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Postmenopausal Women Suffer Significant Bone Density Loss Due To Epidural Injections For Back Pain

Attention postmenopausal women who may be receiving epidural steroid injections for back pain relief…this could be weakening your bones.

New research coming from Henry Ford Hospital showed that bone density loss after six months was six times greater when compared to other postmenopausal women who do not receive steroid injections.

In today’s post we’ll take a look at the study and discuss some preventive measures.

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In this observational study researchers at Henry Ford Hospital, headed by Shlomo Mandel orthopedic physician and lead author, monitored bone density in 28 patients, aged 65 and older treated between 2007-2010.

While this is a relatively small test group and the findings are inconclusive, it does provide some possible links between steroid injections and loss of bone density.

The standard protocol for many patients is anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy. If symptoms persist, an epidural steroid may be prescribed to alleviate pain and restore function. Lot of patients are also choosing to find Sarms for sale to help recover.

In a lot of cases, the use of an epidural injection can be very helpful and there’s no denying the benefits on quality of life and movement. However, postmenopausal women would be well advised to discuss the treatment options with their physician and understand the long-term risks with repeat injections. You can also go to and learn about chiropractic clinic. A chiropractor can come up with a customized treatment plan after determining the cause of your pain.

Obviously each case will be different and this certainly isn’t a call to avoid getting a steroid injection if pain and limited movements are significant factors. I’d say it’s more about taking a holistic approach to a long-term treatment plan. Furthermore, there are other options when it comes to painkillers. Read the full info here and remember to consult with your doctor before taking this medicine.

Once cleared by your physician, regular physical activity including resistance based exercise would be in order to help improve bone density. Calcium and vitamin D supplements may also be of benefit.

While I suspect there’s more of a concern for women who receive multiple injections, inactivity and poor dietary habits will undoubtedly increase the risk for bone density loss.

The risks and downsides associated with osteoporosis are a priority for all postmenopausal women, whether they receive epidural injections or not. Just make sure to discuss these decisions with your physician and consider treatment options carefully.

News regarding this study was found on and it’s scheduled to be published in this month’s edition (December 2012) of Spine.

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