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Are All Types Of Sugar Bad For You?

Sugar is the enemy to our health, right? The answer is yes and no. There’s no question that a body with consistently elevated blood sugar levels will start to break down.

Over time the cell receptors become less receptive to insulin and a host of problems begin to develop. The problem with sugar is NOT with the calories but rather the hormonal imbalances it causes when blood concentrations remain high for long periods of time.

Once the inflammation, acidosis, and the resulting tissue degeneration starts at the pancreas, adrenals, and other hormonal glands, no amount of caloric restriction or exercise will do the trick. The body must be healed and hormonal levels brought back into balance.

This means you’ll have to get sugar out of your diet. But wait a minute, what type of sugar are we talking about? Watch my video for today and you’ll get the answer.

Recap on what you need to know about sugar…

Three main categories of sugar:

- monosaccharides
- disaccharides
- polysaccharides

Mono-saccharides are the preferred fuel for your body and come primarily from glucose (vegetables, greens, and plants), and fructose (fruit).

Refined sugars and all artificial sugars are the REAL enemy!

Polysaccharides in the form of starches can be incorporated into a diet depending on a person’s ability to regulate blood sugar, energy needs, and amount of lean muscle tissue.

Overweight individuals are likely to have insulin sensitivity issues and will benefit most by consuming mainly fruits and vegetables.

Starches can be brought back into the diet once insulin sensitivity improves and hormonal levels are brought back into balance.

You must break your sugar addiction to optimize conditions for fat loss!

Two main ways sugar gets into the cells to be used for energy…

Active transport- insulin is used as a carrier to transport glucose into the cells

Diffusion- fructose is unique in that it can enter the cells directly through a diffusion process.

All carbohydrates (except fructose from fruit) must be broken down into the monosaccharide form- glucose. When starches and refined sugars are broken down it produces something called carbonic acid. When the body is not in balance this leads to acidosis and inflammation – the root cause of tissue degeneration and most illness.

Only way to break the sugar addiction is to remove all processed and refined sugars along with starches to condition the body to use other substrates (primarily fat) as energy.

Fruits, vegetables, and greens are the preferred source of carbohydrate in the body. They are essential for health and should not be removed from the diet. Low carb diets that remove these foods completely only produce a short-term fix and fail to address the root of the problem.

A Primal Blueprint or Paleo type diet of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and various fats/oils is the optimal nutrition strategy for someone looking to break a sugar addiction, lose weight, and regain their health.

There is no such thing as an “essential carbohydrate.”

Your body can meet all its sugar needs from fruits, vegetables, and greens. Your mind may tell you otherwise when you start pulling starches out but your body will begin to use other substrates for fuel if you give it time.

The first 7-14 days of pulling out processed sugars and starches are “make it or break it” time.

If you can hold out through the irritability, headaches, cravings, etc, you’ll experience liberation on the other side.

You MUST eat adequate amounts of lean proteins and fats when pulling out sugars or you’ll only trigger a primal starvation response and slow down your metabolism. For the one thousandth time people…severe calorie restrictive diets don’t work!

Your body is smarter than you are…it will signal to store fat when it thinks you’re starving!

Bottom line….

Here’s a simple way to understand what sugar is good and what sugar you can do without.

God’s sugar from fruits, vegetables, and greens are GOOD. Don’t neglect the foods He provided for us to eat on this earth.

Man’s sugar that he refines and processes or makes up on his own is NOT good for the body. If it was God would have sugar cubes growing on trees.

If you’re not a person of faith, I challenge you to simply try following this way of eating for thirty days and assess the results for yourself.

Until next time…eat primal, train with a purpose, and live with passion!

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts. With a staff of over 10 certified fitness professionals, Shaping Concepts provides personal fitness training in Charleston with a specialty on weight loss and body transformation. You can receive a FREE, no-obligations (2) session personal training trial and consultation to experience the difference for yourself.

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