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From the desk of Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Charleston Personal Trainer
Founder, Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios
1009 Anna Knapp Blvd #101 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Phone: (843) 971-8665

February 18, 2020

Hi this is Shane, thanks for coming to check out my web site!

If you're considering using a Charleston personal trainer you've come to the right place. No matter if your goal is to lose a little weight, lose a lot of weight, or simply get yourself in shape I can help you make it happen!

During the next few minutes you spend reading this page you’ll discover the truth about what really works to produce RESULTS with a body transformation.

You’ll also discover what makes my Charleston personal training programs studio so different. While I can’t pretend to know much about your individual needs or goals from where I’m sitting right now I do know this…

You can definitely lose those unwanted pounds, dramatically increase your energy, improve your self-confidence, and get in the best shape of your life if you incorporate one critical component that you’ve likely been missing.

What is it? A personalized plan built for your unique needs!

How my Charleston personal trainers help our clients see life changing results when quick-fix diets, exercise videos, and other methods fail...

The problem with the majority of fitness or weight loss routines is they’re not personalized to work for your unique body make-up and needs.

The truth is you’ll never find a "one size fits all solution" with losing weight or changing your shape. No two people are exactly the same due to metabolism, hormonal balances, genetics, and a host of other individual factors.

How many times have you heard, “If you want lose weight simply eat less and exercise more?” As you probably already know it’s just not that simple.

Sure you need to make changes with your diet and exercise but these are only two pieces of the fat loss puzzle!

What about hormonal balances, emotional or impulse eating, stress, digestive system imbalances and the hidden weight loss obstacles you may have been overlooking?

Some of these obstacles you may be aware of, others you may not. The key is discovering what YOUR unique needs are then working with a personalized program that addresses each obstacle until you overcome them.

Let me share a quick story with you about one of my Charleston personal training clients so you can see just how important it is to look for these hidden weight loss obstacles.

Ricky’s story of how he overcame his weight loss obstacles...

Charleston SC Personal Training

Ricky approached me a little over a year ago searching for a Charleston personal trainer on-line to help him lose weight and get in shape. He was 28 years old, about thirty pounds overweight, suffered from a lack of energy, and had high blood pressure.

Working long hours, lots of stress, making bad food choices and a lack of physical activity all led to his weight gain and poor health.

After an initial physical from his doctor we began personal training and making changes in his diet. I helped him pin-point his calorie needs through a resting metabolic rate test and together we worked on behavioral/lifestyle changes to deal with the stress and poor food choices.

Then he hit the dreaded weight loss plateau!

Ricky made significant progress in the first month then hit a plateau. Looking back on it now, I wonder what would've happened at this point if he was trying to just diet and exercise on his own?

I think I know the answer and unfortunately it’s what most people would have done. He would have pushed through a little while longer then eventually quit in frustration.

You see up until this point we we’re working on the three most obvious pieces of the weight loss puzzle (diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes). This was a good start but it was obvious that I needed to dig a little deeper to find out what was keeping him stuck. 

I knew there were issues with chronic stress but by drilling down further I uncovered sleep issues, strong sugar cravings at night, persistent muscle soreness, anxiety, and other symptoms common with adrenal fatigue.

Then the breakthrough moment occured!

To make a long story, short I referred Ricky to Dr. Craig Koniver, one of my advisory board physicians here in Charleston for hormonal testing. The results of the testing confirmed adrenal and insulin imbalances which we began focusing on immediately.

With one more important piece of the puzzle in place we were able to break through the plateau and get his body to start burning fat again with a strategic approach to his diet and workout routine.

To date Ricky has lost over 20 lbs, significantly dropped his blood pressure, and is well on his way to reaching his weight loss and fitness goals.

Best Personal Trainer Charleston SC

This is just one example of how a hormonal imbalance can impact weight loss. But it’s something you rarely hear talked about. Leaving out this piece of the puzzle can make the difference between frustration and seeing the results you desire.

So when I talk about the Shaping Concepts difference, this is it. I’ll help you put together a plan that includes the 9 key factors of weight loss, then match you with a certified Charleston personal trainer to provide you with the accountability, structure, and motivation you need to see amazing results.

Using my exclusive Lean-Code Profile I'll help you identify potential weight loss obstacles that other programs would likely never uncover...

After over 20 years of fat loss research I've developed a system for identifying issues such as hormonal imbalances that can serve as roadblocks to losing weight. While any Charleston gym or personal trainer can provide you with a workout, at Shaping Concepts you'll find weight loss expertise.

It's all about taking the time in the beginning to set you up on the right Charleston weight loss program to meet your needs. You see there are no real secrets to losing weight and transforming your body. The principals for what works always stay the same. It's about discovering what gaps you specifically need to address to start burning fat again.

With the right information and a personalized plan you can be assured of results. In addition to my Lean Code Profile for identifying clues on possible hormonal imbalances that may be present, we're also the ONLY fitness studio in Charleston that provides salivary hormone panel screenings. See our services page for more information.


