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Discover The Amazing Benefits Of Burst Training That Burns Fat And Builds Lean Muscle 2X Faster Than Traditional Workouts...

STOP Doing Long-Slow-Duration Cardio Routines And Hour Long Weight Training Workouts When You Could Be Seeing Twice The RESULTS In Half The Time With Burst Training!

From: Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Founder, Shaping Concepts
Charleston, SC

If you're not satisfied with the results from your current fitness routine, the next few minutes you spend reading this page can change the way you look at "working out" forever.

At my Shaping Concepts studios we specialize in an exercise routine called "burst training" to deliver our clients a body transformation with workouts that take less than 30 minutes to complete.

I'm going to share with you specifically what "burst training" consists of and why it's the most effective exercise routine I've found for changing your shape.

So what exactly is "burst training?"

Burst training is simply a method of exercising for short durations with high intensity followed by brief recovery periods. The idea is to create an oxygen debt, get fast twitch muscle contraction, and activate the adrenal system for a hormonal boost. This can be accomplished with both resistance and cardiovascular workouts.

Research has shown that this type of training to be the most effective means for creating a hormonal response (primarily from growth hormone, IGF-1, and testosterone) which are powerful fat burning and muscle building hormones.

No other fitness routine can hold a candle to the rapid results and fat burning effectiveness of burst training workouts...

Imagine never having to waste time doing 45-60 minute or more boring cardio or weight training workouts ever again.

You know the routine -you put in all that work, grinding it out day after day but your body never really looks any different. Sure you may feel better and maintain, but you're probably not seeing significant changes in your body.

If you're looking for a workout that delivers real results then burst training is going to be right up your alley.

The problem with traditional health club workouts with machines...

When you're working out with machines in the health club although you're burning calories and working your muscles (great for maintenance) you're NOT creating the right hormonal responses for fat loss and real lean muscle development.

That's the missing link and why most people never experience the body transformation they're looking for with traditional workouts. Going from machine to machine during sets of 8-15 reps with rest between each set just won't get it done.

If you're not getting out of breath with your current weight training routine you're missing out.

Burst training principals are smashing the theories by a lot of the so called "experts" who believe that aerobic exercise, long distance cardio, and moderate intensity weight training is the key to weight loss and optimal health.

Here are the main benefits you can expect from burst training and why it CRUSHES all other workout routines if your goal is to lose fat and build lean muscle.

The benefits of burst training over traditional workouts...

Blowtorches body fat by burning TWICE as many calories in half the time of long-slow-duration cardio workouts and traditional weight training.

Skyrockets your metabolism by creating an adrenal, thyroid, and growth hormone response that NO other workout routine can come close to.

Provides a natural energy rush and allows you to sleep like a baby at night...waking up refreshed and renewed every single morning.

Builds lean muscle faster that helps burn fat for a trim, toned physique with definition and cuts.

Burst training with resistance workouts...

With burst training you don’t have to use traditional health club equipment for your resistance workouts. You can use things like medicine balls, resistance bands, bodyweight, dumbbells, kettle bells, and free weights.

The list is endless. You can use just about anything that will provide your muscles with resistance.

Now don't get me wrong, you can still incorporate some of the machines you'll find in a health club but your workout will be dramatically different.

At Shaping Concepts we incorporate resistance by even using things like old truck tires, heavy ropes, sand bags, and other "non-traditonal" equipment. You’ll even see a client pushing a car through the parking lot from time to time.

Whatever "gets you out of breath" and provides an overload stimulus to the muscles is fair game. The whole idea is to apply the “overload stimulus” to your muscles through exhaustion-fatigue (lots of reps) or through a heavy load (more resistance).

You’ll combine basic compound movements together with minimal rest for a high intensity burst followed by a brief recovery period (typically 30-90 seconds), then repeat.

Anybody can do burst training regardless of their fitness level. All you have to do is scale the intensity to meet your needs. As you get stronger and in better shape you’ll simply keep increasing intensity.

Burst training workout example

The following is an example of a burst training workout using various forms of resistance.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press (10 reps)
Bodyweight Squats (10 reps)
Dumbbell Upright Rows (10 reps)

*Move quickly through the above three movements with minimal rest. Choose a weight that will challenge you for (10) reps. Briefly recover after the completion of all three movements (1 round) for approx 60 seconds then repeat for (2) more rounds.

