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    Lost 44 lbs and 14% Bodyfat to date!    
My struggle with weight has been a lifelong one. Up and down and up again . . . over and over again. Fad diets, half-used gym memberships, and money and time going down the drain with no lasting successful results. Finally, facing a laundry list of pills to combat high blood pressure, cholesterol issues and the possibility of diabetes, I had to do something.

I found Shaping Concepts on-line and was interested in the “all-inclusive” approach with diet, exercise, and accountability. Mandy was warm and inviting, helpful and insightful. She made me feel like a friend in the first 90-minute discussion. Yes, she spent 90 minutes listening to me and understanding my needs and desires. Mandy considered my work schedule and the probability of my success with trainers and schedules. She made arrangements for the right trainer to meet me at my best time. She also keeps track of my journal and guides me on a regular basis.

Dylan Foster, my trainer, made a special effort to accommodate my schedule and we started meeting at 5:30 a.m. the following Monday. Dylan has been professional, knowledgeable and personally interested in my success. He drives me beyond my perception of my capabilities and I have become stronger, leaner and more agile. His work out routines are interesting and, dare I say, fun??? I can see and feel results from every exercise he plans. He is aware of my strengths and weaknesses and adjusts routines accordingly, still producing results and keeping me safe.

The studio is effective and not overwhelming. Other trainers and office staff are equally professional and accommodating. Other clients appear to be just as pleased as I have been.

I truly feel that “this time” is really going to work. Shaping Concepts has equipped me with the tools to lose the first 44 pounds. I know they’ll see me to the next goal. With the 14% body fat loss, the 9 inches from my waist and hips, and the 14 point reduction in blood pressure so far, I anticipate very different results from my February physical. Shaping Concepts is a huge part of me reaching my ultimate goal of staying active, keeping the excess weight off and being fit for life.

    Lost 30 lbs and 10% Bodyfat to date!    
I was recommended to Shaping Concepts December 2013 by a friend who saw I was in a bad place physically. At that time I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 234 lbs! Having a hard time with strenuous exercise and felling my health was on the down trend, I knew I had to change. Change isn't easy but it takes courage and commitment. It was my time to better my life for me and the people important in my life, my two boys.

I met my trainer at SC, and he immediately began the process of customizing my workout, diet and attitude plan. His educational knowledge of fitness and nutrition is top notch. He is a highly educated trainer that teaches you proper technique and safety, which has led to results. He also makes me accountable for what I do outside the studio, which is were so many fail. The kitchen table, the freezer with all those temptations, those extra mindless calories.

In 4 months I have lost 30 pounds and 10% body fat and plan on passing my goal. He has become more than a trainer, he is a reliable source for nutrition that has completely changed my outlook on food and what fuels your body. I've tried trainers before but there is something unique about Shaping Concepts that others don't offer, dedication and consultation to my results. The rest has been in my hands and the results are beyond what I imagined to achieve 4 short months ago! Thank You Shaping Concepts, and my boys thank you too!

    Lost 6 lbs so far and 2 inches from my waist!!    
I've only been with Shaping Concepts for about a month, but it was after I hit a plateau so the progress I've made is huge!! I lost a ton of weight about 2 years ago, but then put back on about 20 lbs of it. I tried and tried, but couldn't make the scale budge. I was eating right, so I thought, and running nearly everyday so I didn't understand why I couldn't lose that extra 20 lbs.

So, I called Shaping Concepts to see if they could help. Jason, my trainer, is the best. He has me doing things I would never do on my own and things that a month ago, I would have said I coudn't do at all. Mandy met with me and gave me some nutritional guidelines and told me what I was doing wrong in my diet. I've been on her plan for almost 3 weeks now and feel a million times better. I had my monthly progress report just recently and
was happy to see that I had lost 6 lbs. and shaved 2 inches of my waist and nearly 2 inches off my hips!
Thanks to everyone at Shaping Concepts for the help!! I didn't think I'd ever get those 20 lbs off and
now with your help, I'm well on my way!!

    Ben Rocks!    
I have really enjoyed working out with Ben. Each workout is challenging, but fun. I have seen great improvement in my progress and he continues to motivate me to do even better. I feel better than I have felt in years and actually enjoy my workouts!

