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Charleston Personal Training Success Story – Jeff Crosby

For today’s post I wanted to recognize the achievements of a new client here at Shaping Concepts. In only a month, Jeff Crosby has successfully become a member of our “Over 20lb Club” by following the nutrition and exercise strategies provided by his trainer Andrew Duffy.

This is quite an accomplishment with dropping 20 pounds in the first month and is certainly a testament to Jeff’s commitment to following the burst training and Primal Blueprint diet principals we teach in our programs. Way to go Jeff! We’re proud of you and applaud all your dedication and hard work.

I’ve included a video interview Andrew recently did with Jeff where he shared some of the secrets to his success. There are some gems of valuable information in this video if you listen carefully.

Jeff is proof that the biggest secret is consistency and making your mind up to follow through with the time-tested and proven strategies that work time and again to change your shape. No quick fixes, pills, or short-cuts.

Check out the video to see how he did it…

You may of have been able to relate with Jeff on some things he talked about in this video. Going to the gym and trying to workout on your own, not having accountability and structure, struggling to find the time with a busy schedule, etc.

The reality is a lot of people struggle with the same things. Creating the diet and exercise habits for a successful body transformation is not that complicated but it can be difficult when you’re going about it all alone, especially in the beginning.

The benefits of having a coach to hold you accountable and show you the way…

The hardest part of making lifestyle changes is sticking with your new routines until they become a habit. This is where a coach can pay huge dividends. We all know it’s easy to make excuses to ourselves and drift even with the best of intentions. But when you have someone vested in your success it can make all the difference.

I can’t over-emphasize the importance of accountability when starting out on a fitness and nutrition regiment to lose weight and transform your health. When you have someone waiting on you to workout you’ll be much more likely to show up, even more so when you’ve invested in that coaching.

When you don’t show up to workout at the gym on your own does anybody notice?

The littlest of details make the biggest differences with changing your shape. Having someone teach you the most effective way to workout to see results, reminding you daily of how important you said your goals were to you, following up on whether or not you did your cardio, etc.

The most successful people in any sport or business all have a coach or a mentor to help them achieve their best. They learned, often times through the school of hard knocks, that plowing through on their own without direction proved difficult and time consuming.

They understood that the quickest way to get where they wanted to go was to learn from someone who could help them. The same thing rings true for someone who wants to cut off the painful learning curve with losing weight and getting in shape.

Personal training and fitness coaching as an investment to get you where you want to go faster and without the painful learning curve…

When going to the gym or working out a home doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for, consider getting a fitness coach to show you the way. While personal training has the reputation of being expensive, you should look at it as an investment.

The investment you make in yourself in the beginning can more than pay for itself over time when you factor in all the wasted time, failed attempts, cost of programs that didn’t work, gym memberships you didn’t use, etc.

Not to mention the value you place on truly looking and feeling your best. How do you put on a price tag on your happiness, health, self-confidence, and quality of life? I don’t know that you really can. But then again it’s all up to individual and what’s really important to them on how they want to live their life.

Personal training and coaching for a couple of months can go a long way towards helping you see the results you want. The good thing about coaching is you tailor it according to your needs.

In the beginning you’ll want to work with a coach several times a week while you build habits and learn how to do the most effective exercises on your own. Once you’re ready to go do routines on your own you can meet with your coach only as needed.

We have numerous clients now working out at home or in the gym that follow up with their coach just when they want some additional routines to follow or help in a particular area.

The best fitness coaches will always look to teach you exercises and routines you can do on your own so you’re truly becoming empowered to make exercise a life-long habit.

Is it time for you to take action and stop living life accepting something less than the best for yourself?

If you’ve been putting off starting a fitness and diet routine I’d encourage you to draw that hard line in the sand and say now is the time. Enough is enough and it’s time to get serious. The first step is simply making a decision to take action.

You may have doubts on whether or not you could see results like Jeff achieved in his program. I completely understand if you feel that way. Most all of our clients had some uncertainty when they started due to past attempts with changing their shape that didn’t’ pan out.

I’m here to tell you that YES you can do it and I have no doubts you can transform your body and your life once you put your mind to it. Helping people make this change happen is what we do everyday here at Shaping Concepts. It’s the reason I get up every morning and work with so much passion on helping others.

Come take advantage of my FREE consultation and trial of my Charleston personal training programs…

Make today be the day you decide to take action. I know I can help you and would encourage you to simply fill out the web-form for my FREE consultation and Charleston personal training trial.

We’ll sit down and discuss what you’d like to achieve and I’ll provide you with my recommendations on the best course of action to take. If I can help you with further coaching, great, but if not at least you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

You could be the next person I spotlight in a video when you join the “Over 20lb Club” at Shaping Concepts.

Hope to see you soon…

Shane Doll is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Charleston, you can receive a FREE, no-obligations (2) session trial and consultation without risking a dime. Over 1000 Charleston area residents have transformed their bodies following our unique burst training workouts and simplified nutrition programs.

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