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TheraCane Versus Backnobber For Pressure Point Relief Of Tight Muscles

Today I’ve got two different options for a really cool device I found a while back for providing therapeutic massage to those tight and achy muscles on pressure points, all by yourself!

While these tools may not be putting massage therapists or Active Release Specialists (ART) out of work anytime soon, they sure are great gadgets to have at your disposal. Gian Franco, an Adelaide Western Suburbs based remedial masseur notes that a sports massage expert can help reduce downtime and get more sports players back onto the field.

Sure it’s great going to a specialist, but let’s face it that’s not something you’re going to do on a daily basis. When you feel tight and in pain from a long day at work, doing chores outside, or after a tough workout, etc, it sure would be nice to get some instant relief. Well now you can, Chiro is often used to manage neck pain

Learn more about the TherCane and Backnobber.

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I first stumbled across the TheraCane from a recommendation given to me by a fellow fitness professional on how he provides psoas release to his personal training clients. He raved about this device working like magic on his clients so I figured I’d give it a try.

Wow, was he ever right! It worked like a champ and provided a release on muscles that are often hard to reach with stretching and self-myofascial release on a foam roller.

The secret in how this little gadget works lies in the hard plastic round balls strategically placed on the cane to hit pressure points when simple leverage is used.

Here’s a video of strength and conditioning expert Joe DeFranco demonstrating how to use the TheraCane for psoas release.

Click here to learn more about the TheraCane.

Click here to purchase the TheraCane from


The Backknobber is a similar device although it does have some unique differences. A friend of mine e-mailed me about this tool and said he really found it to be helpful.

While the design of the Backknobber does give it some limitations on the different muscles you can use it on, it’s still very effective for the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back.

The one nice thing about this device however, is that it breaks down into two pieces making it ideal for travel purposes.

See image below for how it breaks down:

Click here to learn more about the Backnobber.

Click here to purchase the Backnobber from

Comparing the TheraCane versus the Backnobber

While I must admit, I LOVE both of these devices, you’ll want to consider what your primary needs are before making a purchase. Or you can do what I did and pick up one of each!

The TheraCane gets the nod for a more functional and complete tool to use across the body on various pressure points. The edge here is due to the design. There are simply more strategically placed round knobs on the device along with more ways to provide leverage.

When looking to get release on a tight psoas for example, the TheraCane comes out on top. For shoulder, neck, and back release, the two devices work equally well.

For travel purposes, the Backnobber gets the edge due to it’s ability to be broken down and easily store in a suitcase or travel bag.

At less than 40 bucks for either device, they’re both a great investment.

The secret behind their effectiveness lies in the use of the hard plastic round knobs that work to apply therapeutic massage to pressure points. Think along the lines of what a massage therapist would be able to do with deep pressure.

Unlike traditional stretching, this provides a “release” on muscles that are locked down and impeding movement.

From a usability standpoint, it does take some practice to learn how to hit the pressure points, but they’re both very simple and easy to use.

Both devices get two thumbs up from my review and I highly recommend them.

Shane Doll is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Charleston, you can receive a no-obligations personal training trial and consultation without risking a dime. Over 1000 Charleston area residents have transformed their bodies following our unique burst training workouts and simplified nutrition programs. Experience the Shaping Concepts difference today.

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