Triceps Rope Pressdown (10 reps)
Cable Bicep Curl (10 reps)
Mountain Climbers (20 count)

*Complete circuit for (3) rounds in same way as described above

Dumbbell Chest Press (10 reps)
Dumbbell Fly (10 reps)
Medicine Ball Chops (15 reps)

*Complete circuit for (3) rounds in same way as described above.

There are numerous ways to do burst training with the only underlying key principal being you're working at a high intensity for short bursts to stimulate growth hormone release.

You can use heavy weight, light weight, bodyweight movements, machines, bands, medicine balls, etc, and as long as you're providing an "overload stimulus" and getting out of breath you're doing burst training.

Burst training workout example #2

Here is another burst training workout example I recorded in the studio. This one uses only bodyweight exercises (6 movements) but as you'll see it definitely gets the job done.

The six exercises are all done in rapid succession for the completion of one round. Recover for 60 seconds after one round then complete twice more for a total of three rounds.

Burst training for cardio aka "interval training."

While low-intensity "aerobic" exercise is beneficial for individuals starting a fitness routine it should be a stepping stone to higher level intensity workouts.

There's just no comparison on the benefits of doing higher intensity cardio workouts over longer-slow-duration aerobic workouts.

The sister to resistance burst training on the cardio side is "interval training." The same principals apply with doing short bursts of all out effort followed by a brief recovery period. To learn more about how to do interval training click on the link above.

Interval training workouts also known as "Sprint Eight" workouts are a great way to provide burst training with your cardio routines. You can complete interval training by doing any exercise that allows you to work at a high intensity (elevating your heart rate) for a short burst followed by a brief recovery period.

This can be accomplished with running, rowing, swimming, cycling, and numerous other exercises. The whole idea is to work at high intensities for short durations (typically under 60 seconds), recover at a low-intensity to let your heart rate go down (typically 90 seconds) then repeat for a total of eight intervals.

The value in these "bursts" is they can create a strong fat burning hormonal response. Low-intensity aerobic exercise simply doesn't have the same effect on boosting your hormone levels.

Research regarding the numerous benefits of burst training...

A research study released in October 2008 by the University of Virginia found that although any type of exercise is beneficial for health, high-intensity exercise is more likely to produce significant improvements in body composition.

The study involved 27 middle-aged obese women with metabolic syndrome (a group of risk factors that includes abdominal obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides and fasting glucose).

The study ran for 16 weeks and there was no diet intervention included. The women were divided into three groups.

Group #1: Seven women who did not change their activity levels.

Group #2: Eleven women who performed low-intensity exercise (walking) 5 x per week.

Group #3: Nine women who performed low-intensity exercise 2 x week (walking) and high intensity exercise (walk-running intervals) 3 x per week.

The high-intensity group lost the most total abdominal fat, subcutaneous abdominal fat and visceral abdominal fat during the 16-week exercise period.

(Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise -Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. Vol. 40, No. 11, pages 1863-1872)

Additional research studies on burst training...

"Two weeks of high-intensity aerobic interval training increases the capacity for fat oxidation during exercise in women."

"Effect of low and high intensity exercise on circulating growth hormone in men."

"Effects of exercise training on nocturnal growth hormone secretion in obese adults with metabolic syndrome."

"Impact of acute exercise intensity on growth hormone release in men"

"The exercise induced growth hormone response in athletes"

Experience the burst training difference for yourself with a FREE trial of my Charleston personal training programs...

I could go on and on about how burst training is superior to other types of exercise for achieving a body transformation but the best way is to experience it for yourself.

Sign up now for a FREE, no-obligations trial of my Charleston personal training programs with web-form at the top of this page.

We've helped hundreds of Charleston area residents lose weight and get in the best shape of their lives with this amazingly effective fitness routine and I know we can do the same for you.

I'd also encourage you to check out the success stories from our clients to see what burst training workouts have done for them.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and having you be my next success story.

Yours in health,

Shane Doll CPT, CSCS
Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios
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Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
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