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The Three Most Common Reasons People Fail With Weight Loss

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to lose weight only to fail time and time again I understand your pain. There are few things more frustrating than really trying to stick with a diet plan only to see the scale stuck on a number that won’t budge.

Over the years as a fitness coach and personal trainer I’ve discovered there are three main reasons why most people blow it. I’m going to share with you what these three reasons are and how to finally lose the weight you want once and for all.

The reality is most people blow it with weight loss attempts. It’s true so you’ve got nothing to hang your head about if you’ve tried and tried again to no avail. Chances are you’ve made one or more of these mistakes.

But you don’t want to be like most people anymore. You may however feel tempted to find comfort among the masses. You’re certainly not alone if you resign yourself to the crowd that says “I tried.”

There are lots of excuses. You might have been diagnosed with a “condition.” Perhaps you blame your thyroid, your parents, your hormones, your spouse, whatever. Perhaps your family doesn’t enjoy “healthy foods” or your job requires that you eat on the run.

If you want to wallow in those excuses, far be it from me to challenge you. All I ask is that you accept that you’re making a choice.

I’ll make a promise though. You can be better. If you want to be better, it’s in your ability to do so.

I know you can, only because I understand the human body. I understand metabolism. I understand the process of positive physical change. If you want to gain some new momentum and kick the excuses to the curb pay attention to what follows.

The three most commons mistakes that cause people to blow it with weight loss attempts

There are three massive mistakes that I see time and time again with people who fail to see the weight loss they desire.

1. They fail to eat enough and thereby create metabolic slowdown making fat loss come to a screeching halt.

2. They exercise the wrong way and don’t know the best way to burn fat through hormonal responses.

3. They have faulty expectations, accept absurd beliefs that something is supposed to change in the blink of an eye, and if they do in fact find a valid program, they fail to recognize the milestones and decide it didn’t work way too early.

If any of those sound familiar let’s dig a little deeper.

Imagine yourself in a hammock . . .

Now don’t fall asleep on me, just picture yourself in the hammock. Now let’s consider that due to organ function, digestion, and resting metabolic rate to maintain bodily functions, you’d burn 1200 calories in a 24 hour period. Doing nothing, just hanging out in your hammock chilling. Keep in mind that you’re doing absolutely nothing, just lying there.

If you’re going to sustain metabolic requirements on days that you’re not in a hammock (exercising, working, running errands, etc) you’ll have to consume OVER 1200 calories or you won’t be supporting your metabolism.

Now, let’s suppose you decide you’re going to go on a diet and cut back to consuming only 800 calories a day. Will you be able to function? Sure, your body being absent of the energy density it needs from food will opt to create fuel from amino acids, and after a short while, it will consume muscle tissue as energy.

That’s a win only if your goal is survival because the reduction in muscle reduces caloric need. But if you’re trying to lose fat, losing muscle is a very, very bad thing.

In addition, your endocrine system will work to avoid starvation by adjusting production of thyroid hormones and slowing metabolism. Eventually, you’ll reset your metabolic thermostat so with a slower metabolism, you’ll become efficient at surviving on 800 calories.

Sooner or later you’ll go back to eating more and the extra calories will result in fat storage due to the slower metabolism. Can you say “yo-yo dieting?”

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What does all of this mean?

It simply means a calorie restrictive diet is NOT going to be a solution if long term healthful fat loss is the end goal. Soup diets, lemon juice diets, low-calorie shake diets, and appetite suppressants or drugs all work against the human body’s innate ability to “burn through” food efficiently.

Extensive and extended calorie reduction will almost always lead to short term weight loss followed by not only a rebound in weight but also a decline in metabolic efficiency.

Ideally, someone seeking fat loss will consume frequent smaller meals with a combination of lean proteins, natural slow-release carbohydrates like fresh fruits and vegetables, along with healthy omega-3 fats.

You’ll want to follow what’s called a Primal Blueprint Diet. It’s actually not a diet, just a way of eating that incorporates whole, natural foods, instead of heavy sugars and starches.

This includes the so called “low calorie” diet foods that are processed and refined. They’re all part of the problem. The only sure fire way to optimal health and natural weight loss is through eating God’s foods.

