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Core Values & Beliefs

We are all about RESULTS period!
We believe that we have the ability to change lives and that is the ultimate mission statement of our business.

We believe in the critical importance of setting goals.
The mind must have a target! Regardless of your objectives with starting a coaching program with us, we feel it’s essential to set short and long-term goals.

We believe in accountability.
Being accountable to someone other than yourself is a principal key to success with any lifestyle or habit change.

We believe nobody is perfect.
Perfection is not the target with our diet, exercise or anything else in life. Success is achieved with the commitment to pressing forward through the ebbs and tides of life in order to be the best we can be. Giving up is the only failure!

We believe in the principals of hard work, dedication, and focused effort.
The pursuit of quick-fixes provides no real satisfaction or sustained gain. Exceptional results require hard work and commitment.

We believe the individual must change their mind (thoughts) if they’re to be successful with changing their body.
What we are is always a product of our thoughts and resulting actions.

We believe that the BASICS are still the best when it comes to exercise.
The “old school” movements that worked fifty years ago to help get people in shape still work today and that’s what we teach. We are not into fad trends with fitness.

We believe there is no substitute for consistency.
“Little and often done over the long haul” is the secret to lasting results and lifestyle changes.

We believe in the power of encouragement and enthusiasm.
As coaches there’s no substitute for using encouragement and enthusiasm to help inspire people to be their best and push through obstacles.

We believe in self-responsibility, integrity, and respect for others.
While not everyone will agree with our beliefs, we simply welcome those who do to join us.