We've decided to redefine personal training as you know it by creating a revolutionary new model where our clients experience MORE than expected through elite level coaching in part of our unique TEAM TRAINING SYSTEM. At Shaping Concepts we exclusively employ a team model of providing our clients with peer-reviewed coaching and personal fitness instruction. Instead of being assigned exclusively to one specific trainer, our clients have the benefit of collaboration between both a primary and secondary coach. By utilizing a team based approach, we can simply provide MORE than any other Charleston area personal training provider and MORE of the following benefits:

Our clients benefit from individualized programs designed and peer-review, giving them the benefits of multiple experts collaborating, rather then, relying on one personal trainers skills, experience and knowledge.  Our team utilizes special communication systems and technology to ensure seem-less workout and instruction consistency, while our client enjoy fresh personalities and fun workouts led by their designated team members. 

 A lot of personal trainers provide you with set times for workouts and if you can’t make it in at your regular time, rescheduling can often be very difficult. At Shaping Concepts, we provide Flex scheduling so you can always schedule workouts at days and times that best fit with your busy schedule. With our unique TEAM® training model we can simply provide more availability for scheduling workouts than our competitors which helps our clients stay more consistent and see better results. 

A lot of people aren’t seeing optimal results from personal training because there’s not enough time being spent with the workout. When the 30 minutes is up, their trainer moves on to the next client and they’re out the door. For our clients who simply need more training and time, we provide extended duration workouts at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Additional programming for exercises and cardio is provided with assistance from other coaches when needed.

Let’s face it, having accountability is one of the main reasons people hire a personal trainer instead of going it alone. The problem is they don’t always get the level of accountability and support they were expecting. With our unique model of providing personal training you’ll have not just one trainer providing you with support, but rather a team of coaches dedicated to seeing you be successful. 

The dirty little secret in the personal training industry is most trainers are simply providing workouts NOT a program that includes individualized routines with built in progression to deliver optimal results. At Shaping Concepts, we believe that fitness professionals develop programs for their clients while personal trainers provide workouts. Each client has their own customized workout program design built around individual needs and goals. All trainers have access to our client’s programs that include their workouts, exercise limitations, records of weights used, etc. That means regardless of who is training you, you can be assured they’re following your individual program designed for the results you want. 

Far too many personal trainers provide little or no progress measurement except for the occasional weigh-in or body fat measurement. Getting feedback on your progress is extremely important as it can help keep you motivated so you stay the course. At Shaping Concepts, we provide our clients with monthly progress reports that includes feedback on how they’re improving in several areas related to their fitness training objectives.

Due to the lack of time issue most individual trainers have when moving from one client to the next, essential elements of coaching on diet and nutrition are often neglected. This is a big problem as diet habits can make or break results even from the best workout routines. At Shaping Concepts, we prioritize individualized diet coaching and utilize our teamwork approach to see that our clients get the necessary guidance and support they need to be successful.



Our Programs and Services:

Our personal training programs utilize our unique Team Training System and state-of-the-art techniques that combine strength training, cardio conditioning, mobility, and nutritional guidance for the complete fitness solution - leaving you feeling better, looking better and performing better than you ever thought possible!  Select a program below to learn more. 

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"I started working out at Shaping Concepts to lose weight for my wedding day. With the help of my trainer I was able to lose 18 pounds and 7% body fat. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I loved the fact that he took the time to build workouts just for me and he knew the best way to push me. Everyone at Shaping Concepts makes you feel so comfortable when you're in the studio. It's not intimidating like a traditional gym. The personal trainers here are wonderful and they do a good job of targeting the areas you want to work on. The exercise routines and Shane's diet strategies provide a great combination of working hard and eating right that can change your life forever. I think it's one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Hopefully people who see what I've done realize that they can do it too."

Laura Smith
Johns Island, SC

"Since joining Shaping Concepts, my trainer has help me lose 37 pounds, 10 inches, and 10% body fat. I was faithful in following his advice in regards to how to eat, what to eat, and how to do my cardio outside of the studio. And what can I say, it worked! I've been a member at several Charleston gyms but I never pushed myself like my trainer does and that has made a big difference. He coaches me, pushes me, and most of all, he cares. I don't feel like I'm just a number on a list with him. He wants me to succeed and he helps me do that. I love being thin, but more than that, I love seeing the definition in my body. I feel strong and healthy but best of all I feel younger at 41 than I did when I was 20. I can't thank Shaping Concepts enough for helping me change my life!"

Kim Hulsey
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I attribute my success to working out hard, the excellent trainers here at Shaping Concepts, and most importantly the changes they've helped me make in my diet. It's been hard for me to eat healthy in the past because of my lifestyle, but with the help and instruction from my trainer I've made huge progress. Since starting my personal training program I've lost 35 pounds, 8% body fat and over 15 inches! I can go up stairs now without gasping air and I feel better about myself when I'm out in public. What I like best about Shaping Concepts and their Charleston personal training program is the trainers. Everybody here is personable and they really want to see you reach your goals. I recommend anyone thinking about starting a personal fitness program to go see the staff at Shaping Concepts."

Neal Allmond
Mt. Pleasant, SC

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