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Stability Ball Frog Kicks

Stability Ball Frog Kicks is an abdominal exercise that works the core musculature. The abdominal muscles include four main muscle groups that extend from the ribs to the pelvis. They provide flexion and rotation from the waist along with assisting in the breathing process.

The abdominal muscles are extremely important for the role they play with postural support. Low back problems are often the result of imbalances related to weak and inhibited core muscles.

Stability Ball Frog Kicks exercise helps to strengthen the core muscles thereby providing support and stability for the lumbar-pelvic region. The main abdominal muscles include the transverse abdominus, internal obliques, external obliques, and rectus abdominus. The abdominal muscles are best worked through exercises that integrate them with the surrounding muscle groups in the lumbar-pelvic region.

The use of typical health club machines or in-home ab-gadgets is not recommended because they tend to isolate the abdominal muscles instead of integrating them. This isolation can contribute to muscle imbalances which will increase the likelihood or even worsen low back problems.

Common conditions like the “pooch belly” are often the result of muscle imbalances from weak core muscles not being able to hold the stomach in. Exercises that isolate the abdominal muscles will only make the appearance of the dreaded “pooch belly” worse. By strengthening core muscles like the transverse abdominus through integration exercises you’ll be naturally drawing your stomach in and improving your posture at the same time.

Stability Ball Frog Kicks abdominal exercise should be completed by breathing normally but exhaling through the exertion phase of the movement. Increase the number of repetitions as you get stronger for best results but always look to maintain proper form as demonstrated in the video. Level Of Difficulty: Advanced

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