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From the desk of Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Founder, Shaping Concepts
Charleston, SC

Hi, this is Shane. I created this page to let you know more about my exclusive Charleston Bridal Fitness Program that's helped dozens of Lowcountry women like Laura get a leaner, sexier, more toned and trim body just in time for their wedding day. If you've got a wedding coming up I can help you transform your body with jaw-dropping results like this you can reveal on your big day.

"With The Help Of My Personal Trainer I Lost 18 Pounds And 7% Body Fat Before My Wedding Day! I Think It's One Of The Best Investments You Can Make For Yourself."

"I started working out at Shaping Concepts to lose weight for my wedding day. With the help of my trainer, Andrew Duffy I was able to lose 18 pounds and 7% body fat. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I loved the fact that he took the time to build workouts just for me and he knew the best way to push me.

Everyone at Shaping Concepts makes you feel so comfortable when you're in the studio. It's not intimidating like a traditional gym. The personal trainers here are wonderful and they do a good job of targeting the areas you want to work on.

The functional exercise routines and Primal Blueprint nutrition strategies provide a great combination of working hard and eating right that can change your life forever. I think it's one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Hopefully people who see what I've done realize that they can do it too."

Laura Smith
Johns Island, SC

Preparing for a wedding can be a busy, stressful time and going it alone to lose weight and tone up can be difficult to say the least. Having the professional instruction, accountability, and motivation that a certified Charleston personal trainer can provide you is one of the best ways to ensure your success.

On this page I'll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about a bridal fitness routine along with explaining more about my programs. Read through the information then sign up for your FREE no-obligations trial.

Frequently asked questions and answers about a Charleston bridal fitness program and how to basically see the best results...

How much time should I give myself for a body transformation before my wedding? I really want to look my absolute best and don’t want to have unrealistic expectations.

As a general rule I recommend brides give themselves 12 weeks to transform their body before the wedding day. Of course this depends on what the primary changes are you’d like to see. You can tone and firm up nicely with eight weeks of hard work on resistance training, but if you’re looking to lose more than 10 pounds and really transform your body you’ll need more time.

Trying to do excessive exercise and drastically cutting calories in a rush will only lead to a catabolic state where you’ll break down lean muscle instead of building it. This is commonly referred to as the “skinny-fat” look. This is the last thing you want for your wedding day photos.

Sunken cheeks, bags under your eyes, and a lack of muscle definition will certainly not make you happy. Bottom line is must give yourself time to look and feel your best. Avoid the most common mistake of waiting until the last minute before starting a structured exercise and nutrition regiment.

What are the biggest mistakes you see brides making with their fitness and nutrition prior to their wedding day?

Without question the biggest mistake I see is brides waiting too late then rushing to try and lose weight. There’s also a tendency to crash diet and do a ton of cardio which almost always backfires. While cardio is certainly beneficial for fat loss, resistance training is essential if you want to change your body composition along with toning up.

Doing high intensity burst training and interval training will produce the best results in the shortest amount of time but you have to work up to it. This is one of the reasons why a twelve week window is so beneficial. You simply have to give your body some time to adapt to the increased workloads associated with high intensity training.

Some women like to do yoga, pilates, and other low intensity type workouts which is fine but when you really want to get “dialed in” for something as big as your wedding day, you’ll want to hit resistance training with focused effort and hard work. There simply is no substitute to resistance training as bridal exercise for toning and firming.

What will be the most effective type of workouts for losing unwanted body fat around my hips and stomach while getting toned and firm?

These are the two areas that seem to get the most attention as they’ll certainly be noticeable in most wedding gowns. It’s important to understand that “spot training” fails miserably in the real world. You can’t do enough sit-up’s to loose your belly or enough reps on that silly hip abduction-adduction machine in the gym.

See my article on “The top 5 health club machines to avoid” for more information. The best way to loose fat around your belly and hips is to work the large muscle groups with high intensity effort.

An exercise like free weight squats will do more to help you loose fat in those areas than just about anything else. It may sound weird but it’s true. The reason is because the large muscle groups, with your legs being the largest, will require more energy when you start working them hard by applying an overload stimulus.

This will cause your metabolism to increase and you’ll actually move stored fat from your belly and hips to those large muscle groups to be burned as fuel. Burst training for resistance and interval training for cardio will be your one-two punch for delivering your best body in time for your wedding day.

How can brides best tone their shoulders and arms to look gorgeous in their strapless wedding gowns?

Every bride wants to have nice toned arms and shoulders for their wedding day. Once again resistance training is essential. All the cardio in the world won’t help a bit here. You’ll want to basic functional strength training movements for best results. Exercises like biceps curls, triceps pressdowns, dips, push-up’s, and side lateral raises are just a few of the most effective movements.

As a general rule you’ll want to avoid the machines and either work with TRX suspension straps, free weights, or with bodyweight movements for best results. Don’t neglect the effectiveness of the simple push-up. It’s one of the best exercises to tone and firm your arms and shoulders.

How can brides best tone their back for those “glancing over the shoulder” photos?

Ah yes, having a trim and toned back will look so much better than those two rolls of fat hanging out the top of your wedding gown. Again, total body burst training will be best to lose fat and exercises that focus on rowing and pulling will be most effective for toning. Cable rows, resistance band rows, lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows, and seated rows are a few of my favorites.

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What’s the best way for brides to lose those last 10 pounds a month out from their wedding?

