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Colleen Castiglione

Bio And Background

Colleen Castiglione is a certified Charleston personal trainer originally from New York City. She is a retired New York City Police Sergeant. During her 20 years with NYPD she worked with her co-workers in developing personal exercise and nutrition programs.

Colleen is also a former New York City High School Health and Physical Education teacher. During her five years tenure at Lehman, HS, she developed a Lifetime Fitness Program and started a "Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch Program", along with an after school snack program.

She knows how important a good diet is to improvements in academics, athletic performance, and student behavior. She also believes that children need to be introduced to different types of exercise enabling them to have more active and healthier adult lifestyles.

Colleen received her higher education at Queens College City University with studies in Health & Physical Education and Exercise Science. She also served as Adjunct Instructor and a "Wellness at Work Coordinator" with the University.

Colleen has always had a passion for helping individuals improve their diet and physical health. She is comfortable working with all groups with specialties in sport specific workouts and rehabilitation exercise programs.

If you work with Collen in one of our Charleston personal fitness programs be ready for some "drilling" (accountability) from this Sergeant about your nutrition and extra cardio. Come prepared to put forth your best effort during workouts and you will see results.

Colleen is also a former Queens College athlete in Softball and Field Hockey. Her recreational activities include softball, flag football, skiing, golf, cycling, hiking, camping, sailing, running, kayaking, and weight training.

"I have been working with my personal trainer Colleen Castiglione at Shaping Concepts for about two years. I never thought I could be able to achieve the results I have at my age (66). I have been able to lose weight, and, more importantly, improve my health amazingly.

Gaining muscles and overall strength which have changed my body are also among the benefits of working out. Colleen has directed my program aimed at my limitations and my improvements. I could never have made this progress without her. I highly recommend Shaping Concepts as a comfortable, professional place to improve yourself."

Carol Ransom
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"I hardly know how to express my gratitude for Colleen Castiglione! She is simply amazing. She encourages me every session...encourages me to do a little more, a little better & reminds me to be proud of what I have accomplished already. She has to be one of the most *patient* people I have ever met. Ever. I can drag my butt into my workout & whine while I am there & she just grins at me.

She is so flexible--she will allow me to change our workout routine when I need to & doesn't even miss a beat. She exudes compassion & that quality, above all else, helps me to keep coming back no matter how depressed I feel. I know she cares about me...really cares about me. I have been going to Shaping Concepts for over 3 years now which is amazing for me to be able to say & Colleen is the major reason I have stuck with it. I owe her big time."

Patty Bennett
Mt. Pleasant, SC

"This is a shout-out to my personal trainer Colleen. I trained with her and was very happy with both the process and the results. Unfortunately I had to move to NYC, and now that I'm shopping for a trainer here, so far I was unable to find one as good as Colleen.

Always different workouts, with all the different types of exercise - I was never ever bored. And the results, even though I did overeat here and there - I'll never forget how I went shopping about 5 months after beginning the workouts, and ALL the clothes I tried suddenly looked good on me (not to mention - I needed a smaller size), unlike in my previous clothes shopping experiences...

Anyway, seems like Colleen has set a very high standard for what I'm now looking for in a personal trainer. I'm glad she's still working and helping other people improve their health and physique. I wish Colleen and your studio the best of luck!"

Anna Demidchik
Mt. Pleasant, SC