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Why Women Need Weight Training To Improve Body Composition

The secret for women to obtain a healthier, firmer, and more toned looking body is no longer a secret. For years, women have traditionally relied on a belief that combining aerobic activity with a low calorie diet would be the most effective means for changing their shape.

Unfortunately, most have found out after painstaking effort that this practice doesn’t work very well. The fact is that low calorie diets only punish the body by compromising necessary nutrition and significantly lowering metabolism, thus making weight loss more difficult. The quick weight loss that occurs in low calorie diets often includes the quick loss of muscle tissue.

This is ineffective for several reasons. It is the lean muscle tissue that will keep your metabolism high through out the day. By sacrificing lean muscle you’ll make it difficult to lose body fat. Changing your shape always starts with increasing lean muscle. Remember you can’t tone fat only muscle! 

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