Most people who come to understand the “synergy” that combines supportive eating with the right type of exercise are initially shocked by the volume of food they consume as they lose fat.

The most valuable supplement for most people trying to make the shift to supportive nutrition I’ve found is a meal replacement shake. When you don’t have the appetite (due to a slowed metabolism) eating a lot of whole foods can certainly be problematic.

The solution is drinking some of those nutrients and calories in addition to whole foods. My two favorite meal replacement shakes are the Advocare meal replacement shake and Optimum Gold Meal shake.

Maybe you’ve been with me for some time. Maybe you attended one of my seminars. Maybe you’ve heard this before.

Good. If it didn’t sink in yet, and you “blew it,” unblow it! Apply it now, and know that supportive eating is only one of three pieces of the synergy.

That leads to mistake #2 with doing the wrong type of exercise. Click on the following and visit to find out various natural supplements which can help you lose weight the natural way in no time.

Mistake #2 Why People Fail With Weight Loss: Doing The Wrong Type Of Exercise…

While any exercise is better than sitting on the couch, the right type of exercise makes all the difference.

I know it flies in the face of convention but doing less exercise can actually be more productive if you do it the right way. I see the best results from clients who do exercise in short bursts of high intensity effort. 20-30 minutes with this type of exercise can be far more productive than spending an hour or more on the treadmill.

I refer to this as “burst training” and it’s so effective because it activates the “fight or flight” systems that amplify the production of catecholamines. These are hormones that trigger a release of fat as “fuel.”

The short sessions allow for individuals with active lives and fair amounts of stress to recuperate adequately. Long duration frequent intense workout may require a full 8 hours of sleep and a sufficient management of stress to allow for an optimal internal environment for fat release and health.

You may have heard me say before there are three pieces to the synergistic process that works for fat loss. The first piece being supportive eating, the second piece being burst training exercise, and the third part is a concern for muscle.

Why resistance training is essential for fat loss

With resistance training most of those who try and fail do far too much. The resistance portion of my Charleston personal training programs are only 30 minutes in duration. That’s more than enough when you’re applying the burst training principals. Is this conventional? No. Effective? You bet.

That leaves us with one more mistake to explore . . .

Mistake #3 Why People Fail With Weight Loss: False Expectations and Failure to Follow Through…

The explosion of diets over the past decade and the emergence of fitness magazines, websites, infomercials, and supplement ads have contributed to the blaring repetition of an all-too-familiar theme. “It’s quick.”

Stimulants, appetite suppressants, drugs, and extremes have reinforced the illusion, and the tricks that lead to rapid loss of pounds are the same hazards that lead to a sense that the program “stopped working.”

Quick weight loss is always going to be water loss, and continued quick weight loss is going to almost always include loss of muscle. Quick muscle gain using prohormones or anabolic drugs are almost always going to be short-lived or, reliance upon hormone and drugs may cause lasting compromise of the endocrine system.

Because people “see” quick results, they believe they too should achieve dramatic change in unreasonably short time periods. 30 days is enough time to see improvement, 12 weeks is enough to show dramatic change. Of course, the time period only leads to dramatic results if the approach is sound and if the synergy of positive physical change is respected and employed.

If you made it this far, I know you’re in touch with your sense of want, and now you have a bit of new information. If you’ve been plagued by one of more of the mistakes, you need only to make some shifts to move toward the betterment you want for.

I’m here to help. The strategies you’ve just learned make up the foundation of my Charleston personal training programs. Whether you opt for the Fitter-You 1-1 personal training program, the Trim in 12 body transformation program, Next Step weight loss program, boot camp, or any of our service, the ANSWER to your weight loss troubles lies in using a sound strategy for long-term results.

Betterment begins when you accept new possibility and take a step forward with a time tested strategy for physical change. Put excuses to bed, allow the past to be the road that led you here, and get started on a program that can take you to body you’ve always desired.

You can get started on one of my Charleston personal training programs completely risk free with a no-obligations trial. I encourage you to come meet with myself of one of my coaches to learn more about how you can make the change.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. You can receive a free no-obligations trial of his Charleston personal training program and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

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