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Charleston Corporate Fitness & Wellness Programs For Your Employees

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Finally! A Charelston Corporate Fitness Program That Delivers More Than Just A Discounted Health Club Membership...

Hi, this is Shane Doll CPT, CSCS, founder of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios. If employee wellness is something you'd like to improve in your business then you've come to the right place.

It's no secret the combination of regular exercise, proper nutrition, and stress managment make for a healthier workforce, improved productivity, and lower health care costs. But let's be real, taking on the initiative of helping your employees in these areas can be quite challenging when you've got a business to run.

Traditional corporate wellness programs typically include a discounted gym membership for employees or access to an on-site workout center. While there is certainly nothing wrong with these options, business owners are likely to find themselves questionning return on investment and bottom-line benefits.

The problem is those who already follow regular exercise routines take advantage of the perks while many of your employees who don't get left on the sidelines. When you break it down, helping your employees who DON'T currently eat healthy and exercise will produce the greatest impact on lowering health care costs.

The reasons are obvious but the question becomes..."How do you help your employees who need healthy lifestyle changes the most?"

The Difference Of A Charleston Corporate FItness Program That Provides Encouragement, Instruction, Accountability, And Structure...

As someone who's been in the fitness industry for over twenty years and consulted with literally hundreds of personal training clients, I've learned first-hand how to empower individuals who want to be fit and healthy but simply need a helping hand.

You see, many of your employees are avoiding exercise because they feel embarrased or intimidated in a health club. They may be uncertain about what exercises to do and how to do them. Many find it uncomfortable and awkward going to the gym alone and having people stare at them.

There's also the likely frustration from past attempts with exercise routines that produced little or no results. Ultimately this is the catalyst that leads people to quit working out and give up on exercise.

All of these reasons and countless others serve as obstacles that lead many of your employees to be more prone to illness, injury, and health problems.

I've found the keys to helping people acheive healthy lifesytle changes is by providing them with encouragement, instruction, accountability, and structure. These essential components make all the difference in developing new habits and lay the foundation for personal change.

This is why the greatest return on investment a company can see with their employees comes NOT by providing them simply with a place to exercise but rather the COACHING to stick with it.

We Come To You For On-Site Personal Training, Small Group Classes, Or Boot Camps...

The biggest obstacles employers face with helping their employees on the wellness front is time, implementation of programs, and costs. The corporate fitness programs provided by Shaping Concepts solve these problems as we'll send trainers to you to handle everthing, and they can be scheduled with flat rate costs. Charleston area businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the following programs:

Charleston On-Site Personal Training, Group Classes, And Boot Camps
We'll send a certified personal trainer to your place of business for any of our services. There's no need to have a designated on-site fitness center as personal training sessions, classes, or boot camps can be done with minimal equipment and space requirements.

Charleston Corporate Fitness Discount Program
Your employees can receive special discounts on all of our fitness programs at Shaping Concepts. These exclusive savings are available with select businesses who apply to be part of our corporate discount program.

Shane Doll's "Lean-Code Method" Nutrition Seminar
An exclusive sixty minute seminar on the inside secrets behind my "Lean Code Method" for body transformation. I'll come to your place of business and share with your employees simplified nutrition strategies along with dispelling the most common myths & misconceptions about dieting and weight loss.

FREE Lunch-Learn Seminars
This is a great way for your employees to get expert coaching tips on fitness, diet, nutrition, while providing our trainers with the opportunity to promote themselves in the community. Receive a FREE thirty minute seminar on the presentation of your choice and discover more about our available corporate boot camps and other employee wellness programs without obligation.

Receive A FREE Thirty Minute Lunch-Learn Seminar For Your Employees With No-Obligations...

Shaping Concepts is pleased to announce an initiative to help educate Lowcountry employees on how to improve their health through weight loss, nutrition, and fitness tips.

Our new “lunch & learn” series for Charleston area small businesses and corporations are designed to help educate and empower your employees to make lifestyle changes, while providing our fitness trainers with the opportunity to reach potential new clients.

Weight Loss Tips For The Frustrated Dieter
Discover the truth on why diets stop working and learn what really works. If you have employees who are frustrated with not being able to lose weight, or keep it off once its lost, this is one presentation they'll definitely be interested in hearing. Duration: 30 minutes.

17 Healthy Snack Options For The Workplace
The reality is if your employees want to trim down and improve their health, they'll have to be prepared to make good snack choices at work. Don’t be fooled into believing they might actually be able to make a healthy choice from the company vending machines…they can’t! We’ll demonstrate just how easy it is to prepare healthy snacks and give your employees 17 specific examples to choose from. Duration: 30 minutes.

The 20 Minute Travel Workout
Traveling out of town and worried about whether or not you’ll have the time or amenities at the hotel to get a workout? No problem…we’ve got the solution. In "The 20 Minute Travel Workout” seminar a fitness professional will demonstrate to your employees how they can get a total body workout in anywhere, anytime without the use of weights or machines. Only requires a single resistance band and an individual's own bodyweight to complete. Duration: 30 minutes. *Seminar includes demonstrations of exercises.

The Benefits Of Functional Strength Training
Today’s typical health club is filled with row after row of strength training equipment, a different machine for almost every single body part. But is this the best way for your employees to exercise? In this presentation we’ll break that myth and show your employees how functional exercises are the secret to improving strength and flexibility while reducing the risk of injuries. Duration: 30 minutes. *Seminar includes demonstrations of exercises.

Request More Information Or Register For A FREE Lunch-Learn Seminar At Your Place Of Business...

To request more information and pricing for our corporate wellness & fitness programs or to register for a FREE lunch-learn seminar, simply fill out the web-form below.

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I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have along with discussing options for programs or talks that best meet your employee requests.


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