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From the desk of Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Founder Shaping Concepts
Charleston, SC

December 06, 2019

Hi, this is Shane. On this page you’ll find more information about my Lean Code Profile. One of the main differences in my Charleston personal training programs is the use of this comprehensive client evaluation and assessment model to help personalize our programs.

The Lean Code Profile includes questionnaires, a one-on-one interview, and a series of assessments to help screen for possible hormonal imbalances along with other hidden weight loss obstacles. It also involves screening for muscle imbalances and postural deviations which could ultimately diminish results in a fitness program unless identified and corrected.

The main objective of the Lean Code profile and all the testing, assessments, and evaluations that are offered is to help develop a truly personalized blueprint for seeing the results you want. Having the right information is half the battle. Putting together a program that gets you where you want to go requires taking all the factors of your unique body make-upinto consideration.

Listed below you'll find the 9 KEY FACTORS for weight loss success which are evaluated in my programs. 

1. Cardiovascular Factor

The health and function of your cardio-respiratory system is an important element in any fitness or weight loss program. We値l evaluate for any potential risk factors along with establishing a baseline of your current level of conditioning.

Specific cardiovascular exercise prescription can be provided according to your unique needs and goals. We provide VO2 testing in the studio as an added service for our clients.

VO2 Testing

Improvements in your cardio-respiratory system help the body become more efficient at transporting oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This is essential for fat loss while also improving your overall health and fitness.

2. Lean Muscle Factor

How much lean muscle you have plays a large role in your hormonal balances and metabolism. We will determine your lean body mass (how much of your body weight is made up of muscle) then help you determine the best type of resistance to use in your strength training program.

Body Fat Testing

At Shaping Concepts we use a variety of resistance methods to fit your needs and personal preferences. These methods include bodyweight training, resistance bands, kettle-bells, sand bags, free weights, and cable pulleys.

While everyone痴 personal preferences and needs will be different, the development of lean muscle is a primary focus for all of our clients regardless of age or fitness level.

3. Stress Factor

The amount of stress you池e currently under has a significant impact on the health and function of your adrenal system. We値l evaluate your risk factors and look for possible indicators of hormonal imbalances.

Stress Assessment

Stress can come in many forms, both mental and physical, so we値l examine several components of your daily life. Identifying any issues with mental, emotional, or physical stress will help us to ensure optimal results in your program.

If adrenal health issues are found we can refer you to a physician on our advisory board that specializes in hormonal testing.

4. Insulin Resistance Factor

The insulin resistance factor is an extremely important component if your primary goal is weight loss. By evaluating your past and present dietary habits along with BMI (body mass index) we値l be able to identify signs of a potential insulin imbalance known as insulin resistance or low insulin sensitivity.

Insulin resistance is caused by too much carbohydrate in the diet (high blood sugar) over long periods of time. Insulin resistance is a marker for increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. If insulin resistance indicators are present we値l help you make the necessary changes in your diet for correction and when necessary refer you to a physician on our advisory board for further testing.

5. Digestive System Health Factor

The health and function of your digestive system is an often overlooked component in a fitness or weight loss program. The ability to digest food properly and assimilate nutrients is essential for lean muscle development and fat burning.

Digestive system imbalances will have a negative effect on performance, recovery, fat loss, muscle development, and overall health. We値l evaluate for any signs of potential imbalances and if enough risk factors or indicators are present we値l refer you to a physician on our advisory board that specializes in food allergy/intolerance testing.

6. Postural & Muscle Imbalance Factor

Regardless of your specific fitness or weight loss goal we want you to have optimal health, function, and movement. Any limitation in function or movement will at some point in time create diminished returns or a plateau in your training program.

That痴 why we start each client痴 program off with a comprehensive kinetic chain assessment. Through a series of exercises and evaluations we値l identify any possible muscle imbalances or postural deviations that could inhibit results in your program.

Posture Assessment

If any imbalances are found, your trainer will prescribe specific exercises and stretches for corrective measures. When treatment is likely to extend outside of our area of expertise we値l refer you to a chiropractor, physical therapist, or other specialist on our advisory board.

7. Nutrition Factor

Supportive nutrition is an essential component in any fitness or weight loss program. We値l evaluate your current dietary intake and make recommendations to best meet your specific goals.

Additional education and instruction is provided through one-on-one nutritional consultations, metabolic profile assessment, nutrition seminars, workshops, e-books and website resources.

Shaping Concepts provides an extensive array of support on nutrition and lifestyle changes to help our clients see optimal results in their program.

8. Metabolism Factor

If your primary goal is weight loss we can help you determine your individual caloric needs with pin point accuracy through a metabolic profile assessment. By determining your specific rate of metabolism we can help you build a personalized diet around your calorie needs for weight loss.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

A metabolic profile assessment is also a valuable tool in assessing the function of your thyroid and identifying any possible imbalances. If your test indicates a slow metabolism we can refer you to a physician on our advisory board that specializes in thyroid hormone testing.

9. Mental/Emotional Factor

At Shaping Concepts we put considerable emphasis on the importance of evaluating the mental/emotional factor in your program. This covers everything from emotional/impulse eating, lifestyle issues, eating disorders, depression, etc.

Our series of assessments, questionnaires, and screenings are designed to help identify any areas of concern. Your program will be built with specific consideration to any behavioral/lifestyle modification that is needed. When necessary we can refer you to a specialist on our advisory board for additional treatment and care.

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