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Secrets To Getting A Trimmer Waistline

Ok ladies so you want to get a flat, firm tummy and slimmer waistline. I’ve got great news. I’m going to help you do just that without wasting your time on crunches or other ineffective exercises.

But wait a minute; I thought crunches were the best exercise for your abs? Truth be known, crunches are last on my list of exercises you should do for your waistline.

Never do a single crunch again and have the best midsection of your life if you follow some simple guidelines.

If you want to have a firm, flat stomach you need to do two things.

Number one, you must remove the layer of fat covering up your abdominal muscles. You’ll never see the benefits of all your hard work if you’ve got a layer of fat covering up your abs.

Number two; you must work your core muscles with integration exercises and not isolation exercises. I’ll give you some examples of integration exercises later in the article.

Here’s the first of many reasons why crunches won’t work for getting a trimmer waistline…

If you want to remove fat from your midsection you must burn it for fuel. The only place fat can be used for fuel is in a muscle cell. Your abdominal muscles are relatively small and require very little energy for contractions.

This means they simply cannot burn that much fat for fuel no matter how hard you work them. If you want to lose fat from your waistline, I recommend you do more squats, lunges, rows and other exercises that will burn more calories.

The more you work the larger muscle groups of your body the more fat you’ll burn from your waistline…

Two other important points is you must be eating something small every 3-4 hours using supportive nutrition principles and doing a minimum of thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise five days a week. This is essential to improving your body’s ability to burn fat.

Ab exercises alone will never produce the results you’re looking for unless you combine them with supportive nutrition, cardiovascular and resistance training exercise.

Like I mentioned earlier, the best exercises for your abs are ones that integrate instead of isolate. Some of my favorites include medicine ball chops, planks, band rotations, leg raises, stability ball knee tucks and cable wood chops to name a few.

The primary responsibility of your abdominals is to stabilize your pelvis during movements in which you rotate, flex or extend from the hips.

The crunch helps with none of these and is an unnatural movement. The muscles in your body work together as links in one big kinetic chain. Ever notice how yoga instructors often have great waistlines but never do crunches. That’s because they’re regularly working their body in multiple planes of motion with integration and not isolation.

The bottom line is forget the machines in your local health club, using the Ab Lounger or some other gimmick you’ve seen on TV or doing endless crunches in search of that toned, trim and tight tummy. They simply won’t work.

Consult the assistance of a fitness professional who can demonstrate for you a variety of the most effective exercises for that flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

I’ve also put together a DVD exclusively for women entitled “How To Get A Flat Stomach In 30 Days,” that provides four weeks of workout progressions using little known exercises with a few simple peices of functional training equipment.

Best of all the workouts can be done right in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to go to a gym or buy expensive equipment to get the firmer, trimmer, sexier waistline you’ve always wanted. Learn more about my DVD by clicking the link above.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, author and founder of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios. Learn how you can receive a FREE no obligations trial of his Charleston personal training programs. You can also check out the video library for hundreds of functional and strength training exercises.

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