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Our Charleston Personal Training Programs

“My favorite aspect about Shaping Concepts is my personal trainer. I appreciate his uplifting spirit and kindness. For me, the most important quality a trainer can have is the ability to be able to read people. A trainer like William Graham who has this characteristic is a great comfort to clients. I also wanted to thank Shane for the education and motivation that he has given to my parents. I have seen so many positive changes in their day to day life. I have a good feeling this is the real thing. Shane has helped us to make living healthy a lifestyle.”

Amber Clarke
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Your Charleston personal training studio is the best studio I’ve worked out in since moving to town. From the time I walk in until I leave, the friendly atmosphere perks me up….even on days I don’t feel “perky”. Each trainer is full of enthusiasm and never fails to speak and call me by name. Thank you Shaping Concepts for helping me maintain the ability, strength, and energy to carry on with my daily activities. My trainer works hand in hand with my chiropractor with exercises to ease pain in these aging joints! Many thanks and congratulations on your success with Shaping Concepts!”

Anne Evans
Isle of Palms, SC.

"I have seen such great results with J.D as my personal trainer! In 4 weeks I lost 6 pounds and 2 inches off my waist! I was coming from a pretty sedentary lifestyle but really wanted to make a change. He is great at encouraging you to give your best all the time, and before you know you'll be addicted to exercise and look forward to your workouts!"

Annie Herring
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my experience at Shaping Concepts. Let me start out by saying that I am shocked that I am still doing this after 4 months. I typically get excited about something and then quickly loose interest, especially with any sort of work out routine! I have always been a very un-athletic person. Here I am--four months, 20 pounds and 2 clothing sizes later, and I have no intention of letting up. I just wanted to tell you again how thrilled I am with every aspect of Shaping Concepts. I think you have spoiled me for any other type of gym for life.”

Beth Keetch
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Thanks Shane for your e-mails to keep in touch as the owner. I think this touch is a wonderful way for your clients to know that this is a personal and professional business. All of you are a dedicated group with lots of knowledge. Thanks, for what you all do. Your business is not just another exercise program. It has a major impact on health and to your future years.”

Bev Kramer
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I’ll admit it, all of my life I have yo-yoed with diet and exercise. Shaping Concepts hires knowledgeable, friendly personal trainers with great attitudes. From the time I signed up my experience has been nothing but uplifting and positive. Shaping Concepts caters to all shapes and size, not just beauty queens and muscle men, which makes it a non-intimidating place to workout.

My trainer, Andrew Duffy has helped me to not only gain muscle and lose weight, but also to drop my total cholesterol by 46 points and my LDL by 37 points in just a few months. Andrew is my saving grace. I look forward not only to his smiling face and great personality, but also to his words of encouragement during a great workout for 30 minutes, three times a week. Thanks for shaping me up!”

Beverly Smith
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I attribute losing 11 pounds and 6% total body fat over the last three months to the incredible program at Shaping Concepts and my trainer, William Graham. My workouts have been challenging, and William has continued to keep me motivated and on track. He always asks about my cardio and eating habits which make me accountable, and in turn has helped me to succeed. On my own, I maintained a consistent 2 times per week workout schedule, never missing a day and doing cardio at least 4 times per week. The Shaping Concepts program can be successful for anyone like it has been for me – just listen to your trainer!”

Brad Wilson
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I would like to thank you for all you have done for our family. I’m happy we found Shaping Concepts because it’s a place where you can actually go to and feel right at home. All of the personal trainers are extremely nice and helpful."

Carly Good
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I am really pleased with the system you guys have going here. I've noticed significant improvements in not only my strength and endurance but also in muscle mass and fat loss. The staff is great and I recommend it to my own clients and people in my sphere of influence. I always tell them if you want to get yourself in shape and get healthier go visit Mandy, Shane and the team at Shaping Concepts.”

Christopher Cisneros
Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“I love the fact that you often ask how I am doing and I really feel that I am getting the full worth out of my workouts. Although I am getting older, simply put, I don’t feel it. When I hear my friends complain about feeling sluggish and hurting going up stairs, I think about how it was before I started working out at your studio. I left another 30 minute personal training studio in Charleston because I heard so many good things about your facility. As much as you hear me complain, I look forward to my three workouts each week. I feel the strength I have gained and I have noticed a tremendous improvement in flexibility. If you will try to ignore the whining, I will keep coming to workout.”

David Chandler
Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“My name is David Ivey, I have practiced chiropractic in the upstate for 28 years and have suffered from a stooped over posture due to bending over tables to work on patients. I had no strength in my extension muscles of my back and most of my body. Since I started working out at Shaping Concepts my life, strength, and flexibility has improved dramatically. My personal trainer is a joy to work with and the entire staff is kind, caring, and attentive."

David Ivey
Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“In the past, at other Charleston gyms, I've just nonchalantly exercised until I was tired and stopped. My commitment to working out was always short-lived. At Shaping Concepts, I've been motivated to raise my own expectations of myself, and to challenge what I can do. I have suffered from debilitating migraines for the past 22 years. Since beginning my personal training at Shaping Concepts, I haven't had a single migraine. Thus, my quality of life has improved immensely. I have more energy and as the mother of two young, active children, that is worth the price alone.”

Dee Ann Fava
Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“Just a quick note to tell you how wonderful your staff is at the Mount Pleasant location. When I first started I had the pleasure to workout with each of your personal trainers at this location and they are all very professional and dedicated to helping me reach my fitness goals. This is far different than any traditional weight-training program I have been enrolled in or other Charleston gyms. I get a full body workout in my sessions and this program sure brings results!”

