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Quick Start Nutrition Guide

This is our most popular guide for new personal training clients at Shaping Concepts. Discover exactly which foods and food combinations you should eat for helping to create stable hormone and blood sugar levels, while also supporting lean muscle and increasing energy. Specific breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack examples are shown to give you ideas of how to build out your diet. Also included are meal planning worksheets and a quick reference food guide with calorie, protein, carbs, and fat counts for several supportive nutrition food examples.

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Food Label Deception Revealed

Discover the dirty little secrets food manufacturers don't want you to know. You'll learn all their sneaky tactics designed to mislead you on food packaging and labels. After reading this e-book you'll be able to quickly spot the three most notorious ingredients you'll want to avoid when trying to lose weight. Eliminate all the confusion when choosing the best foods to help you reach your weight loss goals. Learn insider information on what words are used to mislead you in believing a food product is really "sugar-free," "fat-free," "high in fiber," etc.

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Fat Loss Myths Exposed

Discover some of the most common myths with fat loss that keep people stuck not seeing the results they want. You may be surprised to learn how some of the strategies you've been using to lose weight can actually be working against your body relasing stored fat. Understanding how your metabolism works and the way that exercise and diet impacts hormonal balances is essential information in helping you to get the lean physique you desire. Download your copy today and gain valuable insight on breaking through a fat loss plateau.

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7 Secrets To A Flat Stomach

This special report reveals the most effective diet and exercise strategies for getting a flat, firm, trim waistline. Stop wasting your time on crunches, health club machines, and ab gadgets that simply don't work. Discover how many of these exercises can even make the appearance of the dreaded "pooch belly" worse! Read this report before purchasing any exercise equipment that promises you a flat stomach. You'll save time, money, and lots of frustration in the long-run.

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The Functional Training Difference

Discover the numerous benefits of functional exercise and how it stacks up against traditional machine based exercises found in health clubs. Learn how some circuit training equipment may even do more harm than good for some individuals. See why the top personal trainers all use functional exercise to help their clients not only look better, but move better as well. Improve your results, cut down on workout time, and perform better with everyday activities with functional exercise.

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How To Choose A Personal Trainer

Selecting a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals is a big decision. After all you're entrusting them to the care of your body. Choosing the most qualified instructor can be tricky since not all certifications are the same. Learn which certifications are the best and the right questions to ask when interviewing a trainer. Save time, money, and frustration by working with a fitness professional who can prescribe you the best exercises for your unique wants and needs.

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