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The Gabriel Method: Emotional Obesity

I’ve been on record before advocating “The Gabriel Method” and I’ll continue to say if you’re serious about losing weight you MUST read this book.

If you’ve not heard of this book yet you’re not alone, either did I until about a month ago.

But trust me it’s one of the best resources you’ll find on weight loss.

The book will help you understand why your thoughts and beliefs are probably the main reason why you’re NOT losing weight.

The mind-body connection has to be the single most overlooked area in weight loss hands down…

I highly recommend that it should be your starting point for learning how to lose weight. Yes, I said “learn how” to lose weight. This is very important.

You simply have to understand how your body burns fat and what things can be obstacles in that process if you want to be successful. It’s only once you’ve learned how to identify these obstacles that you can then begin to overcome them.

In chapter 3 of “The Gabriel Method“, author Jon Gabriel talks about a concept called “mental obesity.” This is nothing more than thoughts that either cause you to gain weight or keep you from losing it.

These thoughts are extremely powerful and ultimately determine whether you’ll be successful or not.

I know it sounds simplistic but if you think you’re fat…you’ll stay fat. I don’t care how much you try to make changes with your diet and exercise. We’ve all heard stories of how powerful your thoughts are, but the author shares an interesting story that’s worth sharing with you.

Strange but true!

The story goes like this…there was a railroad worker who admitted to having a huge fear of accidentally being locked in one of the refrigerated rail cars on the job and freezing to death. He thought about it often and it really worried him.

Well sure enough one day found himself locked in one of the refrigerated cars by accident. He just knew that he was doomed to the very death he feared so much and decided to sit down and write his daughter a farewell letter. It was in this very letter that he reiterated that he was “always” afraid of this dreadful fate.

Well sure as shooting, the next morning they found him in the rail car deader than a doornail. The corner’s report indicated that he had indeed froze to death.

The only problem was that the refrigeration in the car wasn’t turned on that night! The man froze to death because he believed he would freeze to death. Crazy but true.

Turn on your fat burning switches in your mind first…

Well if your thoughts are powerful enough to manifest death it’s not hard to see how they can activate or deactivate your fat burning switches. I know this sounds like a Tony Robbins talk but trust me this stuff is real.

If you see yourself as being fat you convince your subconscious thoughts to accept this as a reality. In other words if you believe something is difficult or impossible to accomplish you shut yourself off from the possibilities of it happening.

The harder you think losing weight is to accomplish, the harder it will become.

Remove the mental obesity first before trying to lose body fat…

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully in the past to lose weight and found yourself frustrated and discouraged, chances are you’ve developed these negative beliefs.

If you believe that weight loss is difficult, for whatever reason, you’ve developed what the author calls “mental obesity.”

Your primary objective will be to shift these thoughts so you can allow your body to align itself with your thoughts of being thin.

Your previous weight loss failures were NOT your fault!

Believe me when I tell you that losing weight is not that difficult. You simply have to go about it the right way. Up until now your previous failures with weight loss we’re not your fault. You’ve just been going about it the wrong way.

That’s why diets have such a miserable success rate. You can’t apply a proven ineffective technique and expect to see good results.

The author gives a great analogy that every time you stick your hand in a fire, you’ll get burned. And every time you try to lose weight by violating your body’s natural logic, it will fight you all the way. I couldn’t agree with him more because I’ve seen it time and time again.

A common trait in all my most successful clients…

We’ve had some amazing success stories at Shaping Concepts with clients losing significant amounts of body fat.

There’s several instances where I’ve seen weight loss of 100 pounds or more. But with almost every success story, I found a common thread among the most successful clients. They all had a strong belief that they could and would lose the weight. It was only a matter of when.

To be completely honest the flip side is also true and I don’t try to hide that fact. There are many people who have come through my programs and failed to reach their potential.

I realized some time ago that all the instruction, coaching, and accountability in the world can’t make up for faulty belief systems ingrained in a client’s psyche. The information and instruction only works when it’s applied with the right mindset.

I’m making it a personal goal to provide more instruction and coaching on this subject for you because I’ve learned just how truly invaluable it really is.

I would encourage you to go get “The Gabriel Method” and read it as your starting point for change. I’ll keep writing to you about the principals for reinforcement and together I know you can achieve the weight loss goals you’ve been desiring.

Please leave me your comments and hit me up with any questions you may have. I’m always happy to help in any way. Have faith and belief in yourself that you can make it happen and it will.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. You can receive a FREE, no-obligations trail of his personal training programs and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

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