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Wild Salmon Versus Farmed Salmon – Is It Worth The Extra Money?

Health experts are always telling us that we should eat more fish, especially cold water varieties like salmon. It’s hard to argue with that as cold water fish are typically high in essential omega-3 fatty acids.

But the thing is the salmon that’s in your local grocery store or Sam’s Club may not be as healthy as you think. You have to do your homework and check the labels or ask your grocer if the salmon is “farm raised” or “wild salmon.”

While you may not think there would be a big difference, there really is. The issue at stake here is contamination with farm raised salmon.

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Wild salmon versus farmed salmon- what the research says…

A 2002 study headed by David Carpenter at the University of New York at Albany, exposed this very thing. He and his colleagues analyzed 700 farm raised and wild salmon samples to check for PCB’s, dioxins, and pesticides. The results were staggering…

Farm raised salmon had on average 20-50 parts per billion (ppb) of PCB’s

Wild salmon had on average 1-17 parts per billion (ppb) of PCB’s.

Why such the difference?

It seems farm raised salmon absorb PCB’s and other industrial chemical from the fishmeal and fish oil they’re fed. And it’s not just the contamination from harmful chemicals at stake here. When large groups of salmon are farmed in feedlot style, much like cattle, their fat and tissue composition changes.

Do you want your salmon coming from here or…

There’s not as much omega-3 fatty acids when salmon are farmed this way. So not only are we not getting all the health benefits we could be seeing from the food, there’s also the issue of long-term exposure to chemicals.

Using EPA guidelines, Carpenter advised consumers to eat farm raised salmon no more than once a month!

While the wild salmon is going to cost you a few more bucks, I think there’s little question it’s worth every penny. This is especially true if you’re going to eat it on a regular basis.

My wife loves salmon and always wants to include it in our weekly menu. I think she grows tired of me harping on whether or not it’s wild or farm raised, hopefully now she’ll see why. I often wondered how many others just randomly picked up salmon from the grocery store without even thinking about the source?

As consumers we’re told salmon is healthy, which it undoubtedly is, but it’s healthy the way nature provides it, not when man raises them in cages.

Do your homework when buying salmon and opt for wild caught only.

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