Trudie Campbell
    Shaping Concepts    
Shaping Concepts has been a great resource in helping me refocus on how I workout. Jason has been a great trainer and is constantly pushing me to do more! The training is never the same and is never boring. It is definitely challenging but always worth it! You leave knowing you have been pushed harder than you would on your own! You get out of it what you put into it and having trainers that encourage your progress helps you take the next step forward.

Kristen Evans
    Training with Shawn at Shaping Concepts    
I am 6 months into my training with Shawn McDonald at Shaping Concepts and I could not be happier. Before I started my program I lacked coordination, strength, and had little knowledge proper nutrition. Shawn has gone above and beyond in developing a program that has led me to lose about 30 pounds, a significant amount of body fat, and at the same time gain strength and greatly improved overall fitness through both personal training and nutrition coaching.

Working with Shawn you can expect a personalized experience to suit your needs and goals, a high level of motivation, accountability, and results. I have never been healthier or felt better. I'm only sorry I didn't decide to start sooner!"

Jason Hightower
    So far, so good!    
Everything is going great! Just meeting with Mandy about nutrition helped out a lot! I'm so glad I decided to do the nutrition part of this personal training thing too. My trainer Ben is also awesome! He pushes me when I need it most and really targets things I need to work on. Love it!

    Shaping Concepts    
Shane: I am very pleased with my work out program at Shaping Concepts. Everyone is very professional and pleasant. My trainer is doing a awesome job! With my age and body aches and pains, it's not been easy but I feel that I am having success. Can't ask for anything better.

Pam Hamon
    When you're ready to change your life...    
The work is hard, but nothing worth having comes easy. Support, encouragement, accountability, and all the tools it takes to get to ""Point B"" is what you'll find at Shaping Concepts.

Great people, from top to bottom, who truly want to help you become the best version of yourself!"

Richard Bachschmidt
    Shaping Concepts is a Winner    
I have been working with my personal trainer Colleen at Shaping Concepts for about two years. I never thought I could be able to achieve the results I have at my age (66). I have been able to lose weight, and, more importantly, improve my health amazingly.

Gaining muscles and overall strength which have changed my body are also among the benefits of working out. Colleen has directed my program aimed at my limitations and my improvements. I could never have made this progress without her. I highly recommend Shaping Concepts as a comfortable, professional place to improve yourself.

Carol Ransom
    Personal Trainer Steve Lawson    
My overall experience at Shaping Concepts has been very pleasant. My personal trainer was Steve Lawson. He was excellent!! I was impressed w/ his level of knowledge & professionalism. Not only does he have a great attitude but also a great sense of humor too. Working out is hard work but Steve makes the workouts fun. I will highly recommend Shaping Concepts to others.

Mary Ball
    Awesome Concept and Trainers    
I have been going to Shaping concepts for almost six months and love it. It does not matter what my schedule is, they can always fit me in. With any trainer here, I get an awesome session!

Beth Joye
    Shaping Concepts    
Shaping Concepts has provided me with good habits, great insights and continuing encouragement on health and fitness. I especially appreciate Shane sharing his ongoing research into how the body works toward optimal health. Keep up the good work!

John Carroll
    I have been a client for over 6 years with Shaping Concepts    
I have been a client for over 6 years with Shaping Concepts. Before joining I was a tired and skinny middle aged couch potato. On an impulse one day while driving by and seeing their sign I decided to stop in.

That was a great decision for me and has changed my life. I had never exercised a day in life other than high school gym. Now I enjoy exercise and continue to jog on my days off with encouagement from Andrew, my trainer. Not only did they change my exercise habits but my eating habits as well.

Daily trips to fast food establishments have been replaced with healthy meals at home. The employees are friendly, knowledgeable and each client's session is designed to meet their individual needs.

Tina Bailey
    I work with Steve 2-3 times per week    
I work with Steve 2-3 times per week. He has helped me to lose 15 pounds and become much stronger. I have a history of lower back problems which he is very attuned to and gives me exercises to strengthen my core and back while always making sure I am comfortable. I think Steve dreams up new exercises at night because my routine is always varying and inspiring. I like that he pushes me to my ability while offering encouragement. Steve has a nice personality and is a pleasure to work with. He is an excellant trainer.

