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What’s Your Favorite Halloween Memory?

I have to admit Fall has always been one of my favorite times of the year. With this being Halloween weekend I get a little nostalgia thinking about the old days and what Halloween looked like as kid in the small town of East Palestine, Ohio.

Back in the days when you could trick or treat after dark without your parents and nobody worried about a thing!

I kind of feel sorry for the young kids today as it’s just not the same. Thinking back on it, maybe my parents should have gone with me as I was definitely a little bit of an outlaw back then.

For me and my buddies the trick part of “trick or treating” would start about two-three weeks before Halloween.  We’d run the streets after dark looking for a pumpkin to smash off a porch along with houses or a passing car to throw corn at.

In all my years, nobody I’ve talked to has ever heard of “corning” as we called it. I guess it was an East Palestine thing. We’d fill socks with shelled corn that we’d get from a local field and pepper everything from houses to cars in hopes of being chased.

Invariably we’d get our wish and the night would be filled with running through back alley’s and hiding behind bushes from the cops and angry homeowners.

Being bad? Yeah maybe, but it was just small town boys looking to have fun. Other than smashing some pumpkins we never really did any damage.  I assume this tradition has probably long since died out now that we’re in the era of video games and Ipad’s.

I wonder what kind of stories the young kids of East Palestine today will have to tell their children and grandchildren? The times they are a changing  that’s for sure.

What’s your favorite Halloween memory of when you were a kid? I’d love to hear your stories as well.

Hope you have a great weekend. – Shane

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts. Personal training in Charleston with a FREE no-obligations trial. Experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself today.

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