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Fat Loss - Video Library

7 Components Of Fat Loss
Shane Doll CPT, CSCS discusses the 7 components of fat loss and how to evaluate where hidden obstacles may lie that could keep stuck in a weight loss plateau. These 7 components are the foundation for the Lean Code Method of body transformation.

Why You May Be Stuck With Weight Loss
Shane Doll CPT, CSCS discusses two common scenarios with how people get stuck with weight loss and what you need to do to correct it if you call into one of these categories.

The Low Calorie Misconception
Discover how "low-calorie" foods might not always be your best option. Many processed and refinded foods that are low in calories might still cause you to stay in a fat storing state.

Insulin Resistance
Learn more about Insulin Resistance, what causes it, how it impacts weight loss, and what can be done to reverse this common hormonal imbalance.

Are You A Sugar Burner Or Fat Burner With Your Exercise?
Discover how different types of exercise call for different fuels both during and after your workout. You'll learn how "more exercise" is not always best from a fat loss standpoint.