Karen Spencer
    I'll never workout anywhere else    
I've been working out at Shaping Concepts for a few years and I'll never workout anywhere else. I've been working out at Shaping Concepts for a few years and I'll never workout anywhere else. The trainers are the best, they know their stuff, and I've lost over 20lbs since I've started going there!

Ricky Breslin
    Everyone at Shaping Concepts seems like family to me    
Everyone at Shaping Concepts seems like family to me. They have been such a positive influence on my life over the years. As a client of Shaping Concepts, you feel as if everyone is looking out for you and your best interests. The customer service is unparalleled. They are the best.

David Taylor
    I could not be happier with the results I've acheived    
I could not be happier with the results I've acheived from training with Andrew Duffy at Shaping... "I could not be happier with the results I've acheived from training with Andrew Duffy at Shaping Concepts. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself! Andrew really pushes me to do exercises I would NEVER do on my own. Every session is different and somehow he makes every session more challenging than the one before it!

I have screws and a plate in my ankle so I was initially very nervous about difficult workouts but Andrew assured me that he wouldn't push me beyond what my ankle could do. I used to have pain in my ankle but since working out with Andrew that is no longer an issue. I have a whole new way of thinking about exercise and the way I eat now and it's really changed my life. If you're looking for a trainer who really knows what he's talking about and really cares about your fitness goals, then Andrew Duffy is the right trainer for you!

Polly McElwee
    My experience has been fantastic    
My experience has been fantastic. Mike has a clear understanding of my personal goals and has a unique way of pushing me towards those goals, without discouraging. He is a great listner, takes his role seriously and is exceptionally motovational.

    I'm 13 years old and working out is a pleasure    
I'm 13 years old and working out is a pleasure. The trainers are always fun. When I work out they don't just tell me what to do, we have interesting conversations. It's like playing with family and friends.

Nickolas Cralle
    I have been with Shaping Concepts since March 2010 and feel I have been given a new lease on life!    
I have been with Shaping Concepts since March 2010 and feel I have been given a new lease on life!

At first, I was frustrated with the weight loss part of the program and do feel that possibly someone with extended knowledge should have stepped in to give advice ( which I did finally get but only 7 months later).

All the people involved with this business are extremely nice, professional and caring. They have become an extended family and makes going there a joy. This being my first experience of this kind, I have nothing to compare it to but would definitely recommend them to anyone else seeking to be healthy.

    Shaping Concept is a great place to train and workout    
Shaping Concept is a great place to train and workout. All employees friendly and very professional. The experience with the owners gave me the feeling that they were very interested in helping me personaly.

Joan Wald
    My trainer, Colleen, is my hero!    
I hardly know how to express my gratitude for Colleen! She is simply amazing. She encourages me every session...encourages me to do a little more, a little better & reminds me to be proud of what I have accomplished already.

She has to be one of the most *patient* people I have ever met. Ever. I can drag my butt into my workout & whine while I am there & she just grins at me. She is so flexible--she will allow me to change our workout routine when I need to & doesn't even miss a beat.

She exudes compassion & that quality, above all else, helps me to keep coming back no matter how depressed I feel. I know she cares about me...really cares about me. I have been going to Shaping Concepts for over 3 years now which is amazing for me to be able to say & Colleen is the major reason I have stuck with it. I owe her big time. :-)

Patty Bennett
    Having been a client at Shaping Concepts for going on 5 years, I have seen many workout...    
Having been a client at Shaping Concepts for going on 5 years, I have seen many workout facilities come and go. The Shaping Concepts difference is simple - Tell them what "You" would like to achieve, be honest with yourself and your trainer, give 100% and the results will amaze you.

The staff at Shaping Concepts will "always" make you feel welcome and will be there to support you in accomplishing your goals. From your very first workout you will be surrounded by .friends., not just a group of people looking for a paycheck.

The upbeat, encouraging atmosphere has kept me and a host of other clients returning not just week after week but year after year! Give them a try and you will never look at a workout session the same again!

John L. Jordan Jr.
    I have been a member of Shaping Concepts for a number of years & am most satisfied with the...    
I have been a member of Shaping Concepts for a number of years & am most satisfied with the level of service provided to me. My trainers have been knowledgable, informative & professional. They definitely deserve a 5 star rating.