Diet and nutrition will be your primary pathway to lose those last 10 pounds when you’re only a month out. Cardio will be very helpful but you must be careful to support your metabolism by providing enough calories. Drastically cutting calories and doing hours of cardio will not be the path you want to take like I explained earlier.

Following what’s called a Primal Blueprint type diet for example, that is naturally low carb but still provides essential micronutrients and fuel for exercise, will be a possible dietary strategy you could use to drop those last 10 pounds. There are other diet strategies that can be highly effective. The key is finding the strategy that works best for your unique needs and body type. That's where we can help.

I am extremely busy with work and planning for my wedding and don’t have time to exercise daily, what should I do?

To be blunt you’re going to have to make a decision on how important it is to you to have the body you want by your wedding day. I know this is a hectic, stressful time for a lot of brides but you absolutely must make time for exercise or you’re likely to be disappointed with the end result. The reality is you can see amazing results with only a commitment to thirty minutes a day for exercise.

The trick is to do the burst training where you won’t need a lot of time. When you’re working out with high intensity you’ll see twice the results in half the time. If you don’t know how to do the burst training consider hiring a personal trainer to assist you. It will be much easier to just show up and have your workout all planned out for you instead of wandering around the gym for an hour and accomplishing little.

Is there anything specifically brides should eat or not eat the week before their wedding to look their best?

This is a great question and an area that often gets overlooked. The last thing you want for your wedding day is to look all puffy and bloated. You’ll want to pull down your carbs and avoid high sodium content for starters. I’d also recommend you pull out all sodas and any processed-refined foods.

Stick with lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats the week of your wedding. Protein meal replacement shakes can also be a huge help during this time. Drink plenty of water and focus on greens and fruits that will help to balance out electrolytes.

"I Was Skeptical At First But The Shaping Concepts Personal Training Program Really Works! I've Lost 30 Pounds, 14 inches, And 7% Body Fat."

"I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but the Shaping Concepts personal training program really works. Since I started working my trainer, Andrew Duffy, I've lost 30 pounds, 14 inches, and 7% body fat.

I didn't know what to expect as I had never used a personal trainer before but I'm very pleased with the results. I really like having someone mixing it up and keeping the workouts interesting. I don't have to think about what I'm doing. I just follow the direction and guidance of my trainer through the workouts.

Andrew was very helpful in also teaching me about nutrition and the best way to do cardio to see the results I wanted. I would recommend anyone who's thinking about starting a Charleston personal fitness program to simply give Shaping Concepts a shot."

Polly Lady
Mt. Pleasant, SC

What makes my Charleston Bridal Fitness Program so different?

Sure you could go to a Charleston gym or health club and workout on your own before your wedding day but how confident will you be that you'll see results in time for your wedding day? This is one time you don't want to leave things to chance. Hiring a personal trainer can be one of the best investments you can make prior to getting married. Take a look at what makes my Charleston Bridal Fitness Program different from other options you could try for seeing a body transformation.

What you'll receive with the different options to get in shape prior to you wedding:
Other Personal Training Studio
Exercising At Home By Yourself
Charleston Area Health Club
Commercial Weight Loss Center
Complete fitness program design with cardio and resistance training
Not Likely
Personalized nutrition and meal planning to help you reach your goals
Not Likely
Metabolism testing to help you pinpoint your unique calorie needs for weight loss
Not Likely
Accountability, motivation, and instruction from your own personal coach
Monthly body-fat testing and re-assessments to measure progress and make changes
Cardio equipment to use at any time and not just during personal training sessions
Guaranteed RESULTS on your fitness program or your money back!
Not Likely
Not Likely

The Shaping Concepts no-obligations FREE trial and guarantee on all our personal training programs

Regardless of whether you do the free trial or get started immediately on my Charleston Bridal Fitness Program, you have nothing to risk. I want you to be absolutely thrilled with your workout routine and personal trainer.

If you don’t feel my programs are a good fit or you’re unsatisfied for any reason, I’ll refund every penny of your investment with no questions asked. Sound fair enough?

Personal training package options with a Charleston Bridal Fitness Program

At Shaping Concepts you'll find a personal training package that best meets your needs. While a twelve week program like my "Trim In 12 Body Transformation" is ideally suited for women who would like to lose 20 or more pounds prior to their wedding day, both the Fitter-You 8 and 12 session series packages will deliver guaranteed results.

It all comes down to the time you have to prepare for your wedding day, wants, needs, and budget. In all my programs you'll receive nutrition coaching, supplement recommendations, cardio prescription, and accountability to compliment your personal training workouts.

See the services and rates page for more information on a personal training package that will be best for you. Of course I recommend you sign up for the FREE no-obligations consultation and trial at the top of this page just to get started. You've got nothing to risk and it's a great way to see if my programs are a good fit for you.

Where is Shaping Concepts located?

Shaping Concepts is located minutes from Daniel Island in the Queensborough Shopping Center in Mt. Pleasant. We're right across the street from the Mt. Pleasant Public Library. We're just ten minutes from the island exiting 526 at Long Point Road to Mathis Ferry or taking the 17 South exit to Anna Knapp Blvd.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions

If you have any questions at all I want to give you the opportunity to contact me directly. As an owner I feel it's important to personally address any issues or concerns you might have.

You'll find a button at the top of this page that says "E-Mail Shane." Hit this button and a web-form will pop up where you can send me your question or comments. I'll get back with you as soon as I can, normally within 24 hours. I hope to see you soon and I look forward to earning your trust and business.


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