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Charleston Nutrition Coaching To Help You See The Most From Your Workouts

Nutrition is the building block of fitness, literally. You can run, swim, cycle, or lift weights all you want, but if you are not following a supportive nutrition diet your results will be minimal, if there are any at all.

There’s no question that proper nutrition is at the foundation for all improvements in body composition or performance. A lot of people will tell you it’s the most challenging aspect of “getting in shape.”

But with an experienced and knowledgeable Charleston nutrition coach, losing fat and gaining muscle are not just hopes, they are executable goals.

Here are 5 things a Charleston nutrition coach can do for a personal fitness program:

1) A nutrition coach can teach you why it’s important to fuel your body for performance and recovery.

You need to start looking at food as fuel for your body, just like gasoline is to your car. You wouldn’t put kerosene in a sports car and expect it to run very well. The same thing holds true for your body. Low quality fuel equals poor performance and results every time. You simply cannot expect your body to function optimally with processed and refined foods.

A nutrition coach can teach you how to put the right fuel in your body to meet your goals. He or she can give you a sound grasp of how the body functions and what nutrients you’ll need for best results.

2) A nutrition coach can teach you what to eat.

Most of the food in the standard American diet is unhealthy. All unnatural foods are poor fuel sources for your body regardless of how “healthy” the food labels make them out to be. A nutrition coach can help you separate the good food from the bad food and lay out a full list of meal options that will help you reach your unique goals.

3) A nutrition coach can teach you when to eat.

There are times in the day when the body is most receptive to receiving nutrients for function and muscle recovery. If fed properly at the right times, you can expect to double or even triple your results.

It can be difficult finding these windows of opportunities on your own and knowing exactly what to eat. The truth is everyone will have different needs based on their body type, metabolism, and unique goals.

4) A nutrition coach can teach you how much to eat.

Knowing what to eat and when to eat it is important, but you also need to know how much to eat. Counting calories and weighing food can be difficult if you don’t know the correct parameters.

As a Charleston nutrition coach, I help my clients understand exactly how much to eat and from what foods to see a body transformation. Eating too much of even the right nutrients can create a counterproductive hormonal response. Just like the air and fuel mixture needs to be balanced for your car to function optimally, the ratios of nutrients needs to be right for your body.

5) A nutrition coach can teach you how to still eat the things you enjoy.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean starvation or boredom. It means eating the non-supportive foods like desserts and treats sparingly so that the healthy food can still do its job. With my Charleston nutrition coaching programs I can create a menu for you that will provide moderation of your favorite foods so you don’t feel overwhelmed with your diet.

At the end of the day a Charleston nutrition coach can help make or break your fitness training goals. Many experts will tell you, myself included, that proper nutrition will be 70% or more responsible for your results. You don’t want to see all your hard work to be wasted by not providing the right fuel to support muscle recovery and rebuilding.

Shane Doll CPT, CSCS is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. As a specialist in burst training for body transformation and weight loss he provides Charleston nutrition coaching along with e-books, videos, and other resources. To learn more about the optimal foods to eat to see a body transformation you can download his FREE e-book entitled “The Lean Code Method Quick Start Nutrition Guide.”

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