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The Shaping Concepts 10 Commandments Of Fitness

Thou shall…exercise the body with natural human movements of walking, running, pushing, pulling, rotating, squatting and performing level changes. Exercise is not completed while sitting down on a machine.

Thou shall…always emphasize functional movement before aesthetics. Training for function will always eventually improve performance, health and appearance while neglecting function will always result in diminished returns.

Thou shall…always think pre-habilitation instead of re-habilitation. It’s much easier to prevent an injury than it is to recover from one.

Thou shall…always look to master bodyweight movements before adding weighted resistance to those movements.

Thou shall…always focus on the integration and not the isolation of muscles. Performance and injury prevention depend primarily on the quality of biomechanics and human movement.

Thou shall…make every exercise an abdominal exercise working for core strength in all movements.

Thou shall…seek a balanced set of capabilities and not specialize too narrowly in any one physical skill set. Thou shall seek to have no weak links.

Thou shall…expect some physical discomfort while exercising. Nobody ever achieved exceptional results without pushing themselves with hard work.

Thou shall…always strive to have focused effort during a workout. Think solely on what they’re doing and avoiding distractions. Workouts are “work” and not social engagements.

Thou shall…continually change up their workout routines to avoid plateaus.The human body will adapt to any given workload over time. You must provide a new overload stimulus on a regular basis.

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Shane Doll is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios.

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