Check out some of the differences between my Charleston personal training studio program and other means of trying to lose weight and see a body transformation.

Compare the differences for yourself:
Weight Loss Center/Clinic
Diet Pills & Supplements
Working Out On Your Own
Health Club Or Gym
Accountability, Structure & Support For Exercise
Personalized Exercise Program Design
Metabolism Testing - Resting Metabolic Rate
Hormonal Panel Screenings - Insulin, Cortisol, Etc
Personalized Diet & Nutrition Program
Food Journal Monitoring and Nutrition Coaching
Lifestyle Changes & Habit Formation Created
Guaranteed Results

Over 1533 Charleston area residents can't be wrong...the Shaping Concepts programs work!

Since I started Shaping Concepts in 2004 over 1533 local area residents (and counting) have used my Charleston personal fitness programs to help with goals related to body transformation, weight loss, sports performance, toning & firming, bodybuilding, injury rehabilitation, and much more. We're the area's leading private personal training studio with over 10 certified coaches and personal trainers in Charleston SC

The benefits of working with a Charleston personal trainer at Shaping Concepts goes far beyond just getting professional instruction and accountability. It's about helping you put all the peices together so you can finally have the body you want.

Your program will take into consideration dietary habits, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, behavorial modification, hormonal balances, and lifestyle changes. Together with the help of our advisory board health professionals when needed we'll help you break through any weight loss plateau and overcome any hidden weight loss obstacles until you've reached your desired body weight.

"With The Help Of My Personal Trainer I Lost 18 Pounds And 7% Body Fat Before My Wedding Day! I Think It's One Of The Best Investments You Can Make For Yourself."

"I started working out at Shaping Concepts to lose weight for my wedding day. With the help of my trainer I was able to lose 18 pounds and 7% body fat. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I loved the fact that he took the time to build workouts just for me and he knew the best way to push me.

Everyone at Shaping Concepts makes you feel so comfortable when you're in the studio. It's not intimidating like a traditional gym. The personal trainers here are wonderful and they do a good job of targeting the areas you want to work on.

The exercise routines and Shane's diet strategies provide a great combination of working hard and eating right that can change your life forever. I think it's one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Hopefully people who see what I've done realize that they can do it too."

Laura Smith
Johns Island, SC

"My Personal Trainer Helped Me Lose 37 Pounds, 10 Inches, And 10% Body Fat."

"Since joining Shaping Concepts, my trainer has help me lose 37 pounds, 10 inches, and 10% body fat. I was faithful in following his advice in regards to how to eat, what to eat, and how to do my cardio outside of the studio. And what can I say, it worked!

I've been a member at several Charleston gyms but I never pushed myself like my trainer does and that has made a big difference. He coaches me, pushes me, and most of all, he cares. I don't feel like I'm just a number on a list with him. He wants me to succeed and he helps me do that.

I love being thin, but more than that, I love seeing the definition in my body. I feel strong and healthy but best of all I feel younger at 41 than I did when I was 20. I can't thank Shaping Concepts enough for helping me change my life!"

Kim Hulsey
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Since Starting My Personal Training Program I've Lost 35 Pounds, 8% Body Fat And Over 15 Inches! Everyone Here Is Personable And They Really Want To See You Reach Your Goals."

"I attribute my success to working out hard, the excellent trainers here at Shaping Concepts, and most importantly the changes they've helped me make in my diet. It's been hard for me to eat healthy in the past because of my lifestyle, but with the help and instruction from my trainer I've made huge progress.

Since starting my personal training program I've lost 35 pounds, 8% body fat and over 15 inches! I can go up stairs now without gasping air and I feel better about myself when I'm out in public.

What I like best about Shaping Concepts and their Charleston personal training program is the trainers. Everybody here is personable and they really want to see you reach your goals. I recommend anyone thinking about starting a personal fitness program to go see the staff at Shaping Concepts."

Neal Allmond
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Here’s what you can expect from my Charleston personal training program...

  • Time efficient 30 minute “burst training” workouts that burn fat and build lean muscle twice as fast as traditional exercise routines.
  • A private studio setting to exercise without the intimidation and unwelcome stares you might find in other Charleston gyms and health clubs.
  • Friendly staff that will call you by name and make you feel like you’re part of the family and not just another member.
  • Hands-on coaching and instruction on nutrition, lifestyle changes, behavioral modification, and personalized exercise prescription from a certified and professional charleston personal trainer.
  • Comprehensive testing and screening including resting metabolic rate, VO2, cholesterol, blood glucose, metabolic syndrome, and salivary hormonal panel screenings.
  • Wide variety of exercise options to fit your needs and budget including one-on-one personal training, partner personal training, small group personal training, in-home personal training, gym workout program design and much more.
  • No contracts or membership agreements like you'll find at the health clubs. Nobody wants to be locked into a long-term agreement. At Shaping Concepts you can cancel our services at any time.

What makes my unique 30 minute burst training workouts so effective...

