking it easy. It’s more like, you’ll associate the...

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