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Which Diet To Choose?
Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, the list could go on and on. But which of these diets work best to help you not just lose weight but more importantly keep it off. Discover the secrets behind what makes some diets effective while others only work for a quick fix.

Setting Your Goals
As you already know setting goals is essential to success with any endeavor. However, you'll want to learn how to set your weight loss and body transformation goals correctly by factoring in the emotional and motivational reasons.

How To Deal With Slip-Up's
There's no question that the ability to learn from mistakes and ultimately put them in the rear view mirror separates the individual's who achieive success with lifestyle changes from those who don't. It's easy to sabotage your success with feelings of guilt and failure when you're not perfect. Discover my "4 R's" to dealing with slip-up's and moving forward.

The Decision Points- Forks In The Road
Each and every day you'll encounter forks in the road or decision points where you'll either "stay the course" or give in and "fall off the wagon." In this coaching video I provide you with some insight to understand what guides these decisions and how to succeed without relying on will-power.

Overoming ANT's (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
Success with making any change in your life requires the programming of your subconcious thoughts with positive visualization that can squash the automatic negative thoughts (ANT's) which creep in from time to time. Learn tips that can help you avoid the self-sabotage that frequently occurs with change.

How To Stay Consisent With An Exercise Routine
One of the biggest obstacles people face with a new exercise routine is remaining consistent. One little slip up and you fall off the wagon. Discover practical tips for how you can stick with it, building new habits that will carry you to the results you desire.

Conquering A Can't Mindset
If you're struggling staying consistent with your diet or exercise routine, the issue is not likely one of will-power but rather an "I can't" mindset. Discover the clues for identifying what's holding you back and how to overcome it.

Why No Sugar?
When it comes to weight loss everyone's real objective is to burn fat, right? We'll your body is either burning fat or sugar for energy right now and it's your insulin levels that decide which. Discover why you must correct insulin imbalances or you'll continue being frustrated with dieting.