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How To Choose A Charleston Personal Trainer

Simply stated, not many people can have as dramatic and positive an impact on your quality of life as your personal fitness trainer. The right personal trainer will be able to help you achieve the results you want, in the shortest period of time, with complete certainty.

On the flip side, hiring a trainer who is not qualified to work with you can put your health and safety at risk. You must be sure you’re getting a trainer who has received the proper education and real-world experience to safely and effectively design your program.

The information on this page will help you determine if personal training is right for you and if so, show you how to make a good selection when hiring a Charleston personal trainer.

The benefits of using a certified Charleston personal trainer…

There is something quite powerful about the way you feel about yourself when you’re fit, lean, and healthy. It’s that feeling of real ownership of your life and passion for living it.

You get in touch with yourself, your loved ones, your goals and dreams in a way that is difficult to convey in words. You just have to experience this to fully appreciate what I’m talking about.

But often times, a fear of failure holds people back from that experience. Especially if you’ve tried to lose weight or get in shape before and not been successful. Or maybe you lost the weight, only to have it come back. Over time that can undermine your confidence and kill your desires.

Of course, personal trainers do much more than help people lose weight. Each individual is different, and has different needs and goals. The job of a professional personal trainer is to first get a clear understanding of your particular objectives and then devise a plan for helping you achieve those goals.

Few disciplines have been studied and analyzed as much as the science behind weight loss and fitness.

Getting real results (the kind you can see in the mirror), feel when you put on your clothes, and others notice and comment on, can be accomplished with absolute, 100% certainty if you’re on the right program..

Because seeing fitness results is 100% scientific…

But the weight loss industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the diet industry, the pre-packaged food companies like Jenny Craig and Nutri-System, the fitness gadget makers (like what you see on television infomercial’s) and even many of the large health club chains want you to believe they hold the SECRETS.

And the secrets always involve buying their food, their pills, their gizmo or gadget, joining their club, or whatever. I assure you, there are NO secrets. Except for one. It’s the same ‘secret’ to achieving anything: structure.

To achieve optimum, lasting results, you need to be in a structured environment that provides support, consistency, accountability and expert guidance.

It’s a bit like school. You need the structure in the early stages so you can quickly learn how to think, how to perform, and how to believe you will succeed.

There are no “magic bullets” to your fitness or weight loss success…

But most people never get the structure they need when it comes to their health and fitness. So the natural tendency is to HOPE the secrets, the shortcuts, the magic bullets, and the gym membership will work. But as anyone who’s tried them can tell you, there’s no magic in those bullets.

What does work is a structured environment of support, accountability and expert guidance on nutrition, combined with expert training in effective, efficient, and metabolism-stoking exercise.

Not the boring, dreadful, mind-numbing exercise you may be picturing in your head!

That doesn’t work because people burn-out on it. They get sick of it, and quit. What a professional personal trainer does is provide a stimulating, varied and fun environment and personalized fitness program designed specifically for you.

This ensures you remain engaged, seeing and feeling results and becoming progressively more passionate and excited by your physical and emotional transformation.

Make no mistake, the emotional benefits are just as profound (if not more so) than the physical ones. Now let’s look at some guidelines for choosing the right personal trainer for you.

How to make a good decision when choosing a Charleston personal trainer….

Okay – you’ve decided it’s time to “get in shape” once and for all, and you’re ready to really take control. Time and experience have shown you the wisdom of accountability and structure in other facets of your life, and you understand the value of applying those success principles to your health and fitness.

You understand that to get what you want, you MUST change your lifestyle.

You’ve probably heard many of the amazing success stories from people who invested in their health by utilizing a professional personal trainer. And you have decided to seek expert guidance yourself.

But how do you find the right personal trainer in Charleston? How do you know who the right person is to work with? Listed below are 5 criteria for making an informed decision on a personal trainer that can deliver results…

1. The Charleston personal trainer you choose should be certified by a nationally accredited institution or have a college degree.

The gold standard for certification agencies are the American Council on Exercise, National Strength & Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

A qualified trainer should at minimum have a certification with one of these agencies or a college degree in exercise science or related study. But that just means they’ve passed the “baseline of standards” to call themselves a personal trainer.

It does not mean they are good at what they do or can deliver a specific result. There is a big difference between a run-of-the-mill “trainer” and a trainer who is true “fitness professional.”

Ask what certifications your prospective trainer holds, what educational degrees he or she holds, and most of all, what documented track record of success he or she has.

2. The Charleston personal trainer you choose should do more than just “take you through a workout.”

A top quality fitness professional does more than just “take you through a workout.” Anyone can count to 15 and hold a clipboard. Look for a coach who will educate you about all the components necessary to achieve optimal health and real, lasting fitness results.

Your trainer should review nutrition education and walk you through all the steps that encompass the “mental development” side. This includes goal setting, putting together a plan of action, and then holding you accountable.

A real coach is not only adept at the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition, but is also skilled at the psychology of personal development and achievement.

3. Ask for proof of results from working with other Charleston personal training clients

A top fitness professional should be able to do more than just talk about results – they should be able to prove they deliver with case studies and success stories, documented by pictures and testimonial evidence.

Ask for proof of client results. Do they have before & after photos of clients, testimonials, and enthusiastic references? Can you speak with a client to inquire about their experience working with them? If a fitness pro can’t offer this kind of concrete proof, then buyer beware.

4. Ask for a guarantee of your results and if he/she is willing to refund your money if you’re not satisfied.

According to a Consumer Reports study there is more dissatisfaction in the diet industry than any other industry. That’s crazy. Think about it – if you took your car to a mechanic you’d expect it to be fixed – not come back with 2 or 3 pings and a loose belt!

Working with a fitness professional should be the same as any other industry. If they aren’t willing to guarantee your results then find someone who will. Spending your time and energy without a guarantee of results is like going to an incompetent mechanic!

Don’t waste your money, or more importantly, your time working with someone who can’t offer an iron clad, money-back guarantee of your success.

5. Choose a Charleston personal trainer who will empower you for life!

A great fitness coach will do more than just help you achieve your goals. A true professional will teach you the foundation of knowledge so you will no longer be lost in the “sea of confusion” when it comes to all the diet and exercise hype.

The foundation of knowledge and correct techniques you’ll learn will allow you to maintain your results for life!

The best personal trainers view their role as an “agent of change.” Not as a babysitter, repetition-counter or social companion.

Friendliness and rapport-building skills are important (and the best trainers have both), but true fitness professionals recognize they have a singular responsibility that supersedes all others: helping you achieve optimum and lasting results by literally ‘re-programming’ you to a better, healthier, more passionate and more fulfilling lifestyle.

What you’ll find at Shaping Concepts personal training studios…

Here at Shaping Concepts, ALL our professional, Charleston personal trainers meet the five critical criteria listed in this report. We take great pride in not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of each of our clients. And we look forward to doing precisely that for you.

If you’d like to learn more simply fill out the web form at the top of this page for your FREE, no-obligations trial of our programs. We’ll sit down and discuss all of your objectives and goals during an initial consultation. The trial is simply a chance for you to test drive my Charleston personal training programs for yourself and determine if they’d be a good fit for you.

You’ll be treated like family and I assure you there will be no high pressure sales tactics or gimmicks. We’ve helped hundreds of local residents just like you take control of their health and wellness and we just want to see if we can be of assistance.

Take a moment to review our client success stories and the profiles of our highly trained and educated personal trainers. When you’re done simply fill out the web form for your FREE, no-obligations trial.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to personally get back with you.

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