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Nutrition - Video Library

Discover how to build breakfast meal plans that help increase metabolism, control appetite, and support lean muscle development. Take all the confusion over what to eat or drink in order to start your day off.

Lunch & Dinner
Discover how to build lunch and dinner meal plans that focus on improving insulin sensitivity while increasing your metabolism. Learn which food combinations work best from a fat loss perspective along with numerous choices.

Discover specific snack examples to help stabilize blood sugar levels and provide quality nutrients between meals. Learn which snacks are better than others with an easy to remember ranking system of food choices.

Discover which beverages are best to include in your diet along with better choices for sensible indulgences. While your diet may be much stricter during fat loss phases, the Lean Code Method lifestyle is about the 80/20 rule with moderation being key.

Getting Off The "Sugar Wheel"
Shane Doll provides an explanation for why eating "healthy" won't necessarily carry your weight loss goals all the way through. You must give your body a reason to use fat for fuel and as long as there's a sugar dependency you're likely to stay stuck in a plateau.

7 Day Cleanse
Learn how to do the modified Advocare Herbal Cleanse to start your diet off with improved nutrient assimilation, hormonal balances, and reduced inflammation.

Uncovering Hidden Fat Loss Blockers
Learn how eating certain foods like whole grain bread, wheat, pasta, cereals, milk, beans, and other legumes can cause digestive system imbalances which may impair fat loss. Even so called "healthy foods" may not be ideal for many individuals struggling with weight loss.

Understanding Insulin And Fat Storage
Understand the basics of what insulin does in your body and how problems like "insulin resistance" and "low insulin sensitivity" develop in the first place. This lesson will help you better grasp what's going on in your body when you eat high carbohydrate meals.

Lack Of Energy & Sugar Cravings
Do you suffer from a lack of energy and sugar cravings in the afternoons and evenings? If so discover what's causing it and more importantly how to fix it. Getting off the sugar wheel requires a specific approach to changing what your body uses as fuel. Watch the video and learn the strategy.