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7 Reasons You're Not Losing Fat

over 40 fat loss Jul 05, 2021

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a scale that just won’t seem to budge. You’re working out on a regular basis and watching what you eat but it’s simply not working. When fat loss stalls, most people will attempt to “fix it” by exercising more and eating less. This will result in only more frustration.

Let’s put an end to this madness once and for all! I am going to help you stop the confusion and frustration right now by sharing with you some real secrets of fat loss. I’ve listed below the top seven reasons I’ve found why you’re probably not losing fat.

  1. You’re Eating Foods That Cause Inflammation

No I’m not talking about eating too much processed, refined, junk food. If you need me to tell you that then you’ve been living in a cave. But you may be surprised to learn that eating even “healthy” foods like whole grains can cause bloating and inflammation. Many women have digestive issues with...

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Why Women Need Weight Training To Improve Body Composition

The secret for women to obtain a healthier, firmer, and more toned looking body is no longer a secret. For years, women have traditionally relied on a belief that combining aerobic activity with a low calorie diet would be the most effective means for changing their shape.

Unfortunately, most have found out after painstaking effort that this practice doesn’t work very well. The fact is that low calorie diets only punish the body by compromising necessary nutrition and significantly lowering metabolism, thus making weight loss more difficult. The quick weight loss that occurs in low calorie diets often includes the quick loss of muscle tissue.

This is ineffective for several reasons. It is the lean muscle tissue that will keep your metabolism high through out the day. By sacrificing lean muscle you’ll make it difficult to lose body fat. Changing your shape always starts with increasing lean muscle. Remember you can’t tone fat only muscle! 

I have always been...

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Charleston Personal Training Studio Promotes Benefits Of Burst Training

As you know, there are numerous fitness training options for Charleston area residents looking to lose those unwanted pounds and get in shape in the new year.

Charleston gyms, health clubs, and fitness training facilities in 2020 continue to offer up a wide variety of options for various workouts and exercise routines to meet individual preferences and needs.

Recently there has been significant growth in the smaller private studios in Charleston offering various types of boutique fitness training with specialized instruction for things like Yoga, Pilates, Barre, personal training, indoor cycling, and others.

The good news is this provides Lowcountry residents with lots of options according to their individual wants, needs, and budget. The question becomes which is the best workout or facility to go to for you?

That truly all depends on your individual preferences and needs. In all fairness, there is no one exercise modality that can provide optimal benefits across the board for all...

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