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Surprise…Surprise Toxic Gene Uncovered In Genetically Modified Crops

Don’t expect to hear this on the nightly news anytime soon for reasons that should be obvious for anyone awake and paying attention to the inherent connection of mega-corporations, big government, and all parties political or other promoting “globalism.”

We’ve been told for the past decade that we have “nothing to fear” regarding genetically modified crops. All is safe folks, any concern or questioning over altering the genes of plants is just radicalism and crazy talk.

And why not negate and vilify anyone who questions GM crops, the powers at be know that everyone else is asleep anyways. Well I for one have long held concern over what the heck is happening to our food sources.

When wheat crops used to be 3-4 foot high and now they’re on average 18 inches, that gets my attention.

When you do some homework and see that the mega-corporation Monsanto (manufacturer of “Round Up”) is part of the money trail with GMO crops, yeah that raises my eyebrows a little.

Do we really think there’s not “some” cause for concern and questioning when we’re altering the genes of crops to withstand spraying with toxins that kills all the other plant growth and weeds with ease?

Yeah, and DDT was supposed to be safe when that practice started back in the day too. Turns out those we were told to “trust” got that one wrong.

Look, all I know is that something just doesn’t sit right in my gut.

Maybe genetically modifying crops is a helpful use of science and technology to support global food production that’s 100% safe and won’t negatively impact humans.

Then again maybe, just maybe, there’s some inherent risks with messing with God’s work.

Well here’s the latest breaking news for what it’s worth. The Daily Mail in the UK just reported on a story where a European Union watchdog revealed approval for GM food failed to identify a potentially poisonous gene.

An independent study revealed that 54 out of 86 genetically modified plants approved for commercial crops in the US, including corn and soy, contain this viral gene known as “Gene VI.”

The researchers concluded that the viral gene may result in unintended phenotypic changes to the plant, like the creation of certain proteins that may be toxic to humans.

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It appears that the presence of this viral gene was missed by biotech companies and government regulators. Or then again maybe it wasn’t missed, just not reported. Or in all fairness, maybe they identified it and concluded there would be no harm to humans.

What’s really the long-term risks with consuming foods from GMO crops?

We’ll I guess that depends on who you ask, but I wonder how either side can be so confident they’re right.

What if the implications aren’t fully understood yet? There may not be a clear correlation between genetically modified crops causing immediate harm, but what if there are cumulative effects on health or problems that only begin to surface over time?

Of course expect to hear a strong campaign and retort by all parties with a vested interest in GMO crops, that despite this latest study, there’s still no evidence that the food causes harm.

But is there health monitoring and studies being conducted to determine that it for sure won’t? If so who is paying the money to fund it and is it in their best interests?

All I know is this…the general public should have the right to raise concerns and question the practice of genetic modification, in anything, plants or animals.

I don’t pretend to hold the answers. I’m just a common man who gets suspicious when I hear words like “complete nonsense” being used to describe the questioning of genetic modification by the folks.

You may or may not agree with me and that’s all fine and dandy. I just want more people to be aware of genetic modification so as public awareness increases so to will the pressure on the powers that be to prove their case.

When most are asleep, the checks and balances get pushed aside. I don’t ever underestimate greed and power. And trust is a word I’ll reserve for my God and not governments or corporations.

Shane Doll is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios in Charleston, SC.

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