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The Rotation Diet Strategy

Have you ever heard of the Rotation Diet? The truth is it’s not really a diet most people would be familiar with. In fact, I wouldn’t even categorize it as a typical restrictive diet.
In today’s world many people hardly take any efforts to eat healthy and current food trends are making people unhealthy on a daily basis.
The problem with the majority of diets revolves around calorie restriction. Everyone knows that you have to eat fewer calories to lose weight but the key is reducing calories without lowering metabolism.

One very effective solution is the “Rotation Diet” or “Rotation Eating Plan” as I like to call it.

Problems with traditional dieting that the Rotation Diet works around

As you may already know cutting calories will eventually trigger a slowdown in thyroid hormone and result in a lower metabolism. This will keep your body holding onto stored fat. Your body thinks it will need the fat due to the reduction of calories.

The other problem with calorie restrictive diets is they create an increase in fat-storing enzymes in the body. One very important enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL) regulates the flow of fat in and out of cells.

A small reduction in calories will actually create a decrease in LPL activity, giving fats the ability to be released from the cells for energy. But, more aggressive calorie reductions will create an increase in LPL activity.

That means fat will not be released for energy!

What if you could trick your body into releasing stored fat? Well you can. I am going to introduce you to the Rotational Diet plan that works without further reducing thyroid hormone and increasing LPL activity. The end result is more body fat being released for energy.

How the Rotation Diet Strategy works

The rotation diet program systematically decreases then increases calories. The concept works by tricking your body into releasing stored fat and then just before your thyroid slows down you increase calories again.

This does something very important. Research has shown that “super-compensating” or bouncing back from calorie restriction will result in increases of IGF-1, growth hormone, and other lean muscle builders.

Remember lean muscle is the key because it´s the metabolic regulator for your body. The more lean body mass you have the more calories you´ll burn at exercise and rest.

This technique will actually help you build lean body mass while losing weight!

The benefits don´t stop there. We all know that dieting is tough. It takes extreme willpower and discipline to stay on track. That´s why most people quit and why “diets” don´t work.

Rotation dieting is actually an eating strategy. Not being deprived of food will provide you with a huge psychological boost when you´re dieting. Well enough introduction, here is how it works.

The Rotation Diet involves a process where you´ll stagger calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fat. You´ll alternate a “regular” day where you consume lean protein, starch, and fiber every three hours with a “protein” day where you eliminate starch, reduce calories, and increase the protein.

This manipulation of calories and carbs allows the body to release greater volumes of stored fat while reducing the likelihood of muscle loss. This is accomplished because the higher protein on the lower calorie day provides amino acids to prevent the body from turning to muscle as a fuel source. The breakdown is as follows

Days 1, 3, 5, 7 Regular Days (Protein, Starch, Fiber)

Days 2, 4, 6 Protein Days (Protein, Fiber)

On your “regular” days you´ll want to follow a 40/30/30 food ratio. That is you´ll consume 40% of your calories from starch, 30% from protein, and 30% from fat. To compute this ratio is actually quite simple.

First determine your daily caloric requirements. A health or fitness professional can help you determine your daily caloric requirement if you don´t know it.

Next determine the number of grams you´ll consume from each food group. The gram/calorie conversion is listed below

1 gram of carbohydrate…4 calories
1 gram of protein……. 4 calories
1 gram of fat………9 calories

For example let´s say you require 1400 calories and you want to get 40% of those calories from starch or carbs. You would multiply 1400 by 40% to determine the number of calories from carbs. That would equal 560 calories from carbs. Divide that number by 4 calories per gram and you´ll get 140 grams of carbs.

Repeat that for protein and fat to get your required grams per day. Let´s take a closer look by completing an example below.

1400 calorie diet                40/30/30 ratio

1400 x .40 = 560 w 4 = 140 grams of carbs

1400 x .30 = 420 w 4 = 105 grams of protein

1400 x .30 = 420 w 9 = 47 grams of fat

On your “protein” days you´ll want to follow a 20/50/30 food ratio. As you can see you´ll only be eating 20% of your diet from carbs. This 20% should come from fruits and vegetables only.

Starches will be completely removed from your diet on these days. Follow the same formula to determine your dietary intake. One exception though, you´ll be reducing calories by about 20 %. For our example we´ll drop down to 1200 calories for the protein day.

1200 calorie diet                20/50/30 ratio

1200 x .20 = 240 w 4 = 60 grams of carbs (fruits and vegetables only)

1200 x .50 = 600 w 4 = 150 grams of protein
1200 x .30 = 360 w 9 = 40 grams of fat

As a side note..I have found success using a product called “Catalyst” by Advocare during your protein days of the rotation diet. Catalyst was originally developed for the US Olympic Wrestling Team to help them drop weight without losing lean muscle.

With the absence of glycogen in your system during the protein days your body will look at lean muscle for energy. Catalyst helps to block that process and makes your body use fat for energy instead.

I have seen few products that are as effective as Catalyst in helping your body lose fat while maintaining muscle during the Rotation eating program.

The Rotation diet plan works well for about four weeks, but to keep your body from adapting, you´ll want to return to a balanced eating program immediately following the fourth week. If additional fat loss is desired consider employing this system again after eight weeks.

Remember this is not rocket science, don´t get caught up in the numbers and percentages. Go for a balanced diet on regular days then simply pull out all starches, cut calories and increase protein on the other days. It´s that easy. You´ll be tricking your body into releasing fat without significantly lowering your metabolism.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. Learn more about how you can receive a FREE trial of our personal training programs and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

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