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Michael Sigmon

Fitness Coach Profile

Michael Sigmon is a certified Charleston personal trainer with the National Strength & Conditioning Association NSCA-CPT. He specializes in strength training and interval training for performance and fat loss.

Michael has over 8 years experience as a personal trainer working with all ages and fitness levels. He also received his B.S. in Exercise Science at the University Of South Carolina.

Michael believes in finding a good balance between nutrition, fitness, sleep, and managing stress for best results. He has a genuine and sincere interest in his clients and excels at providing accountability on the nutrition and cardio training side.

A true fitness professional, Michael will help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals with a personal fitness program at Shaping Concepts.

University of South Carolina
B.S. Exercise Science

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

"I've dropped 10 pounds in two months, weight that I've been carrying for 20 years! Before coming to Shaping Concepts, I was skeptical about personal trainers. I went to two local Charleston gyms and interviewed them. Shaping Concepts was the last one on my list, and because the folks were so pleasant there, I decided to give it a try.

Mike Sigmon was assigned to me as my trainer. I didn't realize the importance of the accountability aspect of personal training until I began. Knowing that I have to face Mike each week keeps me honest on my eating and other potentially bad habits during the rest of the week.

I have dropped about 10 pounds in two months, weight that I have been carrying for 20 years. I feel much better, and my clothes sizes have gone down. Mike and Shaping Concepts have made a big difference in my attitude and appearance."

Warren Moise
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I've been training with Mike Sigmon at Shaping Concepts for about a month and already see results. I've lost body fat, a few inches, and have seen gains in strength and balance. As with everyone, the diet part is up to me, but I believe these workouts contribute to my progress.

I would recommend Mike without hesitation. He is different from so many trainers I have had in the past at other places in the following ways: He is knowledgeable about physiology and can tell me why he recommends specific exercises and the benefit they provide.

In other words, he's a good teacher. He is dedicated to proper form and preventing injury. He is focused and attentive during sessions. And finally he's knowledgeable about diet and does not recommend extreme eating behaviors that one might get from trainers elsewhere"

Vicky Agnew
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Thanks for your email. I LOVE Shaping Concepts and I have recommended your facility to many people. I also want to let you know that Mike Sigmon has been a phenomenal help, I have learned so much from him and he is a great personal trainer. Thank you for all of your advice and I will see you again in a few months!"

Sue Lordi
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I love my Shaping Concepts total body transformation! It has changed not only my body but also my mindset. I never thought I would go from a size 10 to a 2!

I have worked with personal trainers in Charleston in the past but what makes Shaping Concepts a cut above the rest is the relationship between food and exercise. Once my diet fell into place the body transformation followed closely behind.

The constant change in exercises, the motivation from my trainer Mike Sigmon and constant encouragement keeps me coming back for more."

Kristine McNaney
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I started working with a personal trainer at Shaping Concepts because I actually wanted to gain weight and put on lean muscle. I struggled working out on my own and knowing what to eat to put on muscle. With the help of my trainer, Mike Sigmon, I was able to gain 17 pounds while adding two inches to my chest and an inch to both arms.

He taught me how to eat properly to feed the muscle and it made a huge difference. I was a little skeptical at first but the program was a lot better than I thought it would be. I'm very pleased with the results.

The workouts aren't boring and I love the fact that they're only 30 minutes. I would never have seen these kind of results working out on my own. If you're looking to put on muscle mass and do it the right way I say go see Mike and the staff at Shaping Concepts. I'm proof that the program works."

Justin Strickland
Charleston, SC

"Great workouts, adequate facility, great trainers, hardworking but friendly clientele, Mike Sigmon is a very good trainer, very knowledgable, demanding but realistic, watches out for my safety without sacrificing gains, knows when to push and when to level off, a pleasure to train under and to be around."

Johnny Price
Mt. Pleasant, SC