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Study Shows Eating Eggs For Breakfast Increases Weight Loss

I recently found some interesting research regarding eggs and weight loss while I was compiling references for a project in the works. It appears all this fear mongering about eggs being bad for you, that they cause high cholesterol, heart disease, and the like is simply not true.

I’ve long contended this was nothing more than a bunch of B.S. pitched in part of the “saturated fat is evil” campaign that started some twenty odd years ago.

Eggs contained saturated fat, therefore they’re bad for you and should be eliminated from the diet.

Oh, ok really? And what should we be replacing them with in our diet oh expert guardians of our health?

The answer was more grains, in fact lots of them. According to the previous USDA food pyramid we were advised to consume 8-11 servings of grain per day.

I won’t get into my rant right now on the real reason I believe this dogma was being pushed for the sake of staying on point with our discussion. All I’ll say is how well has this advice been working out?

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I can’t tell you how many weight loss clients I’ve consulted with over the years who informed me their doctor recommended they stop eating eggs and switch to whole grain cereal instead. Of course they were also prescribed statin drugs to fix their cholesterol problems.

Only recently have we learned of the downsides with long term use of statin drugs. For mainstream medicine the “fix” continues to be a drug of some sort which invariably never really treats the root cause of the problem.

What’s always baffled me was why overweight individuals have been told to increase grain consumption when poor insulin sensitivity was likely a leading cause of weight gain and high cholesterol in the first place.

This is not to say that whole grains are inherently bad for you either, it’s just that telling people to eat more cereal, whole wheat bread, etc, when they’re trying to lose weight doesn’t always work so hot.

Sure high fiber foods are very beneficial in controlling blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity for weight loss. But you don’t have to rely on grains exclusively to get in more fiber.

The best “one-two punch” for weight loss is combining protein with high fiber foods. This increases the rate of thermogenesis, controls blood sugar spikes, and also helps with satiation (making you feel fuller longer).

What’s a perfect example of this from a breakfast meal option?

How about…

- Eggs

- High fiber and low glycemic fruits like berries

- And perhaps a handful of raw almonds

This is one of my favorite breakfast choices for all the reasons I just mentioned above. And no I’m not talking about egg whites, but rather eating the whole egg, yolks and all.

Eggs are perhaps the best source of protein on the planet although many individuals pushing vegan lifestyles try to argue otherwise. They contain all essential amino acids, are not acidic to the body, and provide a wide array of vitamins and minerals.

I could go on and on about the benefits of eating eggs, but let me cut to the chase on the research I found regarding egg consumption and weight loss.

In a 2008 study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that eating to eggs for breakfast, as part of a reduced calorie diet, helped overweight adults lose more weight and feel more energetic than those who consumed a bagel of equal calories.

[1] Vanderwal JS et al , et al. Egg breakfast enhances weight loss. Int J of Obesity, published online on August 5, 2008.

In fact, the individuals in the study who consumed eggs instead of the bagel lost 65% more weight and exhibited a 61% greater reduction in BMI.

One of the main reasons for this as speculated by the researchers was that eggs helped the dieter eat fewer calories at the following meal.

How could that be? The reason is they didn’t experience a spike a blood sugar levels which often accompanies a carbohydrate based meal.

Think about this for a second with your own experience as a guide. What typically happens when you eat a lot of carbs say from a breakfast with a stack of pancakes, a bagel, etc?

You get hungry shortly thereafter, right? This all goes back to the hormonal responses from the meal.

Not surprisingly this leads you to eat more calories at the next meal or snack more frequently between meals.

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The breakfast example I provided you with eggs, berries, and raw almonds, is even better than eating eggs by themselves. Why is that? Because this provides that combination of protein and fiber.

While there are many breakfast options for getting protein plus fiber, check out my Lean Code Method Quick Start Nutrition Guide, there’s little doubt in my mind this is a bona-fide secret for weight loss.

There’s simply no other food combination that can have as much impact on metabolism, satiation, and energy levels than protein plus fiber.

Most overweight individuals look to merely cut calories with little regard to the number of actual macronutrients or substrates (carbs, proteins, or fats) that they’re consuming.

Low calorie AND low carb diets fail miserably because you’re always hungry. It’s simply too hard to stick with the diet. Increasing your protein and fiber consumption can help big time with hunger while also allowing you to consume fewer calories.

Eggs are far from the problem. In fact, they’re part of the solution in my book. If you’re looking to lose weight I’d highly recommend adding eggs to your breakfast meal options.

When you do my last bit of advice is to make sure and buy the best eggs you can. It’s definitely worth the extra buck or two a dozen. Free range eggs from chickens that weren’t stuffed in pens and shot full of antibiotics are so much better for you.

Much like with grass fed beef over grain fed beef, free range eggs are significantly higher in omega-3 content than the mass produced commercial varieties.

Shane Doll is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Charleston, you can receive a no-obligations personal training trial and consultation without risking a dime. Over 1000 Charleston area residents have transformed their bodies following our unique burst training workouts and simplified nutrition programs. Experience the Shaping Concepts difference today.

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