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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 - Shane Doll

Former professional triathlete Michael “Rip” Oldmeadow will be sharing his expertise and coaching tips during a 10 week workshop/camp sponsored by TrySports and Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studio in Mt. Pleasant.

Whether you’re thinking of doing your first triathlon or you’re an experienced competitor looking to go to the next level, you’ll receive personalized coaching and instruction from Rip.

The Triathlon 101 Camp will officially start January 12th, 2013 and there is an orientation on Saturday January 5th to review the program itinerary. If you miss the orientation, no worries, you can register right up to and including on the start date of the 12th.

For more information on the 2013 Charleston Triathlon Training Camp, cost and registration, click the attached link.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn insider tips and strategies from an elite level competitive athlete who’s now providing coaching right here in Charleston, SC.

Some of Rip’s accomplishments include:

  • Represented Australia 3 times at the World Championships
  • Raced 12 Ironmans, 5 Hawaii World Championships
  • Best Ironman time- 9:04:56
  • 2010 China Ironman- 1rst place amateur, 12th place overall
  • 2009 Ultra-man World Championship placing 5th overall

The 10 week camp includes a personalized training program, video analysis on running form and swim technique, organized group training, education seminars, hands-on instruction, tips on equipment, nutrition, discounts at TrySports Mt. Pleasant and much more.

Michael “Rip” Oldmeadow is also a certified fitness coach at Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studio. You can visit his blog at

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Friday, November 16th, 2012 - Shane Doll

As you probably well know post-workout nutrition is one of the most important factors in seeing results from all that hard work you put in the gym.

Getting in a small amount of high-quality whey protein shortly after your workout can have significant benefits in the rebuilding and repair of lean muscle tissue.

I’ve been making this recommendation to personal training clients for quite some time, but realize convenience is a limiting factor for some folks. Not everyone has a protein shake made up in a cooler ready to drink following their workout.

I’ve looked to deliver an option to clients for grabbing a shake when leaving the studio, but just have never found a “ready-to-drink” shake that I felt confident recommending.

The vast majority of ready-to-drink protein shakes have poor quality protein, lots of preservatives, and artificial ingredients. After all, they’re designed to sit on retail shelves for long periods of time.

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 - Shane Doll

I’ve long held the belief that the best way to promote our services at Shaping Concepts is not to try and use slick marketing and a lot of hype, but rather let the social proof from our clients do most of the talking.

After all we’d all rather hear from the actual clients or customers who used the services of any business we may consider using ourselves at some time. It just makes sense to me, especially when you’re in the business of helping people see results with changing their shape.

I recently received a testimonial from one of my clients, Hope Reardon, and wanted to share it with you. Her story is very inspiring and hopefully it provides encouragement to others who may be on the verge of giving up hope of ever losing weight.

I’m extremely grateful for her sharing what she’s experienced. I couldn’t be more proud of her for all that she’s accomplished by being committed and staying consistent.

Alright, without further ado, here’s her story.

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Friday, October 19th, 2012 - Shane Doll

If there’s ever a downfall with a fitness trainer it’s the moment he or she thinks they’ve “got it” and stops striving to learn and get better at their profession.

Part of that process is questioning your own preconceived beliefs that may have been established in the classroom or from a certification text book.

If I’ve learned anything over all the years I’ve been in this industry it’s that in the “real world” things don’t always fit nice and neatly into a box. There’s simply no replacement for hands-on experience in the trenches working with people.

This isn’t to negate what we’ve been taught, but rather being open to challenging what we “think” we know. After all, the objective of any fitness professional should be to help others improve the quality of their lives.

When working with clients who have pain or movement limitations in some way, we want to avoid the temptation to isolate the muscle(s) we feel may be the “problem” and instead focus on function and movement.

This is exactly why we’ve integrated the FMS Movement Screen into our client screenings at Shaping Concepts.

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Friday, August 3rd, 2012 - Shane Doll

A special congratulations goes out to Charleston personal training client Jill Simmons, the winner of the 32″ flat screen TV awarded in our drawing last month.

On behalf of the entire Shape Con team I want to thank all our clients who participated in the summer 2012 referral contest and to everyone who has graciously referred us to their friends and family long before I ever got the idea for prize drawings.

I could never say “thank you” enough as Shape Con has been built on word of mouth referrals. It’s because of ya’ll that we’re able to provide the service we do in the community.

