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10 Principals For Optimal Health

While¬†writing a¬†section¬†for my new book entitled “The Lean Code Method” today it occurred to me that I should¬†put together a short list of principals that encompasses the basics of what I teach.

I’ve found that more than anything else, people are simply confused about what they should really be doing. Yeah sure, everyone knows they should eat healthy and exercise. But ask the average person on the street exactly what that means and they’ll stumble for an answer.

Now, unlike any other time in human history, people are bombarded with information. We’re told one minute something is good for us, and then the next minute it’s bad.

Who or what do you trust to find truth in information. Is it the media, food manufacturers, people out to sell you something, special interest groups, your government?

You tell me?

The reality is yes, the times they are a changing…in the words of¬†old¬†Bob Dylan.

The world is a vastly¬†different place than it was even thirty years ago. For better or worse it’s just the way she goes.

For me, I simply try to be an objective thinker, keep an open mind, use common sense (don’t overlook that one), and search out sources of information I can trust.

When it comes to your health, the common sense part can guide you a long way. Just don’t take everything you read or hear for face value. Trust¬†your gut my friends.

I’ve made it my career and life¬†mission to¬†coach and teach¬†people on fitness, nutrition, and health. Doing the best I can every day using the gifts that¬†God has given me to hopefully¬†serve others and by doing so, serve Him.

Yes, I get compensated for my works¬†but my objective or “agenda” if you call it, is always to educate, coach, and teach. If I’m selling in the process you can be sure it’s because I¬†wholeheartedly believe the¬†product or service¬†can¬†help someone. I say that to say this…

What you’ll find with my “10 Principals For Optimal Health,” are simply foundations for success if your goal is to live a life of strength, energy, vitality, and resiliency. Nothing I’m pitching here¬†other than the beliefs.

I feel it’s important to call attention to the last part of my statement….”if your goal is to live a life of strength, energy, vitality, and resiliency.

There are many individuals who will promote a vastly different set of principals. I certainly respect that and understand there will just be differences in beliefs.

“Optimal¬†health” simply means different things to different people.

For example, according to some beliefs eating nothing but plants, not doing vigorous exercise, and living at peace with everything in the universe is truly the way to maximum longevity.

I don’t know if that’s true¬†but here’s what I do know…

For me, it’s not just how long I live but¬†also the quality of life that goes with it. ¬†

I simply choose to¬†follow a path that provides me with strength, energy, vitality, and resiliency.¬†It’s all what’s¬†important to¬†the individual.

I’m not some¬†barbarian but let’s just say I find value in¬†having¬†strength to¬†defend myself and my family, in¬†having energy to do the activities I¬†want, in having vitality¬†to¬†remain¬†functional and strong as I age, and finally in having¬†the resiliency to overcome whatever obstacles come down the pike.

He or she who stays strong, healthy, and functional will always be at an advantage regardless of the times or circumstances.

If I found I could optimize these qualities by following some¬†other set of principals I’d certainly be doing it and preaching the benefits. But since I haven’t, my list is what it is.

Alright, having gotten all that out of the way….lets’ get to the list.

The Lean Code Method- 10 Principals For Optimal Health

1. Eat natural foods- always look to consume food and drink that God provided over something that man created.

 The optimal well-balanced diet would consist of the following:

 - Unprocessed, natural whole foods
 - Fruits and vegetables
 - Lean proteins that are organic or grass fed, free from additives and genetically modified ingredients.
 - Whey protein
 - Fish
 - Eggs
 - Natural, un-pasteurized fermented dairy
 - Raw almonds and seeds
 - Olive oil
 - Leafy greens
 - Herbs and spices

2. Supplement with the following as staples for nutritional support.

 - Omega-3’s preferably from high quality fish oil or flaxseed oil.
 - A high quality multi-vitamin and mineral product to support cellular function.
 - Probiotics (either in capsule or powder form)
¬†-¬†Natural fiber ‚Äď psyllium husks

3. Optimize your Vitamin D levels by getting regular exposure to sunlight or through  supplementation.

4. Limit exposure to toxins!

5. Drink plenty of pure, clean, alkaline water!

6. Exercise regularly by doing the following…

 - moving frequently at a slow pace (walking)
 - lifting something heavy now and then
 - getting out of breath, working with short bursts of high intensity effort
 - climb, jump, crawl, reach down, squat, push something, pull something, etc.

7.¬†Get plenty or sleep ‚Äďrecover and rejuvenate!

8. Minimize consumption of the following items that our hunter-gatherer ancestors  didn’t eat or drink…
 - Sugar
 - Pasteurized milk and other dairy
 - Grains
 - Processed and refined foods
 - Sodas

9.¬†Manage stress ‚Äďlive with balance

10. Maintain a positive attitude- be kind to others

Follow these principals and you’ll find the path to what I’d call optimal health. There are individual factors for each person to consider but these are the basics.

The next time you’re confused about what to do, refer back to this list and you’ll likely find some clarity to guide your decisions.

Until next time…eat primal,¬† exercise with purpose, live with passion.

Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. You can receive a FREE no-obligations trial of his Charleston personal training program and experience the Shaping Concepts difference for yourself.

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