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Research Studies Related To The Numerous Benefits Of Burst Training For Middle Age Adults

Reference library for frequently cited research studies associated with burst training, interval training, and metabolic resistance training for fat loss and lean muscle development...

Burst training research study example

A research study released in October 2008 by the University of Virginia found that although any type of exercise is beneficial for health, high-intensity exercise is more likely to produce significant improvements in body composition.

The study involved 27 middle-aged obese women with metabolic syndrome (a group of risk factors that includes abdominal obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides and fasting glucose).

The study ran for 16 weeks and there was no diet intervention included. The women were divided into three groups.

Group #1: Seven women who did not change their activity levels.

Group #2: Eleven women who performed low-intensity exercise (walking) 5 x per week.

Group #3: Nine women who performed low-intensity exercise 2 x week (walking) and high intensity exercise (walk-running intervals) 3 x per week.

The high-intensity group lost the most total abdominal fat, subcutaneous abdominal fat and visceral abdominal fat during the 16-week exercise period.

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise -Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine. Vol. 40, No. 11, pages 1863-1872

Additional research studies on burst training...

What follows is a listing of research studies related to burst training, interval training, and metabolic resistance training. I've spent countless hours reading through research and experimenting with various burst training principals on my personal training clients in attempts to become an expert in this area.

While there is no single form of exercise that works best for all individuals, I've found that burst principals when incorporated into a balanced fitness regiment can be especially helpful for middle-age and older adults due to the hormonal and metabolic impacts associated with it.

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