Shaping Concepts will built on an idea of using time efficient 30 minute burst training workouts to replace the traditional hour or longer workouts you'll find in most gyms and health clubs. Not only can you save a great deal of time, extremely beneficial for people with busy lifestyles, but you can also see FASTER results!.

The secret behind this revolutionary new fitness training method called "Burst Training" is working with short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by brief recovery periods so the human body releases catecholamines which are powerful fat burning hormones.

Burst Training

The magic behind the effectiveness of Burst Training is nothing more than good old fashioned hard work with bodyweight movements, free weights, resistance bands, and other functional exercises. My Charleston personal trainers are experts in burst training using functional exercise and are ready to help you today.

The success of the Shaping Concepts personal fitness programs

Since we opened our first personal training studio location in Charleston back in 2004, the success of our unique weight loss and body transformation programs has led to the opening of other studio locations in Charlotte, Bluffton, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

While the burst training workouts have certainly been instrumental in our success, we've also grown the business by sticking to a commitment of personal service and hands-on attention. While so many other Charleston gyms and weight loss centers treat their members like a number, we pride ourselves on providing the personal touches that simply say "we care" and we're here to help you with anything it takes to see you be successful.

Shane Doll - Charleston Personal Trainer

Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Charleston Personal Trainer- Founder, Shaping Concepts

The success of our programs has been featured on WCBD Channel 2 NBC, WCIV Channel 4 ABC, Time Warner Cable, Post & Courier Newspaper, and several other local Charleston print publications and newspapers. I was also honored to receive a cover story in Personal Fitness Professional Magazine back in 2006.

Why wait on living life to its fullest? Don't let another day pass you by...transform your body like thesse people did with a Charleston personal trainer from Shaping Concepts.

Charleston Personal Training Studio

Think about all the things you could be doing if just had the energy and stamina. What about the events or social gatherings you might pass on because you're self-conscious with how your body looks? This isn't living! I want to help you prove to yourself and others that If you've been putting off starting a weight loss or fitness program now is the time to do it for yourself.

You've worked so hard on taking care of everyone that maybe you've neglected your own wants and needs. I'm here to tell you that you deserve to feel sexy, self-confident, attractive, and happy with your body.

When you're fit it has a positive impact on everything in your life. You'll be more productive at work, you'll have more energy to do the things you enjoy, you'll have deeper more meaningful relationships, and the list goes on.“YES” the real you is going to take charge and not live with excuses another day.

Having a Charleston personal trainer can provide you with the accountability, motivation, and structure that you'd struggle with on your own...

Sure you could go to any Charleston health club or gym and workout on your own, and maybe you've already tried that. But if that's not the scene for you, or you've already gone down that route and didn't see the results you wanted, I can help. Let one of my Charleston personal trainers provide you with the direction and accountability you need to be successful.

If you start one of my Charleston personal training programs and aren't satisfied for any reason I'll refund your money, no questions asked...

I know I can help you see the results you're looking for with a personalized plan and the direction from one of my certified fitness professionals, but I want to make your decision to work with us completely risk-free.

I'm confident you're going to love what you find at my Charleston personal training studio but if for any reason you're not thrilled with the workouts, the service, the results, or anything about my programs simply let me know during your first month of training and I'll refund back every penny of your investment.

Sound fair enough?

Are you ready to prove it to yourself that you can do this?

It's your time. Just imagine how great it's going to feel when you hear people complimenting you on your new lean, fit, and more toned body. Your self-confidence is going to go through the roof. Picture yourself liking what you see in the mirror and actually looking forward to wearing clothes that reveal body.

Energy comes naturally, sleep becomes more restful, stress rolls right off, aches and pains vanish, and your body becomes a strong, stable vehicle to take you through life with happiness, wellness and total balance.

Don't be mislead into believing you can't do it or let other people discourage you. I've worked with hundreds of clients and many of them had the same concerns and doubts before starting my programs. Look, I don't like to be "sold" on anything and I'm sure you don't either. That's why I created a FREE, no-obligations trial so you could work with one of my Charleston personal trainers and be the judge for yourself.

Receive your FREE, no-obligations trial with a Charleston personal trainer today!

Fill out the web form at the top of this page and I can get you started right away. You'll look back on this decision as being one of the best decisions you've made in a long time. You owe it to yourself not to wait another single day. Make today be the day you take action and make a change.

I want to assure you that when you come in for your initial consultation you'll be treated with kindness, courtesy, and respect by everyone on my staff. You just won’t find the intimidation like you might experience in one of the bigger Charleston health clubs.

We're going to make you feel like family and actually take the time to listen to your wants, needs, and concerns. It’s a difference I think you’re going to love.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

If you have any questions about getting started with one of my Charleston personal trainers I want to give you the opportunity to contact me directly. As an owner I feel it's important to personally address any issues or concerns you might have.

You'll find a button at the top of this page that says "E-Mail Shane." Hit this button and a web-form will pop up where you can send me your question or comments. I'll get back with you as soon as I can, normally within 24 hours. I hope to see you soon and I look forward to earning your trust and business.


Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios
1009 Anna Knapp Blvd #101
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Phone: 843-971-8665

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