Denise Stanton
Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“My favorite thing about Shaping Concepts is that I don't feel intimidated when I workout. Everyone has been so kind and understanding. I have lost inches off my hips, waist, and butt and have more energy during the day to keep up with my four children. You guys are the greatest!”

Diana Rath
Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“I found the staff at Shaping Concepts to be most accommodating, friendly and helpful…but they are really serious when it comes to getting you in the best shape possible. I am pretty devoted to keeping fit and active, but their program seems to give you the edge to be absolutely sure you’re in top form.”

Elizabeth Boineau
Charleston, SC.

“I had sciatica for the past 6 months and I was very surprised by the fact that my sciatica was resolved after ONLY 2 workouts! I do have to say I was a little nervous about some of the back exercises, but these 2 work outs have done more for me than 3 epidurals. Also, I have slept much better. I still can’t believe that it has only been 2 workouts with each one only lasting 30 minutes a piece.”

Erin Langendorfer
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“After having allowed myself to achieve the worst physical condition of my life, I have found that proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”. Shaping Concepts has not only offered me direction from the physical perspective through association with my wonderful trainer, but Shaping Concepts has also offered me a basic understanding of my consumption of calories and their impact on my overall health and success of my efforts. I am very pleased with my experience at Shaping Concepts and I would encourage anyone that wants to improve their life with better overall health select Shaping Concepts as a partner in that effort.”

Fudgy Bradham
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I just started to work out with Lee Powell in your Mt. Pleasant personal training studio and wanted to thank you for making this available. The whole program is very well thought out and I believe you have picked the best trainers. They know what they are doing and it seems like they are genuinely devoted to improving the physical health and fitness of everybody that attends.

What I like when I walk in every time is the sincerity and the effectiveness I see of the people and of the work. Everybody is so busy and I like being a part of it."

Gaye Adams
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Workouts are going great! Tina is fantastic. I have gained so much strength already and changed my whole way of eating for the better. I feel so much better and Tina and everyone keep me very motivated. This was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time!”

Gretchen Sent
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“Thank you, for this wonderful opportunity to get my body back in shape. I really appreciate your kindness. The trainers are great and I love that the owner is around and remembers my goals and is social with the clients. This is by far the greatest gym I have ever worked with.”

Heather Shealy
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“My trainer has been such a help to me in getting my strength back. He's so patient. I'm already feeling much better thanks to him. I have several friends who have expressed interest in coming to Shaping Concepts----they don't like those huge places. I look forward to my Tuesday and Thursday. Many thanks!”

Henrietta Evatt
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I couldn’t be happier with my training. Since I have been attending, I feel stronger and healthier. The workouts are specific and are not repetitious which I have found both in working out on my own and with other people. I also feel that the trainers actually care and take pride in their work and clients are not just there for a paycheck. Thanks so much for offering the Charleston area such an innovative approach to a healthier life style and keep up the good work!”

Dr. James Swartz
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“I've been coming to Shaping Concepts for a few years now. I took a little break to have a baby and I couldn't wait to come back. Since I've come back I just haven't felt better in my life. I love my trainer Andrew Duffy, he is always motivating me. I've also worked with the other personal trainers and I just love the whole staff here. I really appreciate all the hard work they do. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends...Thank you Shaping Concepts.”

Jennifer Guest
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I had a personal friend that was working out with Andrew Duffy, and I asked her for recommendations when choosing a trainer. It is a very personal relationship, as I have learned, and the dynamics are essential to the growth. Steve Lawson was recommended - to match my personality. He's funny, easy to talk with, educated, and passionate about what he's doing.

The first thing he asks me everyday is "how are you feeling?" If it's been a crappy day, maybe the pollen is giving me a major headache, or I've had the best sleep of my life the night before - he generally cares about me, my well being, what is hurting, what is effective, etc. He gently pushes, motivates, encourages, without being overbearing or annoying. I look forward to my 30 minutes/3x a week and I'm totally hooked. I know I would NEVER be able to challenge myself on my own like he does!"

Jennifer Bilbro
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I just wanted to say I love working with Jason. He is great! He really pushes me and I love the different things he has me do. I had my 2nd session with Jason last night and today I really feel it everywhere! I love it… You really put me with someone great. These workouts are waaaayyyy better then going to the gym! You really have a great company!"

Jennifer Polish
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“My trainer makes the workouts really challenging but is encouraging as well. I always do more than I think I can at each session. The exercise is fun-- hopping, jumping, working with my partner. It's more fun than just lifting weights or doing a circuit at a gym. Although I was already in decent shape, trainers from my old gym here in Charleston already said that I look leaner and fitter to them.”

Jessica Slaughter
Mt. Pleasant, SC

“My travel schedule can be quite unpredictable, forcing me to miss sessions for up to an entire week. The professional trainers at Shaping Concepts have always done their best to accommodate my schedule and have even given me tips on how to keep in shape while on a hectic travel schedule. I recommend Shaping Concepts to anyone serious about improving their lifestyle.”

Joe McDonald
Mt. Pleasant, SC.

“After a near brush with death in 2003, when I recovered I didn’t have the energy to exercise and I was tired, along with having serious leg and back problems. On Mother’s Day, I was presented with a gift certificate for Shaping Concepts. After one week, I had more energy, my leg didn’t hurt, and I slept much better and felt 72 instead of 82! After coming to Shaping Concepts for fourteen months my balance is great and I have people say to me that I am an inspiration to them. They say I don't walk like an 82 year old person. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I am telling all my friends about you!”

Jo Plaehn
Isle Of Palms, SC

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