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2009 Charleston Biggest Loser Contest Winner

Congratulations go out to Elisa Large the 2009 Charleston Biggest Loser Contest winner. She won the $500 grand prize for the biggest change in body composition over the twelve week contest period that ran from September 25, 2009 to December 22, 2009.

The contest included coaching tips, nutrition e-books, and exercise instruction from myself to help the participants lose weight. Proceeds from the contest totalling $920 is being donated to Louie’s Kids, a local non-profit organization that helps fight childhood obesity.

I commend Elisa and all the contestants who used this opportunity to start a life changing weight loss journey. I couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments. Here are the top five finishers from the 2009 Charleston Biggest Loser contest.

1. Elisa Large (29 lbs, 21.07 lbs body fat)

2. Alexandra Bile Brahe (28 lbs, 20.34 lbs body fat)

3. Jeff Sobers (23 lbs, 16.46 lbs body fat)

4. Roberta Patrick (18 lbs, 10.06 lbs body fat)

5. Alan Eager (17 lbs, 15.34 lbs body fat)

In the contest we tested body fat % loss along with weight loss in order to determine the amount of body composition change from fat loss. The winner was determined from the biggest change in body composition from fat loss.

Elisa and I did a video recording this morning with my hand held Flip video camera so I could share some of her success secrets with my viewers.

I’ll apologize in advance for the “camera work,” I was holding the Flip with my hand and almost got Elisa out of the screen a few times. Oops!

None the less, it’s definitely worth checking out. There’s some great tips you can pick up from the video told first hand by someone who’s been successful with weight loss by applying my strategies.

The video is about 12 minutes long and filled with inspiration and encouragement for people who might be uncertain, frustrated, and hesitant to start. Elisa will be the first to tell you that YES you can succeed if you just BELIEVE!

I also wanted to include some copy in case you don’t have time to watch the full video. Listed below are the highlights of Elisa’s success story in her own words from a Q&A session.

Elisa tell everyone a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.

“I am 50 years old, originally from Columbia, SC, moved to Summerville 2 ½ years ago, retired from Federal Government after 26+ years. Married to my husband Thomas for 34 ½ years. We have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.”

What were some of the secrets to your success?

“Visualization, has by far been the best kept secret. I actually visualized winning The Charleston Biggest Loser Contest and Shane handing me one of those big checks like Publisher’s Clearinghouse gives their winners.

In one of Shane’s emails, he shared the importance of visualization in a successful weight loss program and suggested that I read The Gabriel Method, by Jon Gabriel. I took his advice and bought the book, downloaded the meditation and visualization CD then transferred it to my MP3 Player.

For the last couple months, have listened to it every night, and I no longer have to take any medication to sleep, I feel more energetic, have a positive outlook and look forward to getting to my goal weight.

Keeping a daily food diary of everything, good or bad that I ate. I began to eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and also ate foods that were known to boost your metabolism.

Keeping an exercise journal. My method of exercise was riding a recumbent bike. I would record the time, distance, and calories burned. I also challenged myself to ride a little longer, a little farther distance, or a little harder to beat my previous record. I also incorporated interval training into my daily exercise routine.

Setting small obtainable goals, and then moving the marker when the small goal was obtained. My overall goal for the contest was to lose 25 lbs; I exceeded that goal by 4 lbs.

Self talks and praise. When I was around someone that I had not seen in weeks and they didn’t notice that I had lost weight, I would go into the bathroom and look myself in the mirror and say “That’s okay that they didn’t notice; I’M PROUD OF YOU”, “KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”; “I CAN DO THIS, AND I WILL DO THIS”; “I CAN WIN THE BIGGEST LOSER CHARLESTON CONTEST”

(Me and Elisa at Shaping Concepts)

What were some of the biggest obstacles you faced?

“Early in the contest, I sustained a knee injury that precluded me from riding my recumbent bike for about a week. Eating five mini packs of M&M peanuts while stuffing Halloween treat bags. I gained back 3 lbs as a result of my bad choice. Note: my reasoning behind eating the peanut M&Ms were that I couldn’t give out M&Ms with peanuts because there could be kids who were allergic to peanuts!

Not being able to resist my mother’s homemade potato pie at Thanksgiving. I won’t tell you how much I ate, but I’ll just say that I ate my share and then some.

Emotional/mindless eating. In December, my son was admitted to the hospital after he fell approximately 32 feet while rappelling down from a tree when a branch that his rope was attached to broke. Not knowing the extent of his injuries, spun me out of control for a few days and I was mindlessly eating anything in sight until I could get a grip on the situation.

What did you like best about the coaching tips and education?

“The 40+ emails I received from Shane were great, and I tried to incorporate the information that he provided into my meal selection and exercise routine. The emails seemed to come at the perfect time and were very encouraging.

Some of the best emails were: “Best and Worst Food Choices”; “Falling off the Wagon”; “Best Snack Choices for Weight Loss”; “The One Essential Nutrient for Weight Loss”; and “The Scale Won’t Tell You The Whole Story”; I felt like Shane was genuinely interested in my weight loss program, and his teaching and educational videos were so down to earth that anyone could understand.

Thank you Shane, I have learned a lot. This has been a wonderful experience and I am confident that I will one day be at my desired weight.”

Elisa ensures me she is going to continue to update me of her progress and come back once she’s reached her goal weight. I have no doubts she’ll reach her goals as she really does have the right mindset and the right plan.

(Elisa along with my partner Mandy McDonald and myself)

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to enter Elisa’s life at the time I did and help make a positive impact. It’s knowing that I could help that leads me to get up every day and teach what I’m so passionate about. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

If you’re ready to start a weight loss program that can produce life-changing results just like Elisa experienced know that I’m always here to help.

You can receive my FREE no-obligations trial of my Charleston personal training program today and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios.


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