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The One Secret To Success We Can All Learn From Elite Level Bodybuilders

Recently a friend forwarded me a link to a Youtube video on bodybuilding that he found motivating and inspiring. When I watched the video something jumped out to me.

It was a lesson, not on bodybuilding mind you, but rather on how to achieve the body you desire or for that matter anything in life.

In fact, this post isn’t really about bodybuilding. I want you to keep an open mind as you read this post and put any of your preexisting perceptions or stereotypes about bodybuilding on the shelf for a minute.

In full disclosure, I’m not much of a fan of professional bodybuilding these days. Couldn’t even tell you who the top competitors are today. Growing up I followed it much closer and idolized the great competitors like Arnold, Dr. Franco Columbo, Frank Zane, and others.

Call me “old school” but I just think the sport was so much different back then. The culture was different in a lot of ways, and so too were the physiques of the elite champions.

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Take a look for yourself at the some of the Mr. Olympia winners. First is the “old school” group I was talking about earlier.

Next is a few Mr. Olympia winners from the nineties and early 2000′s.

See how the bodies went from sculpted physiques with tapered waists to mountains of mass and girth. In short, bodybuilding changed from something of an art to more of quest for who could pack on the most muscle mass as possible.

The game simply changed, although I do see somewhat of a trend to the return to the ideals of old. The sport has suffered some from a lack of interest over the years as the freakishly big physiques simply weren’t as appealing to the masses.

All that is neither here nor there. We can get into the discussion of how the use of growth hormone changed everything and dig into the history of the sport, but that’s not my intent for this post.

Regardless of whether or not you like bodybuilding, find the look appealing, repulsive, or anything in between doesn’t matter right now.

One thing we can ALL agree on is the best of the best, regardless of era, have mastered the art of transforming their bodies.

Say what you want, but all the drugs, growth hormone, etc, in the world don’t make lean and muscular physiques on their own. Sure they helped take things to the next level, but behind the scenes there’s an enormous amount of hard work, dedication, discipline, and commitment.

The next time you get frustrated and think losing those extra 20-40 pounds is tough, consider what these individuals have done.

Step back for a second and look without any bias on just how amazing the changes in the human body can be with the right mindset.

It will give you a whole new perspective on the excuses we tend to give ourselves for why we can’t lose weight, get in shape, etc.

It’s nothing short of amazing what the human body can do under the influence of a highly focused mind with a targeted goal. Just think of the boost in endurance simply by having a mind set such as theirs for a second. The mind is truly the motor behind these epic transformations.

The REAL problem with why so many folks struggle and get bogged down with attempts to change their body has way more to do with their thoughts than a particular diet or way of exercising.

Deep down there’s likely to be some combination of fear of failure, negative thoughts that nothing can work for them, baggage from the past, fear of what others may think, etc.

In short, it’s all MENTAL JUNK and baggage that keeps them from seeing their true potential.

The elite bodybuilders, the best of the best, they don’t have a shred of this.

Trust me on this one….they don’t care what anyone thinks. They have a laser-focused mindset that is focused on their goal. The BELIEF is there, it’s very strong and it guides them through all the up’s and down’s.

All the hours spent in the gym pouring out sweat, all the sacrifices made, all the preparation of packing meals for the day.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. They wanted something badly, believed they could achieve it, and simply went to work on making it happen.

The lesson is in the MINDSET!

If you’re unhappy, frustrated, don’t believe something will work, have fear on the outcome, etc, there’s a pretty good chance it won’t work.

This may sound like hookey and wishy-washy metaphysical stuff to some, but I’m here to tell you this is the gospel truth for anything in life.

Believe it, see it, and want it bad enough and there’s NOTHING that can stop you from achieving what you want.

Doesn’t matter if it’s losing 20 pounds, getting that promotion at work, learning how to play the guitar, whatever.

I want to share with you the Youtube video my friend sent me. Pay special attention to the first two minutes of the video, even if you just watch that part.

There are golden nuggets of wisdom you can pick up that carry over to all endeavors in life.

What especially “hit me” was at around minute 1:35 where you’ll hear the voice of Arnold talking about how it’s…

“the mind that really creates the body, it’s the mind that visualizes what the body should look like as the finished product.”

Truer words have not been spoken. This is coming from the man who is arguably the greatest champion the sport of bodybuilding has ever or will ever see.

Reflect on the intro of this video for a moment. The entire video for that matter is very powerful and moving. The concepts really do transcend far beyond the culture of bodybuilding.

Whatever you want to achieve, the mind MUST come first before the body will follow.

If you’re feeling discouraged right now, or have even the slightest speak of doubt, just know these thoughts are slipping into your subconscious and have a direct impact on your ability to change.

Do whatever is necessary to erase that tape of negative thoughts which is keeping you from achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Get emotional, cry if you feel like it, let it out and let go. It’s ok, don’t bury your emotions and get washed under with feelings of guilt and failure.

Your past doesn’t matter, it’s doesn’t direct your future, let it go.

Search your heart for what you really want and BELIEVE in your ability to make it happen.

Ignite the spark and don’t stop feeding the flame by staying focused on the endeavor.

“What the mind believes, the body can achieve.”

The longer I’m in the practice of coaching and teaching others on weight loss and fitness, the more I realize this is the gospel truth.

I’ve witness those who are the most successful with changing the way their body looks and feels (not bodybuilding changes mind you, I’m talking about going from a size 12 to a size 2 kind of stuff), the single most common denominator was a strong, emotional desire and belief.

It wasn’t genetics, it wasn’t a particular diet, or anything like that.

The way they exercised, ate, the lifestyle choices they made, they were all simply a reflection of their actions aligning up with their thoughts.

The subconscious mind will take care of all the little details on it’s own once it’s provided with a clear target or directive.

Regardless of where you’re at now or what’s failed in the past, your potential in the future is what you decide it to be today.

Set your course, right here, right now and believe in yourself. I BELIEVE in you.

Please feel free to leave your comments about the video and the message of this post. Always love to hear your feedback.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. He specializes in helping people achieve a body transformation with burst training exercise and whole food nutrition. You can receive a FREE no-obligations trial of his Charleston personal fitness programs and start experiencing the Shaping Concepts difference today.

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