Learn more about this unique opportunity to receive 12 weeks of personal training at a HUGE discount in return for your testimony and promotion of your experience


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Will you be our next success story?

12 weeks of one-on-one personal training with a significant discount in exchange for your participation in a program that spotlights your experience in our gym and the results you achieved...

Save 40% off the regular session rate (over $600) with this limited availability program!

Hi, this is Shane Doll owner of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studio. Thank you for coming to this page to learn more about this unique personal training opportunity. 

What is the "Client Spotlight Program?"
It is essentially a 12-week one on one personal training program with lifestyle and nutrition coaching provided to help maximize your results. The "spotlight" component involves you agreeing to share your experience so others can learn more about our programs and the results that can be achieved with personalization, accountability, and consistency.

So what's the catch? Why are you providing such a significant discount? 
There's no catch and no gimmicks, I give you my word. Here's the deal, after being in the personal fitness training business for the past almost 20 years, I've learned that the absolute best marketing is social proof from actual clients. 

With the shift of more and more people finding service providers on-line and with social media, I'm learning it's becoming increasingly important to showcase what makes you different on these platforms. 

I created this program as a way to showcase some of our clients and let them share in their own words what they've experienced throughout the process. In exchange for their participation and willingness to share their story with others, I've included the discount as part of the incentive.

In short, those who are highly motivated and are really committed to a personalized program with coaching will tend to see the best results. These are the individuals we're looking for as its essential the dedication and consistency is there.

How many personal training sessions are provided and what's the cost?
In part of our consultation process with interviewing prospective applicants, we'll look at determining if (2) or (3) times per week frequency would be required. This will vary on the individual's goals and overall fitness training routine (including if any exercise will be done outside of our gym). 

The cost for each is shown below:
2 x per week
(3) installments of $247 (24 sessions total over 12 weeks)

3 x per week
(3) installments of $365 (36 sessions total over 12 weeks)

How many individuals will be selected for this program?
We will be picking (6) individuals to take part in each group. We'll be carefully selecting each individual as obviously we're only looking for serious and dedicated participants.

What will be expected from me regarding my sharing of the experience?

Listed below are the expectations we'll be asking from you in exchange for the exclusive discount with this personal training program.

We'll ask for your consent with the use of pictures and videos to be used for promotional purposes on the company website and social media accounts. 

However, know that we'll never share ANY of your information, photos, or videos with an outside third parties and we'll always respect and ask for your consent and approval regarding the use of any photos or videos that include your image.  

We'll ask you for a written testimony upon conclusion of program to be included in Client Spotlight profile on our website.

Nothing fancy, just a little something you can share in your own words about what you found with your experience training at Shaping Concepts. Your testimony may be just the inspiration needed to help someone else make a change.

We'll ask you to participate in a total of (3) short client spotlight video interviews as part of documenting your journey

These will be quick and stress-free, videos (less than a few minutes) filmed right in the gym. We'll schedule each of these in advance with plenty of time for preparation and planning of questions and topics to be discussed. We'll share these videos on social media in part of our marketing and promotional efforts.

We'll ask you to provide occasional check in's to show you've been to Shaping Concepts if you're on Facebook (optional)

This is of course unless you're not on social media. The check in's simply help to promote that you're using our services which may encourage one of your friends to make a positive lifestyle change in 2022 as well!

We'll request that you attend at least 80% of your sessions each month and perform the prescribed exercise routines.

This is the commitment part that is essential to you seeing results with the training program. If you're not showing up for the workouts, the results won't come. The same goes for any additional exercise you're asked to perform outside of your personal training sessions. Our programs don't require a lot of time for exercise (5 hours or less per week!), but you'll need to commit to it.

Failure to adhere to the expectations of the program for any reason would result in its termination and refund provided to you for any credit on your account.

We understand with summer coming you may have travel plans and existing obligations. This is not a problem, and you can still apply. We can incorporate remote workouts and training for travel plans. The commitment to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle is the most important part we're looking for.  

Have questions? drop me a line and I'll get back with you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any additional questions you may have. You can reach me by hitting the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page in the header. I'll be more than happy to personally get back with you and discuss any questions or concerns. 

How do I apply?

To apply, simply fill out the webform below. We'll be scheduling initial phone interviews with applicants first after the completion of a short questionnaire, then proceeding to schedule in-person interviews for final selections.  

Thanks and I look forward to hopefully meeting you! 




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