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Fitness Rehab For Low Carb Addicts

Have you tried seemingly every diet out there? The latest being the ultra low carb craze. A better question is have you tried the most effective way to lose unwanted body fat yet?

You know, the jiggly stuff around your waist, arms and back side you’ve been trying to get off for years? Not being able to lose weight can be very frustrating to say the least. If you’ve tried going on a no-carb or ultra-low carb diet you’re not alone in wondering why it worked for a little while but then the weight came back.

There’s no question that cutting carbs can help you lose weight but you must consider the bigger picture with your metabolism if you’re going to be successful with keeping the weight off.

If you’re a recovering low carb addict who’s not happy with how your body looks, I have your solution…

- Eat right but ADD exercise!

You have heard that for years upon years. Why? Because it’s the only thing that really and truly works. There are three things that help you lose lots of weight.

1. Healthy eating
2. A concern for muscle
3. A concern for the heart

Healthy eating is simple! Just eat better than you have. Keep the numbers as low as possible on the sodium, sugars, saturated fats and trans fatty acids. Go low carb naturally by eating more fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Drink lots of water, and don’t ever believe what the marketers tell you on the front of the package, like “no sugar added”.

- Read the label!
- Read the label!
- Read the label!

Try to eat a small amount every 3 ½ hours to keep that metabolism revved up. Also having a concern for muscle is a very important factor in losing body fat. Strength training is needed, however, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to lose fat.

Thirty minutes 3 times per week of a total body workout will help you gain muscle tone. You WILL NOT get big, bulky muscles by strength training.

A great way to get a fast, total body workout is to do “functional training”. Functional exercises work many muscles at once, meaning faster workouts and more calories being burned.

Talk to a fitness professional if you’ve never done this type of training. There is no excuse not to do some sort of strength training. And as we get older, the more strength training we need!

Lastly, having a concern for the heart is just as important, if not more. Remember that the heart is another muscle so it must be trained just like any other muscle. Training the heart is what makes us “fit”.

Strength training does not make you “fit”. Strength training gives you strength to perform different movements. We become “fit” by performing cardiovascular training. Anything that gets the heart rate up for a longer period of time is cardiovascular training.

I recommend 3-4 times per week of an average of 30 minutes each time. Bike riding,
power-walking, running, swimming, tennis, kayaking, you name it!

There you have it. The most effective way to lose some inches, and be healthy. No more fad ultra low carb diets! No more magic 5 minute Ab Blaster gadget you bought off an infomercial. Eat right and exercise with resistance and cardio training is all it takes!

Chad Cannon is a certified Bluffton personal trainer, fitness expert, speaker, and owner of Shaping Concepts of Bluffton. You can receive a FREE no obligations trial of his personal fitness programs and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

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