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The Dark Secret Of Cosmetic Weight Loss Surgery

A multi-million dollar weight loss industry pushes pills, fad diets, and other quick fixes all promising you a solution to a body transformation. Of all the weight loss options the most controversial and arguably the riskiest is cosmetic weight loss surgery.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery you’ll be well advised to consider the risk factors and potential negative consequences. A recent story in the USA today this week spotlighted a little known dark secret in this industry where doctors who aren’t board certified are performing surgeries.

A lack of training and safety precautions has sadly led to the unnecessary death in numerous patients across the country. Most of these stories are kept under cover by an industry vowing to protect lucrative profits but expect to hear more about it now that it’s being exposed.

The loophole in cosmetic weight loss surgery

The inherent problem lies in lax state laws governing office-based surgeries. Many doctors feeling the pinch of ever-changing health care policies are turning their attention to cosmetic procedures which provide much more favorable cash-flows.

The level of training required to perform office-based procedures varies so much that in many states doctors can be free to perform cosmetic weight loss procedures after only a weekend of observing other doctors.

It’s totally insane as doctors trained in vision, dentistry, or obstetrics are now doing tummy tucks and liposuction!

Getting weight loss through surgery is a personal choice. Some people do it to look good and others do it to improve their health condition. Hence websites like the Sculpt Studio perth are helping people achieve their goals by providing them with the best sculpt surgery, so that they can look good and improve their overall confidence. There is a huge niche being filled by these doctors offering “discounted surgeries” to people eager to line up for an alternative to high priced plastic surgeons or hospital procedures. Since weight loss surgeries are still considered “cosmetic” by most health insurers, people are looking outside of their primary care providers for options.

Don’t expect this problem to go away anytime soon until states tighten their regulations. This is such a lucrative business that many doctors take the gamble of getting their license to practice stripped in return for huge profits.

How uncertainty with government health care policy is leading many doctors to search for other sources of income.

Cosmetic weight loss surgeries are cash-cow businesses where doctors can literally make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year without ever dealing with Medicare or government red tape.

Add to that the concern that many doctors have with where insurance is going with reimbursements for medical care. If you are getting any sort of medical treatment you definitely need an insurance, and according to this source , you can find insurances whcih has great policies.

Everything is up in the air right now with Obama Care and a lot physicians are simply looking for a back up plan.

This isn’t an isolated problem with a few shady doctors opening up clinics in back alleys. We’re talking about doctors who have practiced for years in other specialties turning to cosmetic surgery as a safety net. The problem is in the loopholes that allow them to practice “across the board” with very little training or certification.

California is one state that tightened its laws after media publicity when rapper Kanye West’s mother Donda West, died following surgery in 2007 by a plastic surgeon who was not board certified. The state now requires patients to get a physical exam and written clearance from a doctor before cosmetic surgery.

When cosmetic weight loss surgery turns deadly

In the USA today story that spotlighted several deaths from cosmetic weight loss surgery, one of the most significant risk factors was from an overdose of lidocaine, a local anesthetic. This anesthetic is often injected along with a saline solution to block pain and slow bleeding at the incision.

Too much lidocaine can interfere with brain waves and affect the way the heart pumps, leading to potentially life threatening problems. The reason that many of these doctors are using lidocaine is because they aren’t allowed to offer general anesthesia and put people out.

Thinking through the pros and cons of cosmetic weight loss surgery

Anyway you look at it there are going to be risks with any invasive surgery. You can look to minimize your risks by doing your homework when choosing a cosmetic surgeon, but you have to ask yourself will it be worth it? When you are even considering this you need a surgeon who is well experienced and can make the best decesions to keep you out of harms way. Dr Randle Plastic Surgeon is the one you should turn to.

Not only do you have the risks with the actual procedure but there are things like post surgery depression and other possible negative consequences nobody seems to talk about.

Now I don’t necessarily have a problem with all cosmetic surgery, it all depends on the reasons and of course where you’re having the procedure done. For instances where a person has lost a considerable amount of weight through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, cosmetic surgery is the only viable option to deal with excess loose skin.

This is a whole different situation though compared to going in for liposuction to remove excess body fat. If you haven’t done anything to change your diet and exercise habits, the fat can reappear in other parts of your body.

I’ve seen horrific examples of people storing large amounts of fat in their upper back and other parts of their body where you wouldn’t expect to see fat stores, only months after a liposuction procedure.

Short-term solution or lifestyle changes…the choice is yours

The bottom line is there simply is no true shortcut to achieving the body you desire. If you are overweight it’s simply because your body is not in balance. Whether the problem is diet, exercise, hormones, medications, or any combination of factors, the only real long-term solution is putting your body back in balance. This is going to require lifestyle change plain and simple.

Hiring a personal trainer can be a much safer and more effective means of losing weight, not to mention help you with changing lifestyle habits. Weight loss does not always equate to health. Weight loss surgery can provide a short-term solution but it does nothing to help teach you how to be healthy.

My recommendation is to always start with lifestyle changes with diet and exercise first. Seek the help of a certified Charleston personal trainer, support partner, or group that can assist you with making these changes so you’re not going it alone.

The temptation for the quick fix will always be there and who knows what will come next from an industry that will continue to have no problem finding a demand for their products and services from the general public.

New laws and regulations are undoubtedly on the way but where there’s lots of money to be made there will always be some doctors willing to take the risk. If you’re considering cosmetic weight loss surgery I hope that this article made you think about the big picture if nothing else.

At the end of the day your health is your biggest priority. Your decision to have surgery, regardless of the type and who’s doing it, should always be well thought out with the big picture in mind. There will always be risks with any invasive procedure, there’s no getting around it.

If you’d ever like to talk through the pros and cons of any weight loss option I’m always here for you. Like I mentioned earlier every situation is different so sometimes it’s just good to get another opinion. Let me know if I ever can be of assistance.

To read more about this story as reported in the USA Today click on the following link: Lack of training can be deadly in cosmetic surgery.

Talk to you soon- Shane

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts. With a staff of over 10 certified fitness professionals, Shaping Concepts provides personal fitness training in Charleston with a specialty on weight loss and body transformation. You can receive a FREE, no-obligations (2) session personal training trial and consultation to experience the difference for yourself.

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