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Weight Watchers Revolt Over New Points Program

I’m regularly getting asked whether or not I like Weight Watchers and I just can’t seem to give a straight yes or no answer. Yeah sure, there are pieces of it I like but then there are other pieces I’m not so crazy about.

My opinion of their program just went up a few notches though with the announcement of changes in their points system. At the same time the word on the street is some of the faithful followers aren’t so happy about it. 

Actually some are downright mad, I’m talking seriously ticked off, and I have to admit I’m not the least bit surprised. It’s kind of amusing when you see what they’re really upset about. Here’s why they’re so up in arms over the new “Points Plus” plan.

Ok, if you’re not familiar with Weight Watchers let me break it down for you as simply as I can. Basically, foods are worth points and you’ve got so many points you can use up in a day.

You count your points, instead of counting calories and it helps you with portion control. Sounds good so far right?

We’ll here’s just one little problem. Just like with anything else, people love to “game” the system and work around the rules. For example, in the old points system, Weight Watchers assigned the same points for both an apple and a 100 calorie pack of Oreos (both being 2 points).

Anybody else other than me see a problem with this?

So you’re telling me eating a life- giving, vitamin, mineral, nutrient dense apple and a pack of refined sugar and lard mix is pretty much equal. Come on now people, everyone knows better than this.

But never-the-less, it wasn’t uncommon for some followers to save up points in their day so just they could use them up on their favorite junk foods. Then lie to themselves as they adamantly declare “I’m doing good, I’m within my points!”

The powers to be at Weight Watchers caught on to this and realized they had a problem. The core concept was still good and there are a lot of people who will testify to that. But the points system wasn’t exactly in line with teaching healthy eating habits.

Now with the new Points Plus system almost all fruits and veggies are “point free.”

This is great for the people who love to eat fruits and veggies but let’s be real. If someone was eating a predominately raw, live food diet of fruits and veggies they wouldn’t be in Weight Watchers.

I checked out some of the on-line forums and some comments were very positive, others were of people we’re whining and complaining like you wouldn’t believe.

Like children, these grown men and women were pouting with comments like….

“But I don’t like fruits and vegetables!”

“I don’t want to eat vegetables and my meeting leader can’t make me!

“This new points system makes it feel too much like a diet!”

“If I can’t have my treats anymore, I’ll quit, it’s just now worth it!”

For real people? This is where I lose all empathy and feel like a little tough love is in order, but heaven forbid if we offend somebody with the truth.

Now I’m not making light of the challenges with weight loss. I’m one who fully understands the mental and emotional components that are tied into our food choices and it’s not just about making a “simple” lifestyle change. That’s why a coach or support group is very valuable.

Having said that, we’re all responsible for our health and unless we’re not the one’s feeding ourselves, we all make our own decisions for what we eat.

Nobody can make you eat fruits and vegetables, and nor should anybody tell you what you have to do.

Not me, not your doctor, not your government, nobody! But at the same time YOU are the one that’s responsible for the outcomes either good or bad based on your choices.

I know this is a whole bigger issue and I’m getting off track.

Bottom line is I applaud the people at Weight Watchers for their changes to the points system. Even if it ticks some people off. They’re certainly moving in the right direction with teaching people about the REAL problem.

Let me summarize the whole weight loss problem up with one sentence…..are you ready?

“We’re eating the wrong foods!”

Oh, but wait a minute Shane, it’s got to be more complicated than that. Really? No, it’s pretty much just that.

Don’t believe me…try going just 30 days on a Primal Blueprint diet or better yet a raw, living food diet of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and omega-3 oils.

Then tell me how much the points, calories, portion sizes, or any of that stuff really mattered. I’ve yet to meet someone who couldn’t control their portion sizes of fruits and veggies or gained weight because they ate too much of them.

Pull out the pasteurized dairy, grains, sugars, processed and refined foods, heavy red meats, and all the other stuff loaded with pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, preservatives, additives, basically stuff that man has messed with.

We’re eating the wrong foods!

I’ll keep repeating it until it sinks in. Now believe me I’m not saying it’s evil if you eat a few Oreo cookies. When the human body is functioning the way it’s supposed to, it can handle the occasional Oreo or whatever like it was nothing.

But if the hormonal, digestive, lymphatic, and other systems of your body are bogged down from following the “Standard American Diet,” teaching moderation with the junk that’s robbing us of our health doesn’t make much sense to me.

No matter how you position it with points or whatever, some people will just choose not to eat foods that provide life and optimal health.

For those who are on the fence, just give me 30 days!

I promise you the grass is greener on the other side. What’s one month to try a new way of eating? If you added up all the days and weeks you’ve spent on various diets, 30 days would probably be a drop in the bucket.

We’re eating the wrong foods!

Sorry, I just had to throw that in there one more time. Kudos to you Weight Watchers for rewarding healthier eating habits. You’re on the right track.

Here’s a simpler plan. All raw, living foods are FREE foods. Eat as much as you’d like. Eat the other stuff in moderation (20% of the time or less) and call it a day.

If you’re sick or have health issues of any kind, go with mostly all live foods until you’re better. That’s about as simple as I can make it folks.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. You can receive a FREE no-obligations consultation and trial of his Charleston personal training programs and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

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