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Monday, June 11th, 2012 - Shane Doll

Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios is pleased to announce we’ll now be incorporating the latest in advanced technology to assess body composition. The InBody 520 Body Composition Analyzer by GE Healthcare will now be used for assessments in our Charleston location.

I’m really excited about this new development as it’s the first of several projects I have in the works to differentiate Shaping Concepts in the realm of personalized fitness and nutrition programming.

With new technology and advanced testing methods we’ll be able to better “personalize” all aspects of a client’s program. I think you’re really going to like all the new developments I have in store.

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Friday, May 4th, 2012 - Shane Doll

Special shout out and congratulations go out to Andrew Duffy, our studio director here at Shaping Concepts for his very impressive finish while competing at the CrossFit Regionals held last weekend in West Palm Beach, FL.

Just to make it to the regional games was quite an impressive accomplishment all by itself. To qualify for the regionals Andrew had to be among the top 60 athletes from the Southeast ‚ÄúOpen Competition.‚ÄĚ The top 60 athletes were selected following a five week competition where one workout was conducted each week with an associated scoring system.

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Friday, February 10th, 2012 - Shane Doll

I want to recognize Juila VanDame for being the latest Shaping Concepts “Client Of The Month.” In her first month on our programs she has lost 15 pounds and made significant progress towards reaching her goals. Way to go Julia! We‚Äôre all very proud of you.

Mandy recently sat down with Julia for a video interview and there were some golden nuggets of information she shared on the secret to her success.

One of the things we strive to do differently here at Shaping Concepts is provide our clients with personal coaching, education, and support. The fitness instruction and motivation with workouts is really only one piece of the puzzle.

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 - Shane Doll

I want to officially welcome Bo Vicini to our team of fitness professionals here at Shaping Concepts. Although he’s only been with us for a few weeks I’ve been getting rave reviews from his clients.

He’s a true fitness professional in every sense and I feel very fortunate to have him as part of our team.

Two hallmarks of a true fitness professional that Bo exemplifies is passion and a genuine care for his clients. He’ll tell you straight up that he loves to coach and teach and use his acquired knowledge of fitness training to “pay it forward” to others.

While far too many personal trainers see their work as a “job” there’s no denying that Bo sees it as an opportunity to help others. It’s something you can’t fake and all the certifications and knowledge on exercise science won’t make up for it. I look forward to watching Bo inspire and change lives for his clients here at Shaping Concepts.

Here’s a brief rundown on his bio and background:

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Thursday, October 13th, 2011 - Carol Graham

We put our clients to the test at Shaping Concepts last month on the rowing machines, and WOW did they impress!!

There were 3 separate distances to attempt, and we broke up the top 5 men, and the top 5 females in each challenge.

The quick burst was 250 meters, the middle distance was set at 500 meters, and the longer/endurance test was 1000 meters.

Congrats to everyone who even attempted the challenges, and special recognition and praise goes out to the top 5 men and women in each category. They are as follows:

250 Meters:


1. Andrew Clarke  41.0 seconds

2. Don Trott  41.9

3. Scott Senf  42.6

4. Rob Chardon  43.8

5. Alston Badger 45.8


1. Meaghan Beadle  45.4 seconds

2. Carrie Lewis  52.0

3. Kelly Gay 54.0

4. Penny Cralle  55.7

5. Tina Bailey  56.9

500 Meters


1. Devin Tombs  1:31.0

2. Don Trott  1:31.7

3. Andrew Clarke  1:32.3

4. Scott Senf 1:35.8

5. John Dotson 1:38.0


1. Meaghan Beadle  1:37.5

2. Carrie Lewis  1:55.0

3. Alexis Evans  1:58.9

4. Kristin Howe 1:56.4

5. Tina Bailey 2:06.8

1000 Meters


1. Devin Tombs  3:23.7

2. Don Trott  3:27.1

3. Andrew Clarke  3:31.1

4. Ben Lewis  3:36.1


1. Meaghan Beadle  3:32.9

2. Kristen Evans  4:04.7

3. Carrie Lewis 4:13.0

4. Penny Cralle 4:22.3

5. Liz C.  4:31.1

Andrew Duffy is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, and studio director of Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Charleston, you can receive a FREE, no-obligations (2) session trial and consultation without risking a dime. Over 1000 Charleston area residents have transformed their bodies following our unique burst training workouts and simplified nutrition programs.

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