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Unique Words Of Wisdom To Remember On Thanksgiving

No this won’t be another post on the number of calories in a typical Thanksgiving meal or anything like that. Most of us don’t really want to know how long it will take to walk off the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie anyways.

I’m sure that information is out there somewhere, but I wanted to share a slightly different message about indulging over the holidays. After all, I don’t know about you but I’m going to be watching football after Thanksgiving dinner and not doing laps around the block.

When I sat down to think about what to write for this week’s blog post, I pondered on what I could share from a bigger picture perspective.

What popped into my head was a unique saying that my father used to tell me.

This was a line I typically heard as I was headed out the door in my younger years on a Friday or Saturday night when he knew I’d probably be up to no good.

It went like this….

“Remember boy, blowing it out is for amateurs.”

I don’t know why but that’s always stuck with me. Granted, I didn’t always listen to that advice, but then I usually regretted it later. The older I get the more I realize, those really were words of wisdom to live by.

You see what I think Dad was trying to teach me was the benefit in mastering the practice of moderation. The idea of knowing your limits and being disciplined enough to live within them.

When we’re young we don’t always have a good grasp of this. And yes that typically leads to dumb decisions and what could’ve been avoidable pain.

Well you probably can see where I’m going with this…

On Thanksgiving Day we’re going to have lots of food and indulgences in front of us and we’ll each have a personal decision to make.

Will it be enjoying those things in moderation or consuming in excess with later regret?

The choice will be yours.

Yes with moderation comes a certain amount of discipline. It’s called knowing when to say when. But it’s a discipline that pays big dividends.

Think about what it’ll be like to not have guilt following these next few days. To not feel bloated, hung-over, and everything else that comes with over-indulgence.

Taking a break from our regular workout and eating routines is by no means a bad thing. Personally, I’ve found benefit in doing this very thing on occasion. Holidays are a perfect time because you’ll likely be out of your norm anyways.

Rest up, enjoy that time with friends, family, and yes some good food. Just know your limits and keep a mindset of moderation.

Then when it’s all over, you get right back after it and return to your regular routines.

That’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

Whatever you do and wherever you go this Thanksgiving, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. May God bless you and your family. Let’s not forget to give thanks and remember what this holiday is all about.

Shane Doll CPT, CSCS is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts. With a staff of over 10 certified fitness professionals, Shaping Concepts provides personal fitness training in Charleston with a specialty on weight loss and body transformation for middle age adults. Sign up today for a no obligations consultation.

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