When You Don't Need Or Desire 1-1 Personal Training But Still Want The Benefits Of A Personalized Workout Program, Hands-On Instruction, And Accountability From A Fitness Professional


Be Part of a Supportive Community, Without Getting Lost in The Crowd

Discover What Makes Our Partner & Semi-Private Personal Training Programs So Different Compared To Our Competitors!

Personal training doesn’t necessarily have to mean one-on-one, it means personal to you and to your goals. We’ve designed our Partner & Semi-Private Personal Training programs for individuals who don't need 1-1 attention, but still desire the benefits of having focused attention from a fitness coach and a personalized routine ready for them to follow. 

Clients tell us they love our partner and semi-private personal training because they feel the support of other clients and our entire TEAM helping to inspire and encourage them along the way. In other words, they don't feel like they're going it alone or that they're just another number in some group or class. The common denominator for both of our programs is you'll always be working off a personalized program built for you and you'll always have the oversight, instruction, and encouragement from a certified fitness professional.

The partner personal training program is pretty straight forward, you and a partner (friend, spouse, family member, etc) and your fitness coach. The important thing to note here is any differences in fitness levels and abilities won't matter as both individuals will be working off a personalized program. Our partner programs are very popular as many individuals simply prefer to workout with a friend or loved one while also taking advantage of the cost savings.

Our Semi-Private Personal Training Program Is TOTALLY DIFFERENT Than Other Programs Providing Small Group Personal Training or Group Workouts!

Let me start by making an important difference clear...we do NOT provide traditional small group personal training or group exercise classes. This means our approach is uniquely different than Orange Theory, F45, CrossFit, Boot Camps, and other popular small group exercise programs. 

While these types of workouts can be a great fit for some, and this is by no means a knock on their programs, what they can't and don't provide is specific individualization of the exercises prescribed and personal hands-on attention. It's simply not possible for trainers in these programs to provide that level of personalization due to the number of participants involved. This can be a very important factor for many individuals, especially middle age and older adults, who can really benefit from having an individualized program that progresses as they do in a safe and effective manner.

Because A Personalized Workout Routine Really Can Make All The Difference!

There are times when some type of small group workout can be both conducive and appropriate. Again this is not be overly critical, as we have several clients who do those types of programs in addition to our programs. We're simply looking to provide something different. And that difference is TRUE personalization. 

With our semi-private personal training program you'll be working on your own customized workout routine. There may be 2-3 other individuals in the gym doing the same thing, but there's a fitness coach overseeing and assisting each individual with their workout. So you can see it's not a "class" or small group workout, but rather an individual workout simply without 1-1 attention the entire time. 

Individuals typically go through some sessions with one-on-one or partner training to ensure they're ready for the semi-private personal training and to allow for the customization of their workout routines. 

We encourage our clients to stay with us after 1-1 personal training is no longer needed as there's no comparison between our semi-private personal training option and going to the gym alone and attempting to make up your workout routines on your own. 

An Expert Approach To Your Fitness & Wellness Goals

Colleague. Coach. Teacher. Consultant. Our team of experts are not just “personal trainers,” they are degreed, certified, and experienced fitness professionals. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at coaching others. Your TEAM of fitness professionals will ensure your success through the following:



 At Shaping Concepts our semi-private personal training sessions are limited to 4 clients. This allows our team to provide truly personalized programs with hands on coaching and instruction.

Many "group" personal training programs are actually just glorified fitness classes or boot camps that attach "personal training" as a marketing ploy. We believe in genuinely being hands-on with our coaching so you can be assured of proper form and technique along with your safety and RESULTS! 


Personal training can simply be someone putting you through a workout. But professional program design personalized to you is essential to your success. With our semi-private training program you don't have to sacrifice the "personalized" component like you would with many small group workout programs.  Any trainer or class instructor can take you through a generic workout, but our Fitness Consultants craft a comprehensive personal program that is based on your fitness assessments and goals. 


At Shaping Concepts, our clients are busy and value their privacy. The typical gym environment means waiting for machines, being just a number in group classes, and feeling like too many people are watching you workout – or worse yet, in the locker room! At Shaping Concepts, our personal approach goes a step further with our fully equipped, completely private training studio. Regardless of the program, there’s no waiting, no peer pressure, no intimidation. It’s a family oriented environment where everyone is made to feel welcome!


Here’s what you can expect when considering starting a Partner or Semi-Personal Training Program.

During your initial visit with us you'll learn a lot about the action steps and changes that would be needed to see the results you desire. As the first step in our process we'll cover the following during the consultation:

  • Discuss your primary objectives and goals
  • Explain the philosophies behind our methods of delivering coaching and ways in which it's available
  • Discuss your current and past history of health, physical activity, injuries, medical conditions, etc
  • Discuss your availability for exercise, individual needs, challenges you feel need addressed, etc.
  • Complete a body composition assessment with the InBody 520
  • Provide you with an expectation on the necessary time required to achieve your objectives
  • Assess your overall nutrition and determine starting points for coaching and habit formation targets
  • Advise you whether or not we feel we could help you with our services, and if not a good fit, provide you with recommendations and referrals to those who could

After your initial consultation and planning session regardless of whether you're starting a program or continuing on a trial, the next appointment is where we'll be completing appropriate fitness and movement pattern assessments.

We always start with at least a movement pattern assessment prior to prescribing exercises as this part is integral with the personalization in our program design. 

Following the completion of the assessments we'll review the findings with you. 

Finally, after the first session we'll help you schedule your next appointment (initial full workout) based on your availability and also do the following:

1. Review your fitness plan summary with our entire team of experts.

2. Create a Fitness Report, a baseline of how we'll be assessing progress and review with you.

3. Determine your primary and secondary coaches who will be teaming up to provide your instruction and accountability.

4. Your team will collaborate on building your customized workout program design taking into consideration all the information gathered during the consultation and assessment sessions.

5. Your team will begin setting up action plans for your coaching based on your individual needs and their specialties (nutrition, corrective exercise, etc).

To produce results, we'll set a target on the number of training sessions to complete each week (regardless of where they're performed) and time required for each. Each in-house personal training session changes through out the week to address specific fitness goals and muscle groups.  Additionally, your workouts will regularly change and be adjusted based on ongoing fitness assessments and results measurement.  This is key to keeping the body physiologically adapting to change helping you avoid the dreaded plateaus and to keep you psychological motivated as well!  Through the use of technology, we also help you plan and track your fitness regimen when you are way from our gym.

Exercise alone can only produce so many results. To help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently, we include nutrition coaching in all of our premium personal training packages.

Every 2-4 weeks, you’ll meet with a coach on your team to review your progress and goal tracking. We use several means of assessing progress based on your primary objectives. If necessary, your diet coaching and/or workout program design will be adjusted as needed to address adaptations. This element of accountability, measurement and refinement of our customized fitness program design is unique to the Shaping Concepts philosophy. 

TEAM approach to providing personal training for more support and better results.

At Shaping Concepts we employ a team model of providing our clients with coaching and personal fitness instruction. Instead of being assigned to one specific trainer, our clients have the benefit of working with a team of fitness professionals best suited for their goals.

A Team of experts who utilize a Scientifically Based System offer:

  •  Combined expert skill sets & ideas
  • Numerous expert viewpoints
  • Coordinated efforts
    among trained specialists
  • Guaranteed success if followed

Our partner personal training sessions vary between $28-$50 per session depending on the duration and the package selected to best fit your wants and needs. 

Our semi-private personal training sessions vary between $20-$27 per session depending on the package selected.

We'll show you the differences and make recommendations during our initial consultation for your consideration. 




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