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Why Women Struggle With Metabolic Slowdown

So why is it that women¬†have a much harder time with losing weight then men do¬†as they get older? While both groups will certainly find their bodies have changed from their early twenties to their mid thirties and beyond, it’s women who¬†are much more likely to suffer from “metabolic slowdown.” If you are one of these women and want to be able to talk to other women and get their advice visit the HerBraveTaste website.

This is nothing more than a¬†series of¬†changes in the body that result in the¬†down regulation of a person’s metabolism. ¬†There are three main reasons why metabolic slowdown occurs, especially with women more so than men.

The first reason is a loss of lean muscle due to hormonal shifts (primarily testosterone decreases) along with a lack of resistance training.

The second reason is due to severe low-calorie dieting, and the third being increased cortisol production.

Yes, as you might have figured it’s all hormonal related and sorry girls you’re just more vulnerable due to the loss of testosterone. That is unless you take steps to counteract the loss and preserve lean muscle tissue (and therefore save your metabolism).

The good news is that you can begin to reverse metabolic slowdown at any age with changes in your diet, lifestyle, and exercise.

This may likely mean doing things differently than you have in the past, but it’s up to you how important the change is. Ladies, the thing is you simply can’t starve yourself or go without¬†working out like maybe you could when you¬† were in your twenties.

I know that’s not breaking news to you but it needs to be reinforced. I see¬†far too many¬†women continuing to try and starve themselves or¬†combining low calorie diets with lots of cardio only to be continually frustrated when it doesn’t work.

In reality this strategy is actually working against you! It’s making metabolic slowdown worse due to increasing cortisol production and the loss of lean muscle from being in a catabolic state.

You simply will not be successful with changing your shape until you begin to support your metabolism and your muscle with the right kind and right amount of nutrients.

This¬†means ditching the diet sodas,¬†Lean-Cuisine’s, and¬†all the¬†other “low-calorie” processed and refined garbage.¬†You need to start fueling your body off of¬†high quality lean proteins with fibrous vegetables, fruits, and fats. It’s not about the calories girls, it’s about the fuel you’re giving your body.

You can think you’re doing good by eating all the “100 calorie” flat bread sandwich slices because it’s low in calories, but¬†it reality¬†for many of you it really doesn’t matter!¬†It’s still a starch carbohydrate from grains that will get broken down to sugar.

With all the hormonal changes that occur, one of the most significant will be the decrease in¬†insulin sensitivity due to years of having a¬†poor diet that didn’t support muscle.

Low insulin sensitivity or the more advanced¬†”insulin resistance” is prevalent in one stage or the other in most all individuals struggling with weight management. Even moderate amounts of “healthy” whole grains and starchy carbohydrates¬†can keep you¬†feeling stuck with continued sugar cravings, appetite issues, energy crashes, etc.

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My point in all this is you’ll have to change the way you eat and start having a “concern for muscle”¬†by doing regular resistance training. And¬†no¬†doing¬† a few sets with those 5 lb dumbbells under your bed won’t cut it!

You need to be doing resistance training that provides a progression where you’re continuing to put the muscles under an “overload stimulus.” This just means you’ve got to work the muscles¬†hard, switch things up, and use some heavier weights on occasion.

If you don’t know how to do this or will struggle¬†on your own¬†(most likely), then I’d highly recommend getting a workout partner or seeking the help of a personal¬†fitness trainer. It’s always a good idea to receive some instruction from a fitness professional, if nothing else in the beginning¬†so you can learn proper form, technique, and what exercises to perform.

I’m not just¬†saying this because I¬†happen to be a¬† Charleston personal trainer, I’m telling you this because it’s absolutely the¬†truth. Ladies,¬†you simply can’t get away with not doing resistance workouts like you could when you were younger. I don’t make the rules…just¬†giving you the facts.

If you’re frustrated right now¬†feeling stuck with not being able to lose weight, I want to give you encouragement and hope. You can change your shape and lose weight at any age, regardless of what you’ve done in the past.

I often hear women talk about “killing their metabolism” with years of yo-yo¬†diets and¬†doing things wrong. While it’s certainly likely that¬†your metabolic rate has been down regulated, there’s always¬†the opportunity to start going the other way. You’re metabolism isn’t dead until you’re dead…so there’s always hope!

You just need to get back to the basics, understand what’s happened, and learn what you need to do to correct it. This will require you to¬†make DECISIONS and change the way you think and act¬†with regards to food, lifestyle, and exercise. But no surprises there…

Ultimately the choice is¬†yours I get it. Just know¬†you’ll like¬†it¬†a whole lot better¬†on the other side of metabolic slowdown.

Come on in, the water¬†feels great!¬†¬†Let me know if you need any help,¬†that’s what I’m here for. Talk to you soon- Shane.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. You can receive a FREE no-obligations trial to his Charleston personal training programs and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

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