Lynn Carmody
    LOVE LOVE LOVE Shaping Concepts!    
LOVE LOVE LOVE Shaping Concepts! The workouts are fun and are different every session therefore - no boredom! The trainers are all very professional, knowledgable and encouraging. Most of all I see results! I highly recommend Shaping Concepts. I am a huge fan!

Tina Davis Willett
    Mike has been a wonderful trainer    
Mike has been a wonderful trainer. He has worked with me to rehab a bad knee. He pushes me when I need pushing and reminds me to work efficiently to improve the strength in my knee. Most importantly he listens and adjusts accordingly. I would highly recommend Mike as a personal trainer.

Pam Hamon
    I have never enjoyed exercising until I started Shaping Concepts    
I have never enjoyed exercising until I started Shaping Concepts. I love their personal training half hour sessions that work better for me than when I used to exercise by myself for an hour.

Raquel Biascoechea
    Great workouts, adequate facility, great trainers, hardworking but friendly clientele...    
Mike is a very good trainer, very knowledgable, demanding but realistic, watches out for my safety without sacrificing gains, knows when to push and when to level off, a pleasure to train under and to be around ...

Johnny Price
    I train with Lee and he is really great    
I train with Lee and he is really great. He is very encouraging and supportive. Each work out is different which I like. He takes time to make sure I understand what I need to do with each exercise. He challenges me to go to the next level. He also doesn't let me do anything that would be harmful to injuries that I have. He has a good sense of humor and we get along well.

Liz Loy
    My experience with Shapely Conepts has beena very positive one    
My experience with Shapely Conepts has been a very positive one. My trainer has kept me going,when I wanted to slow up.I have lost weight, inches & body fat & accomplished more than I ever thought possible. I have more energy and feel better everyday."

Judy Headden
    Great atmosphere    
Great atmosphere. Fresh, bright, and clean. Incredibly knowledgeable trainers. Everyone is QUALITY! All the client has to do is "bring it". They staff here has taken a complete exercise novice and transformed me into the best HEALTH and SHAPE in my life. Thank you!

    As an old guy who used to be active and athletic I dream of again chasing fitness    
As an old guy who used to be active and athletic I dream of again chasing fitness. I see many senior fit people and ask myself why not I? Then I figured out why! I had the desire but lacked the coaching. Someone who kept me going when I was tired or laboring in misdirection.

So, with bad shoulders and all I found Jason at Shaping Concepts. He and the whole crew are what is needed to get my engine revving again. It is eight weeks now and the weight is starting to disappear and the tone is coming back. But most importantly the coordination is returning. No falling down for me in these golden years.

Naturally, I really crave more muscle tone and some guns but am constantly reminded to be patient, diligent and persistent. What more can I say. If you are serious they are more serious.

    The trainers are professional and really push you to push yourself to the limit in a good and...    
The trainers are professional and really push you to push yourself to the limit in a good and positive way! The owner, Mandy, is very personable and really listened to what I had to say about what I needed in a workout. She put me in the right direction for a package plan with a trainer that was best suited for me. Really enjoyed my sessions!

    You really enjoyed the extra accountability of the partner training program and the extended...    
You really enjoyed the extra accountability of the partner training program and the extended evening hours helped to ensure you got your workouts in.not to mention the owner is really HOT!

Edward Emanuel
    I have been training at Shaping Concepts for almost a year and am in the best shape of my life!    
I have been training at Shaping Concepts for almost a year and am in the best shape of my life! All of the trainers are highly knowledgeable in creating the best fitness program and also assist you with your dietary needs so that you can reach your fitness goals. This place is great and I won't train anywhere else.

    Shaping Concepts is the place to be!    
Shaping Concepts is a great place to be. They help you reach your goals and encourage you every step of the way. It is such a personal and caring atmosphere. Mandy is an amazing team leader and all the trainers are awesome! Andrew has been my trainer for a few months now and he is so much fun to work with! He is so positive and creative. He makes ou r work outs a blast! Not only will you see results, but Shaping Concepts will leave you with a better out look and a new healthier way of life!Less