A personalized training program for those who workout at times on their own and want a results-focused program customized for them! 


The Benefits of Remote or Virtual Personal Training at Shaping Concepts

Do you want to have a personalized fitness program to follow and a coach to guide you, but for whatever reason you're not an ideal candidate for on-going private personal training sessions at one of our studios?

Do you exercise from home and want to optimize your results with time efficient workouts instead of joining a gym?

Do you already workout at another fitness facility or gym and want to take your results to the next level?

Regardless of your situation, if you're looking for professional fitness coaching we have you covered.

At Shaping Concepts, we provide a variety of coaching options so that you can receive expert instruction and professional workout program design no matter where you're at! 

How Does Our Remote & Virtual Personal Training Program Work?

We provide two different options regarding coaching and three different package options to best meet your needs.

If you're someone who lives in the Charleston area and would be able to receive hands-on exercise instruction as needed here locally, you're a candidate for a "remote personal training" package.

Many of our clients on remote personal training packages are doing (or previously did) personal training at one of our studios before progressing to doing more of their workouts on their own. Still others, have started from the beginning with a plan to optimize their workouts done remotely and we simply help them to put it all together. 

If you live outside of the Charleston area and would be receiving instruction from us on-line (Zoom, FaceTime, etc), then you're a candidate for a "virtual personal training" package.

Here's the bottom doesn't matter where you workout, we just want to help you see great results!

Adding this new service has been extremely beneficial, not just for the business, but more importantly for our clients. A lot of individuals aren't candidates for on-going private personal training for a host of different reasons (time, finances, convenience, etc.) so this makes for a better fit.

We offer both remote and virtual personal training in monthly packages with NO CONTRACTS (cancel any time) with (3) different bundled options. 

PRO package
PREMIUM package
PLUS package

The main differences between the options simply comes down to the level of personalized hands-on instruction.

The PRO packages include hands-on instruction (one-on-one or virtual personal training) 1 x week, for a total of (4) sessions over the month. Your investment - $199

The PREMIUM packages include a single session of one-on-one or virtual personal training for the month. Your investment - $119

And the PLUS packages have any hands-on personal training come ala-carte as an add-on purchase if desired. Your investment - $79

All packages come with a professionally designed workout program that has been meticulously planned out by a certified fitness coach and peer-reviewed by other coaches. Each program contains specific workouts for you to follow over the month and provides progress measurement and tracking. 

What Makes Your Programs Different From Others Found Locally or On-Line?

The biggest difference is our attention to detail and going the extra mile when gathering information for program design.

While most personal trainers will use surveys and questionnaires as foundations to build a program, this simply doesn't cut it when it comes to personalization.

There's simply no way for a fitness professional to accurately and effectively prescribe exercise to an individual without ever having seen them move! Those who are truly professionals will have their clients do some form of a baseline assessment prior to writing a program. 

At Shaping Concepts we take it a step further by having ALL of our clients go through our introductory (3) session trial. This package, priced at 50% off as part of an incentive to test-drive our programs, provides the coach with sufficient time to perform a host of assessments and observations (done either in person or virtually) to assist with program design. In short, it's the "extra mile" I was referring to above.

Here are some of the components you'll find with our remote or virtual personal training programs at Shaping Concepts:

Comprehensive Health and Fitness Application

If you're a virtual personal training candidate you'll first complete an application that gives us a detailed picture on your goals, health history, any medical or injuries we need to be aware of and other relevant information that allows us to properly prepare for your initial consultation.

Initial Consultation 

Our program begins with an initial consultation between you and your personal trainer. This consultation can take place over a phone call, Zoom video call or be done in person at our Mt. Pleasant gym if you are a Charleston, SC area resident. 

This is when you and your trainer will discuss:

  • Your primary objectives and goals
  • Your fitness background and how long you’ve been exercising.
  • Your medical history such as injuries and surgeries
  • Your workout preferences such as location and equipment
  • Your time availability for workouts both in duration and frequency during the week.
  • Whether or not our programs may be a good fit for your wants and needs.

This information is necessary if there's a decision to work together for your trainer to create an effective program design for you. The initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes.

Initial Movement Pattern Assessment and Baseline Measureables

Next we'll look to do a comprehensive movement pattern assessment that helps us personalize your exercise prescription. This can be done at our gym if you're local or through video if you're virtual.

Your Personalized Workout Plan

With all the above information your personal trainer will create a personalized plan for you to follow. 

Your program will be for between (4) weeks and allow for progressions and variability. This serves two purposes:

1. Physiologically we have to ensure you avoid the dreaded plateau where your results stall.  We need to ensure your body is continuously adapting to new exercise stimulus, which is a critical key to results.

2. Psychologically we want to keep your programs fresh, interesting, and fun! We help you stay excited about continually progressing and taking on new challenges as your fitness and ability level continue to grow!

Tracking Your Workouts

There are two main ways in which you can receive the workout program once you're ready to get started.

  • Your workout program design can be provided in print version (PDF) complete with YouTube video exercise demonstrations
  • Your workout program can be provided in the Trainerize app which you can have on your phone, tablet, or laptop. 



5 reasons why celebrities, local Charleston area residents, and clients from around the country utilize our remote personal training services and hire us to make their workout routines.

This is what everyone wants from a fitness solution, right?  Shaping Concepts guarantees your results. Try to get a gym to do that! Tell us your goals and we’ll develop a plan to get you there regardless of where you'll be exercising. You see we're not here to "sell" you personal training at our gym, but rather provide you with professional fitness coaching to fit your unique wants and needs.

Your coach will program your exercises based on where you'll be working out and what equipment will be available to you. It's all customized to your wants and needs. We can program workouts for any gym setting, a hotel fitness center, for at home with limited equipment, or heck even NO EQUIPMENT AT ALL. 

This is our niche. We specialize in training mature adults and our coaches all have experience and credentials in this area. We can program highly effective workout routines for our clients because these are the populations we serve on a daily basis. 

Our remote and virtual personal training packages are cost-effective ways to get highly personalized instruction, coaching, and support from a fitness professional. When you compare the costs to doing several one-on-one personal training sessions each week, you'll quickly see it can be very cost conducive. 

Let a fitness professional take care of all this for you! There's no need for you to have to make up your own routines, and even though you can find plenty of workouts to follow on-line, how many are going to be customized for your unique needs? The personalization can make a big difference, especially if you're an older adult with any history of injuries, aches, pains, or movement limitations. The key determining factor with fitness success for anyone over the age of 40 is going to be consistency. Staying in the game is the name of the game!




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