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Why Consider Elliptical Trainers

“You have got to get an elliptical trainer!” is what my friend of 15 years said after I had my first encounter with heart attack. I’m a 65-year old man who hasn’t felt the need to buy an exercise equipment her entire life.

I think that exercising is a waste of time, because I’m getting all the physical exertion that I need from going up and down the house while I was raising my kids.

Turned out exercising while you were still young could have saved me from having a heart attack at what I consider to be a pretty young age.

My first mild heart attack, surprisingly while I wasn’t doing anything stressful. It was a particularly lazy day when all I had to do was pick up the desert that my friend ordered from the bakeshop so she can serve it during one of our group meetings in the community.

As soon as I entered the door, I felt that feeling of cold sweat. The sheer smell of it makes me feel sick, and if you feel the same, I insist you get an energy efficient dehumidifier for your basement and home as well.


Thinking that it was nausea or the humidity in the room from being closed up for quite a long time, I put down the package I was holding to open the windows and air things out.

That was when I almost slipped to the floor because I had to clutch my chest from the pain which shot – seemingly literally – from my upper arm to my heart.

Thankfully, a neighbor who was watering her lawn saw my obvious distress from the window – so he came over to help. The next thing I knew, my friend was resting by my side on the hospital bed, informing me that I had a heart attack – and the elliptical trainer is something that I absolutely must have.

It coincided with the doctor’s orders for me to boost my heart’s strength through exercise, so we went ahead and did it. We went elliptical trainers shopping.

My friend advised me that I shouldn’t use my bargain hunting instincts this time. Sure, there may be a less than $800 deal in some huge department store chain, but after regularly using the equipment for a month or so, the elliptical trainer might give up on me.

So we went to a specialty shop and checked out the mid-range to high-end elliptical trainers. To my delight, there were a lot of models with great features that I can select from. I settled for one which will allow me to read while working out.

Surprisingly, elliptical trainers are a lot easier to use than a regular treadmill because the movements would not put too much of a strain on your joints. And the best thing about it is that purchasing the elliptical trainers would boost my heart’s strength, so that it can keep another attack from coming.

My friend and I settled for a great model of an elliptical trainer with the works and when she comes over, she uses it, too. The trainer that she has at home is an older model. As my friend and I took turns at using the elliptical trainer, I knew that I was working out for the benefit of my heart.

I don’t know when or if another heart attack will happen. But while it hasn’t knocked on my doorstep yet, I can thankfully keep a second attack at bay with the help of an elliptical trainer, sprinkled with a lot of will and determination to live through the experience of my first heart attack.

Kurt M. Ontiveros writes for a blog focused on his heart attack story to help people understand how and why they should train for heart attack prevention.

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