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From the desk of Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Founder, Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios
Charleston, SC

Hi, this is Shane. I want to ask you a quick question.

Have you ever joined a Charleston gym or health club only to be disappointed when you didn't see the results you wanted?

If so, who did you blame when you didn't see results? Did you blame the gym or your choice of exercise program? If you're like most people you probably (unfairly) blamed yourself.

I'm here to tell you that if you've ever tried unsuccessfully to change your shape by going to the gym chances are it wasn't your fault that you didn't see results.

The reality is joining a gym or health club is a great solution if you know exactly what to do and you're accountable to yourself with sticking to a regular routine. If this sounds like you, great, but if you're someone who doesn't exactly fit that description read on.

Who the Charleston health clubs and gyms are really for...

Last time I checked people join a health club or gym for a reason. Most people join because they want to achieve a specific result like losing weight, getting in shape, gaining muscle, etc.

I don't think I know anybody who exercises just for the fun of it. There's always an ends to the means of some sort.

People don't join a health club just to exercise...they join to see the BENEFIT of exercising.

Understand that when a health club sells you a membership you're only leasing their space and equipment. You're not getting exercise - you have to provide that on your own. And it's up to you to figure out the right type, how much, and how often part.

I know it sounds like I'm beating up on health clubs but I'm really not. If you have no problem with being accountable to a regular workout routine, know how to switch things up to see results, and have no problem coming up with exercises...well then health clubs and gyms are a good fit for you.

But If you don't fit the description above you'll want to consider a personal fitness program. Without the right information you could be wandering around aimlessly for months in a health club, going from machine to machine and getting no where.

You could hire a personal trainer from a health club, right??

Oh, but wait a minute!

Spend enough time in any health club and chances are you'll stumble onto that trainer who will try to push you into buy sessions like a used car salesman selling an old Buick. They just don't take no for an answer!

You may give in and figure, "well the person looks fit so they must know what they're doing, right?"

Ever buy a book just because it had a good cover only to find out the information wasn't so good? Yeah, me's the connection.

Just because someone got their own body in shape doesn't mean they can safely and effectively make the same thing happen for you.

Unfortunately there are a lot of unqualified trainers posing in the Charleston health clubs as fitness professionals. If you hire one consider yourself lucky if you only waste your money and survive without getting injured or seriously hurt.

You'd be shocked to learn that many Charleston personal trainers are not even certified and have little to no formal education...

There's no regulations in this industry so buyer beware. The reality is the health clubs are filled with trainers who are no more qualified to prescribe you exercise than the guy who spent last night at a Holiday Inn Express.

If you've ever wasted your time and hard earned money with a personal trainer who thought counting reps on a clipboard and babbling about their personal problems constituted a good workout, I feel your pain.

This isn't coaching! And there's certainly nothing here that even resembles motivating, teaching, encouraging, and supporting you towards the one thing you paid for which is seeing RESULTS!

Your results are guaranteed in my Charleston personal fitness program...

It doesn't matter what you've tried unsuccessfully in the past.

The secret is having the right information (a personalized program) along with having someone who cares enough about you to provide support, encouragement and accountability. This is the Shaping Concepts difference.

It's why we're so successful and how I can personally guarantee your results.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that if they can simply start exercising and change their diet that they'll lose weight. The reality is changes with exercise and diet are changes in your life and they don't come easy.

You need someone to stick by you while you create entirely new habits with your eating and exercise...

I understand that lifestyle changes are essential if you want to see results and I know you're going to need encouragement, support, and accountability.

The health clubs provide you with a place to exercise. At Shaping Concepts our Charleston personal trainers will show you how to exercise.

My personal fitness programs are truly different than anything you've tried in the past or anything else you'll find around town. Play the short video below to discover...

The 7 Reasons My Charleston Personal Fitness Programs Are So Effective At Producing Results!

1. Personalization with The Lean Code Profile

All of our fitness and weight loss programs are customized to your specific wants, needs, and goals. We go to greater lengths than any other local fitness facility to individualize your program.

Through the use of my proprietary Lean Code Profile we'll evaluate the nine most important health and fitness markers. A wide variety of education, support, and assistance is then provided to help you make any changes that are required.

2. Burst Training Workouts

We specialize in time-efficient burst training workouts that take only 30 minutes to complete compared to hour long workouts in a typical health club.

These workouts provide the most effective resistance and cardiovascular exercise routines for fat loss and lean muscle development.

3. Structure & Accountability

By having your very own personal coach and set appointment time for workouts you'll have the structure and accountability necessary to help you stay focused on your goals.

Research has proven time and again that results are significantly improved when structure and a support group is included.

4. Professional Instruction

All of my Charleston personal trainers are true fitness professionals as I require certification by a nationally accredited organization or a college degree.

You can rest assured you'll be working with a highly trained and knowledgeable fitness professional who understands how to personalize your exercise prescription according to your individual needs.

5. Education & Support

While most personal training centers or health clubs simply give you a workout, Shaping Concepts will provide you with a host of education and support resources.

Through e-mail tips, web site articles, free reports, seminars, workshops, and personal consultations you'll receive more education and expert advice than any other fitness center in the Charleston area.

6. Health Professional Advisory Board

We've partnered up with some of most knowledgeable and respected physicians, chiropractors, and other health professionals in the Charleston area.

When your fitness and wellness program requires treatment and care that extends our scope of practice we can refer you to a local expert who can help. As a Shaping Concepts client you'll receive preferential treatment and avoid lengthy waits getting in for an appointment.

7. Guaranteed Results!

By going to such extensive lengths to assess your needs and customize your program we can guarantee your success. Shaping Concepts is unique in that as a fitness provider we're 100% committed to providing you with RESULTS, not just a workout.

If you're not completed satisfied with my programs or don't see results I'll refund your money, no questions asked. See how many other Charleston personal trainers will back up their programs the same way.

My personal fitness programs have worked for over 1000 local Charleston residents and they can work for you too if you simply give them a try!

Never feel embarrassed or intimidated in a health club again...

You're going to love my Charleston personal training studio where you'll always be greeted with a warm hello and a friendly smile upon entering. You'll be with people just like yourself having fun while you work out. Yes, I said it, having fun!

The relationships you build with our staff, your trainer, and the other clients will make the time you spend with us the best part of your day. The world may beat you down but you're going to find nothing but love, support and encouragement when you walk through our doors.

Our commitment to first class service will also be evident as soon as you enter for the first time. The personal service, friendly staff, and cleanliness will stand out right away.

I'm confident you'll find Shaping Concepts to be unlike any other Charleston personal training studio.

All these factors collectively make up the Shaping Concepts difference but you really have to experience it for yourself.

Sign up for your FREE, no obligations trial and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself...

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If you have any questions at all you can also contact me and I'll be happy to personally get back with you.



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