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Statement of Philosophy

At Shaping Concepts we believe that optimal health and wellness is achieved by obtaining balance with diet, exercise, and rest. These three components for body composition change work together in synergy as we’ve found even the best exercise routines will be ineffective if imbalances exist with diet, rest, stress levels, etc.

A successful body transformation will only be seen with behavioral and lifestyle changes combined. New habits must be practiced and repeated until they become part of subconscious thought. Personal coaching is used to help you with these changes by providing accountability, motivation and encouragement.

We place a high priority on movement patterns with exercise. The human body was not designed to be exercised while sitting down so you’ll find few pieces of traditional health club equipment in our facility. The same movement patterns apply regardless of age and activity. Only the intensities are changed. Everyone needs to reach, rotate, push, pull and do the same basic human movements in some way.

While the intensity of exercise will vary from individual to individual, the movements remain the same. Proper function and movement of the human body is always at the base foundation of improving health and performance. If limitations in movement are present there will be a point where progress is halted.

The better our clients move, the faster we can help them improve fat loss, lean muscle development and reach other individual goals. It’s been our experience that failure to put a priority on movement can often result in injury and/or diminished results.

Finally, we believe there is no alternative for dedication and effort. Exceptional results are always the result of exceptional effort. Look to put forth the necessary effort required to match your desired expectations. Any exceptions to this rule will only result in disappointment and wasted time for both parties.

Exceptional results come when the client and coach both have a clear vision of the desired objective and have the same understanding of what will be required.